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Are you very present online? Are you on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? What about Instagram? If for some strange reason you’re still not on Instagram, then this article is for you. We will show you that it is possible to benefit from very good visibility on this platform, but also how to use it to its full potential …

The marketing influence glossary

Marketing influence glossaryAre you planning to launch a marketing influence campaign? How to create the conditions of trust and success between the brand, its partner, and influencers? Speaking the same language! It’s exactly for this reason that we set out to create this Marketing Influence Glossary. From the “influencer capsule collection” to the “fit influencer” to “KPI”, discover more than 50 definitions around this powerful communication lever.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks out there. It is certainly newer and has fewer users than Facebook, for example. However, Instagram has several assets, such as stories, a news feed and especially hashtags …

The advertising interface has a variety of ad formats, allowing you to test the effectiveness of the various formats. In terms of ROI, with Instagram, it is not uncommon to have a higher return on investment, compared to other social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Today, Instagram has more than 800 million active users and the number is growing.

And you will tell me, how my
small business can it still have visibility with so many people

With Instagram advertising, you will be able to benefit from good visibility. The system offers this type of format: images and videos. Instagram ads allow a wide range of personalization.

What is Instagram advertising?

By paying for advertising on Instagram you can display sponsored content and therefore broadcast your ads with a wider and more targeted audience. Instagram advertising is used as a priority to increase brand visibility, even if it can also be used to present your new products and services, increase your website traffic, gain new prospects, etc.

Instagram is very image-based, so you’ll need to avoid ads with too much text. You will need to use images and videos, but you can add some text to accompany all of this.

Once your doubts are cleared, advertise on Instagram. The results are there. In March 2017, there were more than 120 million users who visited a website through Instagram. There are around 60% of Internet users who say they discover new products on Instagram and 75% of users have already taken action following an announcement.

As you can see, Instagram ads are very similar to that on Facebook. Spending money will increase the visibility of your brand.

Is Instagram advertising right for your business?

Who are the users
Instagram? Is there room for any type

Instagram is made up of a fairly young audience, the majority of users are between 18 and 29 years old (55%), then between 30 and 49 years (28%). Users between the ages of 50 and 64 represent only 11% and 4% for those over the age of 65.

There is also the fact that 32% of users live in urban areas, 28% in the suburbs and 18% in rural areas. In addition, there are on average more women than men, even if the gap is small.

Even if all the criteria listed above do not correspond to your activity, Instagram still remains an opportunity for your business. For example, Facebook had a very young population at the start. Since then, she has been much older. Instagram will follow the same movement. And even if you only touch the 4%, that is to say those over 65, it still remains a more than important target.

Like most other social networks, you can choose your target very precisely whether it be with age, gender, location, behavior, interests, etc. You can create a personalized audience and publish your advertisements on a list of prospects.

Instagram is linked to Facebook and they
both use the same demographics to publish

If your business is in the field of visual, creative communication, catering, or carries out a craft activity … go for it! Advertising on Instagram will have a big impact on your audience.

How much do Instagram ads cost?

There are several criteria that will determine the price of advertising, these criteria have not been revealed. Everything is calculated using CPC, i.e. cost per click or CPM for cost per impression. Prices will fluctuate depending on the auction.

Andrew Tate of AdEspresso explains that the factors that will influence the price of your advertising are numerous such as the size of your audience, the number of comments … Recently, AdEspresso has found that in 2017 the average CPC was worth 0.70 dollar and could go up to $ 0.80. The amount varies constantly because of the auction, the number of competitors, the date, and finally the public …

It is not uncommon for ads on Instagram to convert more than ads on other ad networks. However, the cost is slightly higher than the price of ads on Facebook for example. The difference in price can be explained by a possibility of higher targeting.

But don’t forget that you control your budget at all
when and how it is going to be spent you can cut your ads at any
moment. You can opt for the daily budget to put a limit
maximum per day, or manage your campaigns with a global budget that it does
must not exceed. You decide when and where your ads will appear
what period.

Use the delivery calendar to spread the delivery of your advertisements over a specific period. Choose the right broadcast times to maximize audience.

9 marketing tips to boost your Instagram ads

1. Use a professional account

Before you start anything, you need a professional Instagram account. To do this, go to Instagram settings and go to “Add a professional account”.

With a professional account, you will be able to have several benefits. For example, people subscribing to your page can ask you questions directly on your Instagram page.

In addition, with a professional account, you have the possibility of creating advertisements without having to use the tools linked to Facebook.

To analyze related statistics
to your posts, you can use Audience Insights. So you can
learn about your audience and improve your target.

2. Instagram tools

If you are already advertising
on Facebook, then you will find some similarities between the two platforms.
Particularly with Audience Insights which allow you to have statistics
complete. You have access to demographic data like gender, age,
places of residence, when they are active…

You can also have access to automation tools to forecast publications for example.

3. Avoid overly aggressive advertisements

At first glance, Instagram is perfect for developing an advertising campaign, and you’re right. However, be careful not to overload your prospects.

If you misjudge your advertising, you are going to have some difficulties. On Instagram, the image you give is more important than your products themselves. So don’t be shy about saying too much about your products and using teasers. This should push customers to understand who you are and what you do without saying too much. The goal is to arouse the curiosity of your prospects.

Attracting with promotions is also very effective. Show a photo of one of your items with a minus 70%. Effective advertising on Instagram should not be intrusive but rather relaxed.

4. Create ads on Instagram

Ads on Instagram have become more popular in recent years. You can develop your campaign by keeping control of your budget. You also have the choice of format with a very simple announcement via videos or carousel. Before, only people who subscribed to your page could see your posts. With the implementation of sponsored messages, you can distribute your publications to a large audience for a much wider reach.

In addition, all of your publications can be turned into sponsored ads. So you can reuse your most popular publications.

Here are the formats available on
Instagram: photo, video, carousel, story…

5. The stories

Instagram stories are presented in the form of a slideshow. When you add a photo, for example, it remains visible for 24 hours. This is a feature that can also be found in other social networks like Facebook or Snapchat.

Instagram stories appear at the top, not in the newsfeed. When a person wants to watch a story from a friend, they’ll see other sponsored stories that match your ad.

The advantage of stories is being able to do something quite customizable and aesthetic. For this, many options are available, such as photos, videos, live, rewind, boomerangs … On your story, you can also add filters and stickers for even more customization. You have the option of partnering by tagging other accounts.

6. Influencers

Use influencers to boost your sales. Many people buy products that are related to influencers, they are trusted by their audience. So if they use your product, you can be sure that you will win many customers. But before you identify and analyze which influencer has the most relevant audience.

You can develop a long-term relationship with an influencer, or even make them your muse.

7. Use the content of your users

Do you want to lighten your workload? So use user content, that is, use the photos of people who use your product. In addition to making your work easier, people who follow you will more appreciate and trust content that comes from individuals. Your advertising will benefit from a more authentic image.

How do you get your users to create content for you? Part of your audience probably wants to have their own audience. Tell them that by using your hashtag, when he posts a photo with your product, you can also post it on your account which will increase the number of views. It is therefore beneficial for both parties. You can also stimulate them and encourage them to participate by creating contests.

Be careful, you must choose the photos that you are going to publish, that is to say that they must correspond to the image of the company.

8. Create a hashtag

Creating a hashtag allows you to be
interactive with your community, generate content easily and make
sort of free advertising.

Use your tagline to create your hashtag. For example, Coca-Cola with #ShareACoke. Thanks to its community, Red Bull has created more than 200,000 articles containing their tag, #itgivesyouwings.

9. Don’t make too many posts

Be careful not to make too many publications. If we only see you in the newsfeed, you’ll lose a lot of subscribers. The best solution is to publish the days and hours when your subscribers are most active. According to SimplyMeasured, the best days to publish are Monday and Thursday.

You can plan your
publications to optimize your views and level of engagement.