▷ How I live in confinement (in the shoes of a web-entrepreneur) -

Have you ever wondered how the life of a web entrepreneur goes?

Of the kind :

Trainer training
  • How does he organize his days?
  • What does he do in the morning?
  • What time does he work?

I do.

When I started on the web 3 years ago, I was constantly asking myself this question.

I always felt like my days weren’t “organized” enough …

That the others had to do better …

That I was missing something …

I wondered if they worked like crazy all day – or if they took the time to think about their strategy.

I was wondering what their strategy was.

I was wondering if they were doing something special to start their day – if they had a morning routine.

Anyway, you will understand: I was wondering a lot.

This is why I published this video:

This video is a little different from what I used to publish.

In fact, it’s a real VLOG, that is to say that I put the package on the action and the animation – and that that really makes “Youtubeur”.

The editing was long and tedious… but it was important to me to make this video for you.

It was important to me because I wanted to show you the REAL daily life of an entrepreneur.

Not the one where we have the computer on the knees, lying on the deckchair and feet in a fan …

But everyday life, where we prepare properly, where we charcoal, and where we move quickly.

Of course, this is not the everyday life of all entrepreneurs.

Far from it.

You’ll see that I start my day in a rather special way, and that I can be extreme on certain things.

But I thought it could inspire you, give you ideas … and then of course make you laugh at certain passages.

The video link is here, and you will see in it the morning routine that I use, that many entrepreneurs also use …

And how I organize my day in this period of confinement.

If you want to relax while learning more about the daily life of a web entrepreneur, this video is made for you.

See you on the other side,

– Theo