Registration of his business, filing of articles of association, opening of a bank account, choice of his chartered accountant… Without counting all the management of his business, the entrepreneur faces a complex journey when starting his activity. It is on this observation that the offer of Shine was created, the neobank whose objective is to simplify life and save time for entrepreneurs …

Shine, which joined the Société Générale group this summer, offers a simple, transparent and accessible professional online account.

But it does not stop there.

The entrepreneur can also set up a business, make the capital deposit and benefit from a whole range of services to save time on a daily basis, in particular with an integrated invoicing system and much more.

The bank offers a real accompaniment in all stages of the life of his business.

Specialized, at its beginnings, in supporting the self-employed, Shine is now open to all companies: SARL, SASU, SAS, EURL …

1: Support in the creation of a business

Shine sets itself apart from other banks by offering full support in setting up a business.

You thus have a single point of contact for your business creation steps. You are perfectly supported in this key step in your entrepreneurial journey.

To create a micro-business, all you have to do is download the application, fill in your information and then Shine takes care of the paperwork for you. You will thus receive your siret number.

To create a company, the Shine Start offer is designed as a one-stop shop: a single process and a single point of contact for drafting articles of association, administrative procedures, depositing capital and opening a professional account. In a few minutes, the entrepreneur fills in the information directly online and receives his statutes in 24 hours, then his Kbis extract in 72 hours.

Of course, you have advice and support. From choosing your status to registering your business.

You thus have a real assistant to the creation of a business.

If you have already been able to move forward in your creation steps, you can opt for the sole deposit of capital.

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2: Beyond the professional account: an all-in-one tool to create and manage your business

Beyond a bank account, Shine can be seen as a real assistant in your daily life as an entrepreneur.

2 offers are available: Shine Basic and Shine Premium.

The first is intended as a simple and effective offer to manage daily life. You thus have a French Iban (which is not always the case for neobanks), a prepaid Business Mastercard, support 7 days a week and 20 free transfers per month.

The premium offer allows you to have additional insurance and benefits. A Business World Debit Mastercard, priority support 7 days a week, 50 free transfers per month, check cashing as well as a significant range of insurance:

  • Accident guarantee, which allows you to have an indemnity of 100 € per day in the event of hospitalization.
  • Mobile insurance.
  • Material protection.
  • And Legal Insurance.

Another interesting point: if you opt for the capital deposit offer, it includes 12 months of premium subscription. Here are the prices for the business offer:

If you opt for the micro-enterprise, the rates are reduced and start from € 3.9 per month, take a look at the site 😊

Opening an account is quick and easy, it is done online without a physical appointment in 2 working days. So you can get started without wasting time.

Your account can then be managed via the simple and efficient Shine application.

From the application, you can manage all the day-to-day work of your professional account : payment limit, withdrawal limit, transfer …

Shine offers a great business management tool where you can create your invoices online and manage your accounting. You thus save on an invoicing / management tool.

The advantage is that the invoices are synchronized with your professional account for a follow-up of payments and customer reminders.

You can also scan your receipts from the application and provide your accountant with an export with all the key data needed for accounting.

For the management of your business, Shine has also approached Keobiz to offer you an accountant at a preferential rate.

A neobank responsible for the environment

In addition to simplifying the daily life of the self-employed, Shine’s mission is to create a responsible bank. The bank is committed to the well-being of its employees, customers, society and the environment.

Shine thus obtained the B-Corp label in a logic of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). B Corp’s objective is to certify companies that integrate social, societal and environmental objectives into their business model and their operations.

To conclude

Shine offers a full range of business management support. Thanks to its well-thought-out application, the entrepreneur can save precious time in management to concentrate on the essential: the development of his activity.

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Article written in collaboration with Shine