Who has never dreamed of a marketing solution that does everything for you? This is (almost) what the Spread site offers, with a very user-friendly approach. The idea is to help you get to know your customers better, like any CRM database worthy of the name, but with features that will help you not only to meet these customers in a personalized way, but also to attract to you new prospects …

Welcome to the Spread family

Family analogy is an important concept for Spread. It’s a bit like a giant address file that reminds you that Uncle Victor is allergic to strawberries or that Grand Aunt Jeanne’s birthday is in October and that she loves traveling to Italy. These kinds of tools could be useful on a daily basis, especially for people with poor memories or a large family. An entrepreneur would rather be in the second category, since he considers his clients as all the nephews and nieces he would like to spoil.

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Thanks to the database, you no longer risk missing an important opportunity for your favorite consumers, for which they will (of course) be grateful. Blow out the candles with them, give them little gifts at these times … And take the opportunity to remind them that you exist.

Build your family of customers with Spread

What’s the scenario?

One of the most practical aspects of Spread is the automatic scenario generator. You can either opt for highlights (back to school, Easter, Christmas …) to activate small games such as winning moments, photo contests or egg hunts, or offer permanent actions, with private sales or distribution of free content. The interface manages everything for you to make your work easier.

The good thing is that you create animation both on your site and on your social networks, and that you can take advantage of this to recover a certain number of new contacts. And since you’re really lazy, or else you wouldn’t be delegating all of your marketing operations, you can even rest while your customers do the work for you: they’ll reap additional discounts by sharing your information.

You have a message

Spread does everything to ensure that you don’t go unnoticed. Sending a birthday e-card is fine, but your competitors already do, and those who receive them rarely open them all. Spread allows you to increase your presence by sending an SMS if the email has not been opened or a personalized pop-up when opening your home page. You will not have collected this information for nothing, and your client will know that you care about him … even if it is thanks to a computer robot.

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You are not alone

Thanks to the latest advances in DNA, we know that we are all cousins ​​with each other. So the founders of Spread not only help you start your own family of customers, they welcome you into theirs. This is all the interest of their support service, which can even guide you in the choice of strategies (opting for all commercial operations simultaneously, for example, is not specially advised). Spread has existed since 2009 and brands, known and less known, have already called on them. They therefore have a relatively relevant look at the techniques that work … or not.

Link to the site: spread