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In this new article, I’ll show you how to be comfortable when shooting a video. This topic is more and more topical, because we see a lot of bloggers or web-marketers who start on YouTube. But being comfortable on video is not an innate skill for everyone, especially if you are used to working on a computer …

But who am I to tell you about video speaking and video fluency. My name is William, a communications enthusiast, and I offer videos on the subject on my YouTube channel. I’ve shot over a hundred videos so far and I’ve learned a lot. So I’m going to give you 5 practical tips to make yourself comfortable on video.

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1- Are you a beginner? So much the better!

Are you planning to start your YouTube channel, but don’t dare because you’re afraid of what others might say about you? I assure you, at the beginning, nobody will say anything to you, because nobody will see you. It’s true, when you start a YouTube channel, you don’t reach thousands of views in 2 weeks. So your first videos will be the worst, but other than your friends and family, no one will see them instantly. It is therefore useless to stress while thinking of the weight of the glance and judgment of the others.

Afterwards, as soon as you have dozens of videos on your channel, you will be much more used to facing the camera. As a result, you will automatically be more comfortable. And that’s when you might have a bigger community. So to sum up this first point, you will be bad at first, but no one will look at you. Then, when you get to know yourself better, you will be comfortable because you will be used to making videos.

2- Learn to film yourself in public to be comfortable on video

If you are filming in public places, you may be afraid of the eyes of others. You know, that feeling of being watched and not being able to focus on the camera lens. If this is your case, you need to understand that the people around you are not going to stop to observe someone talking to a camera. We are all aware that YouTube exists, so there is nothing special about someone filming themselves on the street. They may be watching you for 3 seconds, just to understand what you are doing. But I have yet to see anyone stop to interrupt me.

Another piece of advice I can give you if you are filming in public is to answer this question: “Do you want to be dependent on others in your life? “. That’s what I said to myself when I started. I wanted so much to shoot a video, and it was something that was more important to me than knowing that people were going to watch me for 3 seconds. If you’re still unable to take action, it’s probably because the video isn’t important enough to you and you put more emphasis on the people around you.

3- Humanize your camera

Camera or smartphone, the principle and the same. This method is very well known, but I happened to share it with a youtuber friend last week. When you shoot a video, imagine that the eye of the camera represents the pupil of a person you know. It can be a family member, friend, colleague, the goal is to be someone you are comfortable with.

You may also be unable to fix the lens because you are looking away. If so, don’t panic, method 1 will be your best friend. This is a problem that I had when I started out, on video and in life. Now, after dozens of videos shot, I easily set the lens, because I’m used to it. It even helped me in real life, because in the old days I didn’t like to look people in the eye.

4- Stay yourself to be comfortable on video

be comfortable in video

This advice has a double advantage. Yes, I am like that, I also give you tips to build loyalty in your community.

First, I recommend that you be yourself because if you are not comfortable, embodying a character is going to be much more complicated. It is not impossible, but it will require considerable effort. In addition, at the beginning, it is almost certain that your “acting” will not be perfected. The video will therefore be even more catastrophic than with your own personality. I don’t forbid it, but I strongly advise against it!

Then the double benefit you have to be yourself is to create authentic content. The goal is not to get the audience into a world you have chosen. Rather, bring it into your own universe. It will seem much more natural, because it will be! Authenticity is also a very powerful weapon on a platform where many copy themselves. This is the small asset that will, without realizing it and without worrying, all the charm of your videos.

5- Practice! Practice will be your best friend

As I said to you quickly in the first point, nothing like shooting 50 videos to finally become comfortable in front of the camera. Obviously, this figure will depend on the personality of each. For some people, who learn faster, they may only need to shoot 20. Conversely, some others will need to shoot a hundred. But nothing forces you to publish them. You can easily film 100 videos that will remain for you. And as soon as you feel more confident and comfortable on video, go for it!

You now know different ways to become confident and comfortable on video. If this article has taught you new methods, share it with your friends who are making videos! See you soon for a next article on CWT Advertising & co’m. Thanks for reading.