Is public speaking an ordeal for you? Do you shiver every time you are asked to give your opinion in front of an audience? You are not the only one. Thousands of people find it difficult to stand in front of an audience and share a message. The truth is that speaking in public is scary. Gold, speaking in public offers definite advantages. Besides, becoming an excellent speaker who is appreciated and acclaimed is possible for everyone. You just have to learn the tricks and pass a speech training. In this article, you will discover practical tips for becoming a person who finally attracts the crowd…

Learn how to manage your space

Above all, non-verbal communication is important in speaking. Through your gestures, the audience feels whether or not you know what you are saying. So that makes the difference between a good speaker and not. Do you want to be the STAR speaker or the INVISIBLE speaker? If you want to succeed in your speech, you will have to start by banishing the position of insecurity in your habits.

This indicates the situation where the speaker has his arms crossed, his shoulders closed, his hands on the table. These positions are unhealthy. So what should we do? You must adopt a position of power, open, relaxed, with your legs and arms crossed. By doing so, you will feel more comfortable.

Master your locution

Good speakers make clear and understandable speeches, because what’s the use of speaking in front of people if nobody understands you? That’s why speech training focus on fluency. If you want to excel in the field, you need to speak clearly so that your audience understands you. There are habits you have to fight to achieve your goals, like eating your words, speaking in your throat, speaking too quickly, or shouting into the microphone. By doing so, you will surely become the laughing stock of the room.

Here is what you need to do: adopt a regular rhythm, speak calmly, articulate the words well, control the volume and the flow of the voice. There is nothing worse than a speaker who does not make himself understood. So act accordingly.

Master your stage fright

Stage fright is the barrier to public speaking for many people. Concretely, stage fright ” is actually a misused energy which manifests itself in an always unbalanced way, aggressive for the body “. People who are victims of stage fright are seized with anxiety, their bodies tremble, their hearts build faster, their voices become uncontrollable. They become paralyzed. Besides, it is during stress management training that people learn the techniques to dominate stage fright and that they discover that stress-free public speaking is possible.

The first action for master the jitters happens before going on stage and is psychological. You have to play down the situation you are experiencing. Stop seeing the demons on the head of your audience. Tell yourself that your audience is not your enemy. You will not be able to stress-free public speaking if your eyes do not change on the people who are in front of you. If they are there before you, it is because you are superior to them. They are the ones who benefit from your KNOWLEDGE. So you’re the BOSS. Starting from this feeling of superiority, you are already in a good position to be able to stress-free public speaking.

Then, when you get on the podium, don’t rush to speak. There is no fire. Take a few seconds, and take a deep breath. So, you will irrigate your brain with oxygen to boost it and discover that master the jitters is possible and simpler than you think.

To conclude…

Becoming a talented speaker will only bring you benefits. Your career will benefit. You will be a more confident person and take advantage of the opportunities available to you. So now is the time to train yourself to speak with recognized experts.

Precisely, there are several training courses in speaking to support professionals and individuals to express themselves effectively in public, excite their audience and tame crowds using methods and tools adapted to each.