▷ How to become an inspiring leader? 2020 -

Knowing how to manage a team is good, but knowing how to inspire it is better! Being an inspiring leader brings desire, creates commitment and allows you to lead a group of individuals within a company …

Furthermore, everyone knows that with the emergence of digital, leadership is constantly developing and is no longer becoming something imposed but rather something shared.

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Individualism gives way to collaboration and empowerment of actors.

How to convince, motivate and seduce employees by being a manager?

First, a good leader must have a clear vision and the ability to influence and motivate their teams.

He must be able to show good listening skills and good communication.

The success of a business is strongly driven by its employees, who need to follow a leader who can motivate them in all circumstances.

In addition, a great leader is not measured by his many technical skills or diplomas, but by his level of emotional intelligence.

There are different types of leadership depending on the circumstances and the situations to be managed.

What are the different leader profiles?

  • The directive will focus on authority and the immediate execution of a task;
  • The leader, very demanding of himself, will set the pace for his teams;
  • The participative will seek the opinion of its collaborators;
  • The visionary gives meaning and shows the way forward;
  • The coach will try to improve the capacity of the members of his team by giving them more autonomy;
  • Collaborative leadership will think of its team above all.

How to become an inspiring leader?

According to an OpinionWay survey, 45% of those surveyed believe that listening (45%), respect (41%), exemplarity (37%), confidence (37%) and education (35%) are the essential qualities of the manager in the 21st century.
Conversely, the least cited skills are: agility (11%), pragmatism (14%), innovation (16%), perseverance (18%) and courage (20%).

We also note that for 63% of managers, a responsible attitude reigns within their company. For 62% of them, employees are empowered and for 60%, collaboration plays a key role in the evolution of a business.

Any type of leader can be inspiring if they have the following 4 qualities:

  • Human being: No one is perfect!

An inspiring leader must be able to show certain weaknesses (shyness, carelessness, etc.) to his employees, who will be able to feel more useful.

An open-minded person who takes into account the emotions of his collaborators is more likely to establish a bond of trust with them.

A memorable leader will be the one who will make every effort to advance his team!

Knowing the general atmosphere of his business is a major element in being an inspiring leader.

Understanding and identifying changes in the business environment is necessary.

It is therefore necessary to know how to read between the lines but above all not to hesitate to go in search of information to avoid certain tensions.

  • Show “just empathy”

Finding the perfect balance in empathy is essential: too much empathy could harm the leader and the way he guides his teams.

It is also important to be transparent and respect the individual and the work done.

Emotional closeness has become essential today. Indeed, thanks to digital communication, it has a good chance of developing.

Stay yourself in all circumstances, because you have qualities that make you a different person.

Do not try to be foolproof, be humble. You will be more appreciated for your authenticity.

According to Didier Court “To be a great leader, you have as much to have a big heart as to be imbued with great values. ”