How to improve your Google posts to boost your Google My Business listing? The Google My Business post is a tool little used by local businesses, but very effective in distinguishing itself from its competitors. I have worked with many VSEs / SMEs to realize the huge impact of Google Posts and their optimization. Here are the best pro tips to improve the visibility of your Google posts …

1) Create an attractive visual for your Google posts

To make your Google posts more effective to grab the attention of internet users and encourage them to respond, you need to consider the visual. It is well known to everyone that images are more eye-catching, even more so than texts.

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Long before reading a text, Internet users tend to focus more on images, especially if they are attractive. You must therefore bet on a visual worthy of the name to accompany your Google posts.

To create a particularly attractive visual, you should favor original images that mainly highlight your business or the products you offer to the public.

You should therefore avoid resorting to generic photos from free image banks. These images are often frowned upon by Google, which could be counterproductive to your project. Pick an image that grabs attention in search results. According to statistics, an original photo has more impact on the public than a free generic photo obtained from the internet.

The photo you choose for your visual must be engaging and specially optimized for Google posts. It must be of very good quality and present a good format. These are criteria that add value to your business or to the products you offer. An original and high quality image will always have more impact on the public. As such, consider adopting attractive colors that will capture the attention of your audience.

There is no need to post lots of photos for your visual. You risk annoying and dispersing the audience. For better efficiency, keep it concise and quality.

2) Choose the type of Google posts

To ensure effective and engaging Google posts, you must carefully consider the choice of post type. You must necessarily choose the type of post. You should know that Google distinguishes different types of posts. And each type of post has a specific purpose.

  • With the post type ” New arrivals », You can provide general information relating to your company and its news. For example, business expansion, store expansion, etc. ;
  • The post type ” Events “Is intended to promote an event offered by your company. For example a charity gala, a salsa party, etc. ;
  • By choosing the type of post “ Offer a discount », Your posts will be intended to announce to the public sales or exclusive promotions on the products you offer. For example a 20% discount on products for a week, promotional gifts, etc. ;
  • The post type ” Products Is particularly intended to highlight a product marketed by your company. For example the marketing of a new product or service;
  • You also have the type of posts ” Info covid-19 Which is specially intended to make announcements concerning covid-19 and its news. For example the measures put in place, the products to fight against the spread of the virus, etc. ;
  • Choosing the right type of post for your business is one of the first prerequisites for successful publication.

3) Write an attractive text

Text is obviously one of the most important elements in Google posts.

This is the detailed part of your post that gives as much information as possible to the Internet user. To effectively optimize your Google posts, you must therefore write relevant and attractive content. You will need to present a text that engages readers, especially the first sentence, in order to encourage your audience to contact you or go to your website.

This part can usually be around 1500 characters long, but you should be limited to 150-300 characters. Beyond this limit, your text will not be directly displayed in its entirety. The Internet user will then have to take more action in order to be able to access all of the information. So remember to create concise content with the minimum number of words.

When writing your text, consider using emojis to highlight your most important words. Emojis are known to grab the attention of readers and make text less compelling to read. They allow you to create a bond with the reader and bring him closer. However, you should not overdo it at the risk of rendering your text illegible.

While writing, don’t forget to put a CTA in order to convert your readers into leads. With CTA, you encourage readers to contact you directly or visit your website. The most effective CTA for optimizing your Google posts is offer. Indeed, readers particularly like to see promotional offers from a business.

4) Plan your posts and publish 1 post per week minimum

In order for your Google posts to be more effective and to gain the attention of the most readers, you need to plan your posts properly. This way, you plan your Google posts and publish them strategically.

More Google My Business Posts means more interactions and more visibility for your locations

Google posts generally remain visible for 7 days. However, this depends on the type of post you choose, as “Events” type posts only expire when the event date is reached. So, you need to efficiently choose your type of post and take its visibility time into consideration.

Since a post usually lasts a week, you will schedule your post and thus publish one post per week. This will allow you to effectively manage the visibility period of your Google posts.

There are tools available today to automate the scheduling and scheduling of Google Posts. Instead of posting a Google post every week, some tools allow you to schedule multiple Google my Business posts at once. This is the case with LocalRanker’s scheduling tool for Google My Business Posts.

LocalRanker allows you to schedule multiple Posts of all types for days, weeks, months in advance. This comes in handy when you don’t have much time to be consistent.

If you are a chain or a franchise, the platform also gives the possibility to post on several Google listings at the same time. This is really handy if you have dozens of establishments or hundreds.

Posts should be periodic and bring new information to your readers. You will therefore plan your posts while taking into account the various optimization criteria.

Planning will be done like Instagram or Facebook. You will need to create a content calendar that will help you stay organized in all your efforts to engage with your readers.

There you go, good optimization!