▷ How to build a qualified community? 2020 -

Build a qualified community is one of the most important things when you have a business. There is no point in having thousands of people following you if they have little or no interest in your business.

How to build a qualified community

Many people think that having thousands of followers on Instagram or thousands of subscribers on YouTube defines whether someone succeeds in selling their products or not.

It is however false, if you make articles / videos that make a lot of noise, a lot of views, but in the end it has nothing to do with your subject or that it attracts people who have no desire to ‘buy something in this thematic, then all this is useless and only brings you a “false reputation”.

  • But then how to build a qualified community?

In order to build a qualified community it will be necessary above all choose your preferred field in order to attract people who are interested in it.

Once you have chosen your preferred area, do not deviate from it for a while. Make videos and article on the subject, if your domain is for example “ebooks” only write articles on ebooks or something related to (book, etc …). Don’t post on bitcoin right after …

By doing this, you will attract less people, but the people you will attract are much more likely to buy one of your products. As we often say; quality before quantity. Avoid the “click whore” who will bring you only useless people.

What if you have toured your domain?

If you have toured your domain, announce that you are changing it, while staying in a fairly close domain. Let’s say you’re in the e-commerce business, so maybe you’re in business.

Once your new domain is chosen, don’t deviate from it again, you will then either attract new people or convert people from your old domain who may find themselves passionate about the new one since it is very close to the old.

How to keep your community?

In order to maintain your community, you must use social networks. Social media can allow you to chat a little more privately with your audience, but it also allows you to stop something without losing everyone who follows you. You can then very well for example make reality TV, acquire thanks to this hundreds of thousand of followers on Instagram and thereafter launch yourself on YouTube without losing your followers. Or just do product placements like many people in the United States do.

In summary, if you want to build a qualified audience, specialize in something and do not go too far in general. You may find it harder to attract large numbers of people, but in the end you will find it better.

It’s not always those with the largest community who earn the most.