▷ How to build your personal branding? 2020 -

Good management of your image is essential if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, retain your customers, attract new prospects or even gain visibility. Here are some tips to build your online reputation and convey a strong, consistent and effective message!

1- Know yourself well

Self-marketing is based on three principles: your identity, your products / services and your communication. Before starting, you have to get to know each other well and draw up an inventory:

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  • What is your objective ? (landing new customers, growing your network, standing out in a market, etc.)
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? (skills to highlight, threats you may face)
  • What solutions do you offer? (your expertise, what makes you unique)?
  • Who are you targeting (prospects, partners, etc.) and where is your audience?
  • How are you going to convey it? (your key message)

People don’t buy what you do, they buy the why of what you do. “(Simon Senek)

It is then necessary to write your pitch, namely to formulate in a sentence or two what best evokes your activity while ensuring that your idea is impactful and arouses interest.

2- Create your message

A well-crafted communication strategy must meet three important criteria: Clarity, Consistency and Consistency. It’s up to you to project a clear picture so that everyone understands what you are doing. What is your philosophy? What do you have to bring to the market? What are your selling points?

Consistency will be the common thread between your vision, your mission and your values ​​and the media on which you will communicate. You must therefore always adopt the same attitude when speaking or appearing in order to be clearly identified by your target.

Consistency will allow you to reach a maximum of people, to be known and recognized as an influential person or an expert in your sector. This is how you can convince your audience and win their membership.

Also think about the style and language most suited to your professional environment, the key words that resemble you and will grab the attention of your interlocutors.

“Your personal brand is simply the clear, strong and positive idea that immediately comes to mind for people who know you when they think of you. ” (Peter Montoya)

3- Investing in networks

Depending on your goals and your field of activity, choose the most relevant social media to optimize your image and get people talking. Essential LinkedIn if you want to develop your portfolio of contacts, boost your visibility, generate business spinoffs. Instagram will be your ally for lifetsyle, fashion, beauty, food communication, provided you take care of the aesthetics of your publications. With Facebook, visual content, events, games, contests, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere will be welcome. On each of the networks involved, be active, like, share, give your opinion and encourage interactions!

4- Make yourself visible

To disseminate your information and trigger opportunities, do not hesitate to maximize meetings outside the networks: participation in clubs, meet-ups, workshops, parties, etc., you are spoiled for choice ! These events will allow you to discuss around your projects and good practices and to build word of mouth. Remember to regularly publish your content, blog articles, achievements, work from your portfolio in order to send a positive image and strengthen your status as an expert.

Personal Branding has become essential for those who want to publicize their business and make themselves influential. It will also allow you to enhance your career thanks to a neat and optimized online profile. Do not wait any longer and set out to conquer your market!