▷ How to choose the right keywords to gain visibility on YouTube Ads? 2020 Guide -

The first thing an entrepreneur learns when he embarks on digital marketing is that traffic acquisition is chargeable. This may be what you think too.

In today’s article, we’ll show you that traffic acquisition is not only profitable on YouTube Ads, but also and above all free. We’ll see how you can optimize your YouTube channel and videos to get as much free traffic as possible.

The basics of SEO on YouTube

As a search engine, YouTube has to rank the ads it offers. Exactly the same way as Google.

So, for 2 identical videos, it is possible that one works much better than the second. This would be due to the SEO work done on the video that worked.

Trainer training

How does SEO on YouTube work?

SEO refers to the fact of matching your work (here your channel and your videos, on Google the content of a website) with the rules expected by the search engine. Indeed, each search engine constantly seeks to highlight those whose work corresponds most to its rules.

Therefore, a good knowledge of these and meticulous work will necessarily imply that your video is much better referenced than those of your competitors. And all for free!

You should know here that the rules of a search engine are not necessarily given to the general public. It is indeed an algorithm that ranks videos according to all these criteria, and disclosing the content of this algorithm is unthinkable for YouTube.

It is for this reason that SEO optimization of your channel is something that you should always work on. The rules will change over time, but the main principles will remain the same.

What are the main principles of SEO?

By main principles, we mean:

  • The keywords you will use in your video title;
  • The ones you will place in the description of your videos;
  • The consistency of your YouTube channel (if all your videos talk about opposing subjects, you will have a “penalty” and be ranked lower;
  • The length of your descriptions;
  • The chosen “tags” …

Now that you know how SEO works on YouTube and the main rules governing it, let’s focus on one of them: the choice of keywords used.

How to choose your keywords on YouTube

The choice of keywords which you choose is a very important step in the visibility of your videos. Without good background work on this part, your videos will be condemned not to be viewed…

We’ll now talk about one of the most important rules for choosing your keywords: choosing long tail keywords. By “long tail keywords” we mean expressions, even small questions or sentences.

The reason why you should always work on long phrases rather than specific keywords is simple. The more you target a nested keyword, the more likely your video will be viewed by your audience.

To understand this, let’s take the example of a person trying to train their dog to be recalled.

If in the title of your video is the phrase “teach your dog to call back” and they type that same phrase on YouTube, you’ve won it all.

Indeed, not only do you offer your viewer a video that exactly solves their problem (namely that their dog does not obey them), but in addition you are likely to appear at the top of the videos offered by YouTube.

This means that you will have fewer competitors, and that your will be adapted to your audience.

If you had to remember only one rule in SEO, it would probably be this: it is better to have little very qualified traffic on each video, but have a lot of videos, than to get traffic on keywords very competitive.

Out of inspiration?

We are aware of this: finding keywords to work for your YouTube videos is not easy. Of course, you will probably have a lot of ideas for your first videos, but the challenge here is to hold onto the long term!

The success on YouTube is in the length, not in the sprint…

Therefore, we decided to give you 3 tips to find almost endless keywords! With these 3 methods, you will be able to cover a lot (not to say all) of subjects covering your theme.

So let’s get started right away with the 3 ideas for finding content and keywords very easily on YouTube, and in any field:


Classic, but effective. If you are lucky enough to work in a team, we strongly encourage you not to underestimate the power of brainstorming.

Indeed, even a good idea always needs to be reshaped, or at least to be analyzed from different angles. This is the only way to move forward, and it’s exactly the same with keywords.

List a few long tail keywords that you plan to work on in your next videos, then let the magic of teamwork do the rest! You might be pleasantly surprised and save a lot of money at the same time.


This point is for us a big mystery of YouTube Ads, so few entrepreneurs use it while it is extremely effective. We therefore had to place it in this part, so that you never forget to use it! Search suggestions are not just random terms triggered by random keywords.

Indeed, they appear because they have been looked up often enough in the past to become an automatic suggestion. You can and should use these terms to get an idea of ​​what people are looking for and how they are looking for it.

Make a list of terms that work for your business and video campaigns. You just need to research these terms before you create content around them to make sure they are more likely to be searched in large numbers. It’s as simple as that !

Spy on the competition

It is often wrongly believed that when a competitor has already positioned itself on a keyword or a product, there is no longer room for our company. There is nothing more false !

If your competitor sells their product (and in our case, if their videos have good statistics), it is because there is a market around it, and there is a piece of the cake waiting for you.

If you have trouble finding the keywords that your competitors are working on, we advise you to use plugins or applications like TubeBuddy. They’re designed to do this job for you, so don’t be without it.