In the age of social web and digital marketing, marketing tools have become essential for communication professionals. But faced with the hundreds of tools available, choosing the right tools for you and your teams is less obvious than it seems. How to choose the right marketing and communication tools to gain time and efficiency?

1. Identify the problems encountered by you and your team

There are several thousand possible solutions, each ready to help you in your work as a communicator. Social networks, SEO, lead generation, influence marketing, content creation, monitoring and e-reputation … The list goes on!

To identify the tools you need, start by asking yourself what the problems are with your team.

To determine these needs, ask yourself these few questions:

  • What must your team do to succeed in their work?
  • What are your priority objectives to achieve?
  • What obstacles do you currently encounter?
  • How could your team save time? In efficiency?
  • Which tasks are the most time-consuming? The easiest to automate?
  • How to improve collaboration between your colleagues?
  • How to improve your external communication? internal?

This reflection will allow you to identify the type of tool you need.

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2. List your priorities

Now that you’ve identified the type of tool you need, it’s time to create your ideal profile.

There are many factors to consider when making a purchase decision. Thinking about it beforehand will avoid making a decision that you will regret later, because all your needs have not been met.

Before you start your research, you can establish a list of the criteria which are essential to you, and a second list with those which you would like to have, but which you can do without (the ” nice to have“).

Features: Do you need a product that meets a very specific need or an all-in-one solution? What features do you absolutely need?

Experience and Uses: How many users will need to have access to the tool? How easy is the tool to use? What is the expected handling time?

Integration: Will the tool easily integrate with your other existing tools? What about your work routine?

Maintenance and customer service: Does the provider of the tool offer training? Customer support? Is the tool updated regularly? Are new functions integrated frequently?

Price: What price are you ready to invest in this tool? Subscription, purchase, one-shot : what type of pricing do you prefer? What additional costs will you have to consider to integrate this tool into your work?

3. Do your research

Now is the time to do your research to find the perfect tool.

When you start your research, you will see that a lot of tools seem to be able to meet your needs. Fortunately, you have prepared yourself.

Find the tools that meet your essential criteria and your budget, then select your two or three favorite tools, based on your interesting criteria, but not essential, because they are the ones who can make the difference.

From this selection, ask to see personalized demonstrations of these tools. Your final decision should then be easy!

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Article written in collaboration with Meltwater