If there is one important thing to keep in mind
when we want properly reference its content on Google, before
even the technical aspect and the editorial aspect, it is the choice of
key phrases. If you skip this step, your optimization efforts will not
will not bear fruit (and yes ☹). Lovingly choose relevant expressions by
compared to its activity, it is the assurance of having an ROI at the meeting,
to attract the right people to its site (not tourists) and not to
waste one’s time. Do we see that together?

The basics of optimization for Google

A little reminder if you are new to SEO!

The basics of Google seduction are:

  1. Expressions that tilt your eyes
    clients ;
  2. A site structure that facilitates the work of
    our friend Google;
  3. UNIQUE contents (I insist on the
    “Unique”?) That hit your target
    clients ;
  4. A popularity worthy of the greatest seducers.

You may not be comfortable with the technical side,
maybe HTML even gives you buttons?

Do not panic, if you choose your CMS and that
you focus on the choice of expressions and the editorial aspect, 70% of the
work will be done and the results will be there!

The stage where you are going to have to spend some serious time,
it’s the first : the choice of expressions.

By working a maximum of this part, you will have a based
to then produce quality content that you
will bring: prospects, customers, leads and happiness!

Too often I see site owners saying
have optimized their site for SEO themselves or via their little
cousin geek but who are not able to say on which expressions they
have worked on their content.

Other case: the person knows on which expressions
she worked but the expressions are inappropriate and chosen without TRUE

So what is an ideal expression in SEO?

ideal phrase google referencing

An ideal expression is …

1.: An expression whose answer precise and unambiguous is YOUR offer (and not that of your best competitor)…

2.… not too competitive (where you are likely to position yourself) …

3.… and with a minimum research (but not that important, we will see).

Why the number of searches is not necessarily
the indicator to focus on 100%?

Unless your site is 10 years old, popularity at
any test and a well installed content base, choose expressions
highly sought after and therefore highly competitive is unlikely to bring you
results !

So the idea is to choose expressions that will match
100% to your offer for …

attract the right people (your ideal client) and
not 36,000 tourists

SEO tourist Google
“No, you don’t want to attract tourists to your site?” “

In addition, research habits are constantly evolving. A word that is not looked for today can be searched tomorrow and in you
positioning it before your competitors is jackpot!

On this subject, do you know that 15% of queries made on Google are new, or 500 million requests per day that have never been typed before.

The idea is to be precursor and focused on
the expectations of your customers

And then, by working on specific expressions, you
work more generic expressions indirectly with more research,
because very often precise expressions contain the generic expression
from which they are derived.

If there is one thing to remember, it is empathy! Make
show empathy towards your target when choosing your expressions

Also pay attention to the discrepancies between your way of
express yourself (you, the subject matter expert) and that of your customers. he
sometimes there are big differences!

How to choose your keywords with love and ROI in mind?

Before jumping headlong into the choice of expressions
keys, having a well-defined target is essential. Your personas
must be well worked, you must know by heart, their needs,
their expectations, their daily problems, their expected success…

If your target and your personas are not yet well
defined, take the time to do it seriously before proceeding to the
choice of keywords! You can help yourself with these articles:

A well-established persona will help you have a better
empathy for him and find the expressions that will tilt his

Ideally to better understand the expressions
your customers are looking for, exchange as much as possible with them, make them a
speak and write down the expressions they use.

Among the tools you can use during
this step :

  • Classic customer interviews;
  • Informal discussions over coffee;
  • Surveys by turning your questions the way
    as open as possible so as not to orient them in one way or another

Based on these expressions, also list all
the expressions that go through your mind, keeping in mind the 3 points
essentials of an ideal expression (see above).

Excel will be your best ally to list these expressions
and move on?

Once you have this first list of expressions,
use it generator
Google keyword
to find related expressions. This tool is
found in your Google Ads account. If you don’t have an account, you can
create one, just think about stopping the campaign you’re going to have to do
creating an account to spend nothing!

If you find expressions that are too generic and do not respond
not specifically to your offer, you can start from these expressions by
adding a word that will make the difference.

Example :
If you are a brand content consultant specializing in B2B, you
prefer the term “brand content B2B consultant” rather than
simply “brand content”. In this example, if you
notice that your customers are not mature for the term “brand
happy ”you can also choose a term like
“Brand content consultant”.

This is an example, but the idea is really to have
precise things and also to put yourself in the place of its target.

Methodical work that will save you precious time for the future

And yes… You will see it by reading this article,
the choice of expressions is not something that is done in 10 minutes top

However once you have your keyword list
ultra targeted, this will save you precious time for the coming months.

Already, you will not have to keep coming back to the
keywords they are well defined and your work base for the
SEO is solid.

In addition, thanks to the identified expressions, you will
power plan your editorial strategy over the next few months.

You can use the expressions found for
create custom topics. A real time saver for the future. The subjects
well defined, you don’t waste time for each item to find the
subject beforehand, you directly attack the editorial staff.

On this subject, the next article will be devoted to writing content that will appeal to Google and of course your target at the same time?

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