▷ How to choose your CRM to develop your business? 2020 -

to the development of a company’s activity, commercial actions,
customer portfolio management and development can be very
time consuming. It is essential to have a Well
CRM tool
to save time, be more efficient and develop
serenely its activity…


A CRM, Customer Relationship Management or CRM, Customer Relationship Management in French is a tool allowing you
to gather all the commercial and marketing data of your company.

The goal : build customer loyalty,
better transform its prospects and ultimately develop its turnover.

How a CRM Can Help Your
business to gain competitiveness

you still manage your prospects and customers relationship with Excel, it’s time
to think about setting up a real CRM tool. These tools have the
reputation for being intended only for large companies but today
the market offers offers adapted from VSE to the large group.

Whatever your activity and
the size of your business, you will gain in efficiency thanks to a CRM.

In general, you will find
this type of functionality in most CRM:

  • Contacts management /
  • Monitoring of their progress
    in the business process;
  • Management of appointments;
  • Monitoring of marketing objectives and
  • Turnover monitoring …

These tools are there to streamline the different stages of the
customer relationship
. They save you precious time and save you from
miss a sale due to poor tracking.

In short, a CRM is essential to
your business development, the sooner you put it in place for your
activity, the faster you develop.

But, beware, no rush to set up
your CRM tool.

It’s a tool that
will accompany for several years in the development of your activity,
it is therefore essential to choose it well at the beginning in order to avoid having to
change tools along the way and waste precious time.

Follow these steps to choose the right CRM!

1: Be clear with your needs in
CRM material

Before you get started
comparison of different CRM solutions, it is essential to clearly identify
your needs.

The objective : Collect the needs of the different teams (sales, marketing, management). It is important to list the key features that your teams are waiting to be more efficient in their work.

Also note that some CRMs offer solutions adapted to certain types of trades, such as the kind when you check here which is specialised for car dealerships. Therefore if your activity or service requires a particular follow-up, remember to identify the CRMs offering solutions on measure for your trade.

I think, for example, of the activity training which requires, in particular, a specific business process and documents specific to supervise the services.

For our part, the implementation of a CRM for our training has saved us a lot of time in the commercial monitoring and editing of documents related to training. As an example for the training activity, you find specialist players, including Blue notes systems.

2: Study the different solutions
of the market

Once you are clear on
your needs and the expected features, you can study the
different market players.

Do not hesitate to ask for
presentations and tests (most offer tests lasting a few days
free to check that the features are in line with your

Some key points to check:

  1. Is the interface
    ergonomic / suitable for your use?
  2. Does the solution cover
    business functional needs?
  3. Is the data good
    synchronized with your other tools (site, email marketing, etc.)?
  4. Is the CRM solution
  5. Is the data good
    secure, hosted in England?
  6. What are the benefits
    included and options available?

Make a first selection of CRM responding to your
specifications and seeming interesting to you in relation to your activity,
then schedule tests for each of them to choose the one
more adapted.

3: Test the functionalities for
check the adequacy between his needs and the functionality of the CRM

You will have to choose according to the feedback from your tests.
As seen above, if you have a job requiring an adaptation of
CRM process, it is important to opt for a specialized solution.

Blue note systems has taken the interesting step of proposing vertical solutions adapted to the main activity sectors (we have seen above for training organizations, but all trades are represented: services to professionals, health, consulting, publisher software,…).

In all Blue note systems solutions, you will find
management of prospects, customers, sales force, analysis of your activity
in real time as well as advanced automation features

The Blue note systems offer is based on SugarCRM and major developments have been carried out to offer solutions adapted to each profession: Electronic signature, Online surveys, Geolocation …

Integration with external tools is easier (this
which is very important when choosing your CRM).

To support the implementation
instead of a CRM project, Blue note systems offers e-learning training.
Very flexible, e-learning or blended-learning courses allow
users to be more involved and to overcome constraints
logistical and organizational.

The solution adapts to any type of business and is
offered from 45 € HT per user per month.

Click here to test Blue note systems for free