How? ‘Or’ What
choosing your emailing software is a question that may seem simple.
However, in most cases, a company’s email platform is
imposed. Between history, habits, recommendations or lack of knowledge
of the market, which can boast of using the solution best suited to
business needs? Through this article, we offer you
to define a process in order to find the rare pearl in three key stages.
Ready to equip yourself? 

Presentation articles, real good idea?

When it comes to choosing email software, you can find many articles on the internet. These will give you views on one or more solutions. You will have to take into account the angle of presentation as well as some important restrictions to have a relevant reading.

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Solution comparisons

The first one
typology of articles to be found will be the comparatives. These are articles that
benchmark several software (generally from 2 to 10) and which will give you
the pluses and minuses of each of them. Generally you will find the
most relevant solution according to the author.

If these articles can guide you, they are also double-edged. Because here, it turns out that all email software offers this type of comparison, both on their site and on articles sponsored on blogs.

Emailing software comparison
ActiveTrail compares its software to that of its competitors

You will understand
while the source is very important and the question of the impartiality of the
ticket can arise. However, you can find many
very relevant comparisons.

Comprehensive tests

In the same
logic as the comparisons you can find complete tests of
email software. The main interest with these articles lies in the fact of
be able to project yourself on the functionalities as well as the potential use
of the platform. You will often find images structuring the subject.

Here too,
it will be necessary to take a step back from the articles in particular if it
is sponsored content. Another important point to take into account, the
item size. Because a complete test requires a minimum of content.

Here is a qualitative example of the SendinBlue test that can guide you on the typology of relevant articles.

Important things to remember

When you
go read articles to select your platform
email, be aware that most of them are very relevant but keep in mind
minds that you will need to pay attention to the following:

  • The impartiality of the media and the editor, especially when it comes to sponsored articles;
  • The context of use which can be very far from yours;
  • The skill level of the tester (sometimes difficult to know);
  • The depth of the tests carried out;
  • The date of creation or update of the article.

Platform prices, compare what is comparable

is clearly subject to a concept of price. Most platform choices
form on basic pricing. But if price is a factor
preponderant, it is necessary to compare what is comparable. Because all the solutions
do not have the same billing system and not all offer the same

Billing by number of contacts

This is the pricing model favored by American companies. You will find it in software like MailChimp, Active Campaign, ActiveTrail or Campaign Monitor. This is what has made MailChimp’s reputation around the world with its famous 2000 contacts offered.

If the prices
entries are sometimes very generous, know that therefore or your strategy
email becomes impactful and you get a lot of contacts, it’s a
model that can become expensive.

MailChimp solution pricing
MailChimp’s pricing model based on the number of contacts

Billing by number of emails

French solutions like MailJet and SendinBlue more often offer a
pricing based on the number of emails sent with volume steps. If the
pricing is clear, it will count all your shipments, notification
and marketing automation included.

MailJet software pricing
MailJet’s price list for 30,000 emails

Project yourself on the functionalities

Besides the
gross monthly price of each solution, it is also necessary to analyze the
features to which you will have access. Because not all of them offer the
same level of performance and you will need to define your needs upstream. he
at least take into account the following:

  • What are your email needs
  • Are you going to set up your emails
  • Do you want to do marketing
    automation? If yes, what types of scenarios?

You can find a very good comparison of the prices of email software according to the functionalities and the typologies of needs.

Create a comparative grid to choose the solution that suits you

The best
way to define your future solution goes through a detailed benchmark in three
steps. You will first have to define your actual needs to date but also
in the near future depending on the evolution of your emailing strategy.
Do not hesitate to impose on yourself mandatory key criteria to validate a
choice corresponding to you. Finally, the choice of your email software
necessarily goes through a test phase of one or two platforms in order to
make sure you can use it to the best of its ability.