There is no point in having invented the century if it is to
stay indefinitely in the shadow of an attic … Likewise, you may have had
an idea of ​​genius by designing an innovative product or service entirely in
in line with the current market, but this will not be convincing if you do not
make the effort to publicize it.Without that, a competitor will not be long in forging an identical concept and, in turn, in reaping all the fruits … That’s the whole point: communicating, being known, growing, dominating the competition. To achieve these ends, several options are at hand: we will focus more particularly on that of collaboration with influential media. The goal? Take advantage of their influence, of course!

Influence in the digital age

Today, communication is the sinews of war. It is known in many ways, one of the most effective and trendy of which is influence. The latter is highly appreciated by consumers insofar as it offers really interesting content, and above all targeted. It therefore differs from advertisements deemed much more intrusive and violent, as banners can be. display or even newsletters advertising.

Influence marketing is used to promote awareness
its services, to maintain a good brand image, to retain its
customers, to acquire or convert new prospects and to stand out
positively of course – from its competitors. If this concept is not
not new, it however widened the field of its possibilities with the turn
digital. Influence can also be used to improve your SEO, other
the 100% digital side of the brand image

So we understand that influence can be monetized,
sometimes at a high price, even on social networks!
Brands have
any interest in using the services of site editors to get started,
maintain and grow. Whoever does not follow the movement will condemn
inevitably in oblivion.

Sponsored articles
to stand out?

Today, success is more and more often the purchase of sponsored articles: they allow in fact to rely on the authenticity and the style of an editorial influencer, who will be able to address his community with the right words. Marketers sometimes find it difficult to accept it, but content production by an influencer is often more effective because it is less commercial than branded content.

Influence exists at different levels. At the very top of the pyramidinfluence marketing, we find the mega-influencers. These may be names already known and firmly established in the audiovisual or print media – as examples.

In contrast, we will find at the base of this pyramid a
infinite nano-influencers, like all these passionate bloggers
affecting a small but potentially very loyal and committed community.

In between, there are a multitude of
micro-influencers and macro-influencers. In this way, he is not one
economic player who cannot afford native advertising campaigns
effective on its scale.

But is it really possible to benefit from authority
influential media in its sector by collaborating with them? Yes, but
only if we give ourselves the means …

Connect and collaborate with influential media

On paper, everything is pretty. Influence works and
it can pay off. This is the way to enter – and stay – in
the big leagues. But everything suddenly becomes more difficult when it comes to
to take action …

  • Identify influential media relevant to your own brand;
  • Contact them;
  • Brief them;
  • To follow them ;
  • Pay them.

So many actions that are part of a long job
breath, time consuming, not to mention possible confusion, each media
can have its own way of operating!

Fortunately, today there are centralized platforms like getfluence to chew on all this work. Such a tool saves time and facilitates collaborations, by offering advertisers a supplied and international catalog of influential sites with clearly defined and described services.

For what needs?

All the needs inherent in collaborations between influential media publishers on the one hand and brands on the other are taken into account. Comfort is there with the automation of the most forbidding tasks (the accounting aspect for example, but also the search for sites according to many selection criteria). There is a wide variety of ancillary services included in the use of the platform, such as finding new sites as needed or helping with the creation of briefings and campaigns.

The interface, with the team that runs it, tracks
campaigns carried out, while at the same time offering guarantees not
negligible compared to “direct” collaborations.

The icing on the cake: the effect of scale (or volume,
if you prefer) allows influential media to post unbeatable prices
competition, making the most influential media on the web more
accessible. It’s clearly an invitation to seek notoriety, to
obtaining qualified traffic and improving its natural referencing
thanks to quality relays.

Wondering how to collaborate with influential online media to capitalize on their influence? Well, you now have all the cards in hand for a successful start by relying on a specialized intermediary, experienced in all facets of the sector!

Article written in collaboration with getfluence