You are convinced that inbound marketing can be useful for your business. But now, this is not the case for all of your interlocutors, especially your superior. The reason ? A lack of awareness, even a fear, of a potential future digital strategy. As you know, by focusing efforts on customer relations, inbound marketing will undoubtedly develop your business. Here are 6 arguments to convince and rally the troops!

Inbound marketing creates traffic

By establishing a regular contact with your prospects, inbound marketing, by its very nature, generates exclusively qualified traffic. By offering content containing certain keywords on a recurring basis, inbound marketing will in fact contribute to improving over time your natural reference. When this strategy is combined with segmentation of your database, you then have the opportunity to offer extremely distinctive content to your prospects and customers.

Inbound marketing is a generator of qualified leads

With the function of attracting ‘naturally’ your prospects to you, inbound marketing ensures you lead capture exclusively qualified. And because it is not based on the dissemination of promotional offers or mass advertising,inbound marketing, in addition to being effective, is relatively economic. You no longer have to look for a needle in a haystack, but to focus on what you know, the expertise of your business, and to value it through different communication channels.

Inbound marketing is a magnet for prospects

As we mentioned before, inbound marketing has a positive effect on your natural reference. Coupled with different publications on social media, this powerful tool will support your notoriety, and in fact, attract qualified prospects to you. In addition, if your site was thought for collect data (pop up for example), your salespeople will only have to return to these ‘hot’ contacts.

Inbound marketing is more valuable than advertising

Each day, drowned by a constant flow of advertisements, your prospects are suspicious at best, at worst, indifferent to certain so-called push strategies. In communicating about your expertise, the content creation strategy will dispel your audience’s reluctance and questions about the value of your know-how.

Inbound marketing for constant control of your image

Beyond regularly attracting qualified prospects, inbound marketing values ​​and promotes your speaking. You are no longer a typical company carrying out such activity, but ratherexpert in X solutions. The members of your company will also be able, through the power of social networks, to speak directly to your prospects and customers and thus help to strengthen the image of your company.

Inbound marketing is profitable in the long term

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound is very economical. The cost of acquiring a lead from inbound marketing is on average 60% lower than that generated by an outbound strategy. The social networks are also relatively economical, you have the ability to significantly optimize your budget. Another notable fact, unlike advertising campaigns, actions carried out as part of a content strategy are sustainable. Thus, content posted online in January will always create value in December of the same year.

Efficient, efficient and flexible, inbound marketing definitely has it all. Do not hesitate to present these six main arguments at your next meeting, the last skeptics should welcome your proposal with enthusiasm.