These days, the term “Content Marketing” has become trendy on the web. Content is a fairly broad notion that refers to articles, videos, webinars, and even social media sharing. What good ideas a priori!

If you do it right, you can reap huge benefits from a Content Marketing campaign. Businesses and entrepreneurs can surely benefit from it. With this type of strategy, companies effectively increase their chance of being recognized as true experts.

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It is said that everything is in the details! This is especially true on the web. Carrying out a digital campaign does not mean that it is reduced to a simple click of a button. It takes a little more effort. The time you need to align your business to your online persona profile, and the needs of your customers, will largely depend on your business goals.

Once you publish your content, achieving the sharing goal still requires interaction on your part. You will need to interact directly with your community. So publish something meaningful, useful and interesting. Engage in stimulating conversations with them as regularly as possible.

In this article, we are going to see a few steps that help boost your Content Marketing campaign.

Know your audience and make your content relevant

Each social network has a unique audience and its own identity. Part of the research you need to do is to learn about the demographics of the social media platforms you will be using.

For example, men use Google+ more, while women turn to Pinterest more. You can check this kind of information on the internet so you know which social media platform is best for sharing your content and getting the best possible result.

It doesn’t matter whether you target individuals or businesses, you need to understand their interests. Blogging can do wonders for building a community committed to your brand. An example of a blog that has been successful using Content Marketing is Through its community site, it offers practical advice to other online sellers while displaying advertisements for its parent company, World Lister.

You can also see what your customers are sharing on social media. When you create publications that are relevant to your readers, you give them the opportunity to share them with their friends. A real precious and free marketing tool!

Be careful not to constantly do self-referencing

One thing that will certainly kill public engagement is long-term self-reference. Radio advertising is no longer part of the landscape, so you will have to refresh your message a little.

What can you do ? Use stories to illustrate what your business has to offer and the privileges you offer your readers if they take the step to come to you.

Give your message a personal touch, be direct and use the pronoun “you”. This is how your posts can reach and interest your community. So, you will stop talking about yourself, and instead talk as you are!

Share something of value

Take your time and talents into account when it comes to creating your content for your business. Maybe you are not comfortable sitting and writing! You may also not have the time or resources to write articles.

In this case, what you can do is determine the format with which you are most comfortable when sharing your message by performing a few tests:

  • Short articles;
  • Infographics or small shareable graphics that can easily be produced on a platform such as Canva;
  • Product photos that you can instantly share on Instagram;
  • Short product demonstrations or fun videos (preferably less than 2 minutes);
  • Other content related to your industry.

Remember that it is essential to share content that you are passionate about, ideas and topics that you think are relevant as an entrepreneur. This influence created on the web allows you to project the human side of your business.

Consider the “Curating”

Nowadays, if there is a growing trend, it is content aggregation. This consists in directly extracting the content from other people’s RSS feeds and automatically transforming them into sharing.

However, do not confuse aggregation and curating, it is even very different. Content curating or curation of content requires the intervention of a human being capable of reading, researching, understanding and qualifying digital content that could be relevant to a given audience.

Do you think it must be quite time consuming? Well, think again! This routine can take around half an hour a day. If you have a team of collaborators, they can regularly take care of the research part, then make a return with simple proposals to share.

Those who have launched themselves into niche sectors can also offer articles that their audience can identify with. Curating and sharing content from other entities will allow you to become the trusted source in your community for information on a specific topic.

Another advantage of sharing content is the ability to expand your network within your field of activity.

Measure, analyze and start again

To constantly improve your content, pay attention to comments and responses from readers. When sharing your links on social media, dare to use the free monitoring and analysis tools. You will know which publications have been the most successful.

Consider that a publication is rather on the right track if it is read, shared, and if it has generated reactions. Remember that if a platform or some content seems to be ineffective, you should refocus your efforts on what is successful.

Get started

Two other factors that you should consider when creating your Content Marketing are time and continuity. So be patient! Keep in mind that social content does not necessarily translate quickly into sales.

With that in mind, you need to plan for the future and have reasonable expectations about your campaign. Your Content Marketing campaign is your way to build your brand for the long haul.

About the Author

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