the essential step of referencing a site, must be carried out with
know-how and skill to complete on-site optimization actions
without panicking Google radars. Here is the example of Mrs. Janis, who comes
to set up their online music sharing site and who wishes to optimize their
SEO. Follow the little SEO guide step by step!

What is netlinking?

The purpose of netlinking
is simple: improve your SEO. Yes, but … what will SEO tell us
? It’s about optimizing the environment of your web presence, so
to improve the visibility of their website (s) on the internet. In other words,
this is a natural referencing intended to optimize your notoriety by
online, earning better positions on main keywords as well
than new. The goal is to build more trust in Google and
come generate more traffic on pages that convert for your

And this is where the
goal of any business: to be visible to everyone. To do this, it
you must reach the first page of the search results, and
ideally the top 3. Internet users rarely go beyond the
first page of search results to find the answer to their

To do this, Madam
Janis must first create quality content on-site, which Google
enjoy. These optimized and qualitative content, around the theme of
music and music news, will participate in positioning correctly
its website and will be an essential step in its success.

Essential yes…
But not enough! To strengthen your notoriety on the web and access
at the first results of the search engines, place to the off-site part:

How does netlinking work?

Now that the
Madame Janis’ site is qualitative, she can start her process of
SEO by creating links on other sites.

Madame Janis, too
gifted as a business manager, had no idea
in the way of approaching the subject of netlinking, so abstract it seems.
However, his wish was indeed there: to continue to develop his
company, by implementing the necessary strategies: it has taken well
realizing that this was a key lever of its digital strategy.

By inquiring,
she quickly understood the concept: inserting into qualitative content
a link which would return to a page of its own site to be referenced. The goal
is to insert this “anchor” naturally in a text, so
to make a natural semantic shift. Finally, this text and its link will be
published on a third party site, called a partner site, whose universe will be
adapted to the theme that she approaches with her company, that is to say the
music in the case of Madame Janis. This third party site will then host everything,
in order to offer a natural referencing to its website in a perennial way.

But then, who to turn to to optimize
his SEO?

Unable to do it alone, and strong of a network of serious business leaders, Ms. Janis inquired to be sure to entrust her netlinking to the right agency. The name SEMJuice has come up several times for the quality of its SEO strategies as well as its content. SEMJuice is an agency specializing in off-site optimizations and offers real support to its customers.

This is exactly what
what he needed: good follow-up, an attentive ear and hard work
quality. So she embarked on the adventure and we are retracing her
course, the one that allowed him to create his netlinking campaign in all
simplicity for its music sharing site!

Create a netlinking campaign on SEMJuice, a
child’s play

First step to start smoothly, Ms. Janis creates her account via this simple form, before quickly accessing the heart of her dashboard, nerve center of all her actions on the netlinking platform.

After clicking
on her dashboard, Madame Janis has access to two universes: that dedicated to
advertisers (this is itself as a customer who wishes to order
links), and the publishers area, if one day she decided to offer her
own site on the platform, in order to host the articles of others

From here, she has a
complete visibility of all the actions to be undertaken:

  • Draft campaign;
  • Campaign awaiting validation;
  • Ongoing campaign;
  • Articles awaiting proofreading (pleasant surprise for Mrs Janis, she can, in fact, re-read and modify her articles before their publication, even if they also pass through the hands of a corrector beforehand);
  • Campaign completed;
  • Visibility on publications from the last 30 days.

In short, a
ergonomic and practical interface, which allows a novice person like him
to understand the actions to be carried out in a jiffy!

Add your site to the platform

To continue,
Madame Janis must add her site on the platform, whatever she wants
go up on search engine results thanks to SEMJuice and
his netlinking job. Forward for the music, therefore.

She then surrenders
on the “sites” tab, on the right of its screen, then click on the top right on
the green “add site” button.

It is enough for him then
to fill in the fields required to provide as much information as possible
relevant to this topic: site name, URL, CMS used, theme (s), presence
on the internet, etc.

Create a netlinking campaign

It’s that simple
only that ! Madame Janis can already embark on the adventure of
creation of campaigns. And there, new good surprise: it does not have to
to pay immediately to test. So she goes to the “netlinking” tab,
on the right, then there are two choices:

  • “New campaign
    “, Which allows him to understand how the platform works without having to
    pay right away. She will do it afterwards, if everything went as it should
    she wanted it and she wants to continue the adventure.
  • “Buy credits
    netlinking “, for customers who already know how it works and what
    that they want, and who can therefore get straight to the heart of the matter.

Our super chef
will start off slowly, since these are his first steps
the platform and in the world of netlinking in general.

So she clicks
on “New campaign”. There, he just has to follow the guide: she
select their site dedicated to music sharing, choose a title for their
campaign, as well as the items she wants to order. His contacts who
had advised him SEMJuice had warned him: the platform offers its
offers in the form of fruit, to categorize the type of sites on which
put the items to buy: for a “little juice”, we order
berries (strawberry, grape, kiwi), for more juice, we start on
large fruits (orange, pineapple, watermelon, etc.).
With 7 price offers for great flexibility and variety
in the actions to be carried out, this is the widest offer on the market.

This famous
“Juice”, produced by a link, represents the power of the link emitted
thanks to the partner site on which you publish an article. The more a site is
deemed, the stronger the SEO juice emitted, the more your link will gain in
credibility and visibility on Google.

In order to define her needs, she preferred to contact the platform team by phone beforehand to assess the case of her site and receive tailor-made advice. She found a dedicated and available interlocutor who took care to explain the principle to her: we mainly deploy small sites to the home page and we prefer large sites to internal pages, to push important keywords. This is shown in the illustration above.

So she selects
now the fruits according to its budget and needs, before
validate everything by clicking on “create a campaign”.

A red message
appears, indicating that the credits are not available, but no
panic: you can keep having fun creating your campaign without going through
this step for now. There, Madame Janis has a new pleasant surprise:
she has the possibility of creating models of briefs.

These briefings are
the instructions she will give to the editor who will take care of writing her
items. It is up to her to specify subject ideas if she wishes, the form
anchors, to list what it wants or doesn’t want to appear in the
text, explain its activity, give sources, etc.

Thanks to that
functionality (added recently when the site V2 was launched), it
will not need to rewrite the same brief for the same type of command at
every time. It will be enough for him to search among his models, and to
select the most relevant for his current campaign. Save time and
particularly practical ergonomics for an overwhelmed business manager!

Create a brief template

To create a model,
nothing simpler: she clicks on the button provided for this purpose (see image
above), then let yourself be guided to fill in all the fields concerned:

  • The site concerned by the order;
  • The internal title (only visible on SEMJuice);
  • The choice to re-read or not before publication;
  • Writing instructions for editors;
  • The desired theme, for the site that will host his article;
  • The type of link desired, for its site to be boosted;
  • The ability to add “third party” links to create more natural text for Google. The third or secondary link is a decoy intended to add credibility to the text, it generally targets a third party site of authority, informative and not competitive;
  • The type of anchor you want for your site to boost.

Small zoom on the choice of anchor type

Anchor? What
it is ? This is a new pitfall for Madame Janis, who is inquiring
quickly on the types of anchors existing and on the interest of each
of them.

  • Natural anchors: these are those that appear in the form of URLs (http or www) or brand names.
  • Exact anchors: these are the most dangerous, because they relate to a limited number of keywords (often a query frequently typed by customers), to specifically target a service or product. To be used, but sparingly, they must remain unique and little used…
  • Wide anchors: they are interesting, in that they are designed to be unique given their length. With more keywords, they can allow you to position yourself with great subtlety without taking any risks.

To Madame Janis from
choose with caution, varying the anchors of your campaign.

We resume the creation of the campaign!

That’s a good thing
in fact, Mrs. Janis can return to the “netlinking” tab to have
access to the complete management of its new campaign.

She clicks on ”
manage his campaign “, then” create the brief “, to take care of his first
ordered. Thanks to the pre-filled brief that she integrated just before, she can
click on “use this brief”, and not waste time at all
redo manually each time!

Madame Janis no longer has
just enter the desired release date for its link. Course she will take
care for each brief (even if she re-uses a model) to vary her
anchors, direct them to an internal page or to the homepage of its site,
etc. If she has learned a lesson, it is to vary her link profile to
generate a natural referencing, which will not endanger it vis-à-vis
search engines, but which on the contrary will allow it to stand out and
to establish a viable and natural profile.

Finally, last point
: the ability to submit photos you want to appear in
his texts! Ms. Janis can thus highlight photos of her
meetings with musical artists, the working team, or
any other royalty-free photo that seems relevant.

All that’s left is to

Here, everything is ready
and our favorite entrepreneur finally did it all very
simply. Only the final step is missing, now that everything is fine
past: buy the necessary credits to be able to finalize the order.

Glad to have
chose SEMjuice for her support, her work ends there!
SEMjuice teams take over in the more technical part:
choice of the most relevant site among its large network of partners (more than
8,000, she’s happy not to have to sort!), The collaboration
with the chosen partner, writing articles, checking
services provided…. It saves a lot of time that it easily occupies with
managing her business and converting the traffic she earns thanks to
off site optimizations!

Under a dozen
days, the first link of his campaign will be placed on the web!

A quick overview of the other features of the platform
from netlinking

The dashboard of a user of
SEMJuice allows him much more than just creating a campaign or re-reading
his articles.

Madame Janis thus has access to all
its invoices, and can sort them according to its goodwill to find them

Advertisers also have the
possibility to buy content for their websites. That’s what interests
especially our music lover, because if her site is already
interesting in itself, it deserves a few more articles. They
will allow him to enjoy quality content, in the semantic field
appropriate, and which will therefore optimize its on-site optimization in parallel with its
netlinking process.

Monitoring the progress of your SEO

Once the campaigns are over,
clients have access to all of the related metrics, in order to have
an eye on the evolution of their referencing. Very complete, they offer a
precise overview: Mrs Janis will be able to work in complete
transparency on its referencing, with the results in front of you.

For further…

Visit the SEM Juice website:

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Article written in collaboration with SEMJuice