You want create a sales tunnel for your business? Whether for sell in automatic or collect emails, the sales tunnel is the basis of any online business that works…


What is a sales tunnel?

A sales tunnel for those who do not know what it is, it is to pass a visitor who arrives on your site / platform by several steps until they sell your product. We will see these steps later in this article.

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The sales tunnel therefore allows a visitor to go through a kind of “tunnel” from point A which is the site visit to point B which is purchasing. All this completely automatically.

Where to place your sales tunnel?

There are three main places where placing a sales tunnel can be of interest.

The first place is the blog. Once your blog is created you should, before I even publish articles, install your sales tunnel for immediately sell from your first visitors. What is very interesting once this is done, is that you will only have to publish between one and three articles per week for your sales to be automatic!

Even more interesting! Each time you write an article, it can be seen for decades and can bring you a sale through the tunnel.

To learn how to create and live from a blog, see this other article.

The second place is on YouTube, just place a link to a capture page in your description or in a card on your videos.

And finally, the third place is on social networks. Again, place a link to a capture page in your profile description. Typically a sentence like “A gift X to successfully make X below” works.

The stages of a sales tunnel

Let’s see right away how to create an efficient sales tunnel detailing the different steps.

First step: collect the email

To attract a visitor to our sales tunnel, we will have to use trickery and do everything to collect their email. It is absolutely necessary to collect the email because it is very very rare that a visitor returns one day to the site. Usually if he leaves, it’s forever.

To collect the email, we will therefore offer a gift. You can offer videos, a book, an ebook, 1 hour of training, etc.

The goal is to have the visitor’s email in exchange for a gift (give value).

To do this, you can display a pop-up page that will be displayed when the visitor arrives on your site or insert capture forms on your pages.

Step two: send emails automatically

Once the email is collected, we are not going to send emails by hand, it would be impossible and we want it to be automatic. For this, we will use an auto-responder.

An auto-responder is software that will send pre-written emails automatically depending on the days after registration.

For example :

Julien registers on Tuesday at 1:47 pm on our pop-up page, the autoresponder will immediately send an email with the gift and some information on the site or the history of the creator.

Then Wednesday at 7:00 am, we will send (always automatically) an email with content.

Same Thursday at 7:00 am, etc., all this for about 1 week with a few days of rest of course.

Step 3.5: Smooth email marketing!

Before moving on to step 4 which is direct selling, let’s first see how to write emails and not to be seen as a carpet seller from the first day.

Generally, when someone buys a product, it is often because they have received a lot of value and want to go further.

In your emails, if you redirect immediately to a product where is the value? There are not any. As a result, 95% of people will take you for a seller and never open your emails again.

You should refer to content that brings value to your emails. Write a short story and then redirect to quality content (article, big guide, video).

Only then will you redirect from that content page to a sales page. A sales page is a page where you present your product.

To perform this last redirect, you can simply say “to learn more click on the button (learn more) below this video”, similar to writing for an article.

If you have added value and that person really wants to know more, they will buy your product.

Step Four: Sell Directly

After sending content for a week, you may have sold it. But if not, we’ll still send a commercial offer directly.

At the end of your content emails (between 3 and 6), take a two-day break then send a sales email. In this email, present your product, its benefits, remove the brakes, do everything you can to sell it and redirect directly to the sales page.

Since you have brought in so much value for a week, you will be selling much more easily and naturally.

If you don’t sell during this step, it doesn’t matter, you still have the emails in your email list. Then send every 2-3 months limited offers to all of your contacts who haven’t bought yet to get them into action!


As you can see, once this sales tunnel is installed, you will be able to focus on creating content and value while making sales on a certain percentage of your visitors. automatically.

To give you some areas for improvement, you can see what segmentation is. This is what will allow you to increase your percentage of email sales.

To quickly summarize the segmentation, it’s sending personalized emails depending on actions of your contacts. For example, if he is interested in gaining muscle, we are definitely not going to send emails to lose weight!

Ps: segmentation can also make you avoid spam! 😉