When you start a blog, you usually spend a lot of time creating content. And in return, we hope to build up an audience of loyal readers and ultimately be able to sell them products.

A web entrepreneur therefore hopes to monetize his blog so that it will earn him. But when a blog is still in its infancy, it is usually difficult to monetize it due to insufficient traffic. All beginners are faced with this problem. And unfortunately, it is not possible to be successful in your online business without traffic.

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Create an audience: define your objectives

First, ask yourself why you want to create this audience, even if it seems obvious to you. Because obviously, you must have a goal that motivates you behind. Building a loyal community from scratch is not easy, but with the right techniques, you will get there.

What you should look for is not to have the widest possible community of readers, because inevitably, it would be a very unskilled public, which will not buy when you have paid offers to offer them. On the contrary, you should talk to people who are genuinely interested in what you are offering. People who are willing to spend money on this.

Example: if you are in the tuning field, you can be sure that tuning enthusiasts will spend money to customize their vehicles, motorcycles, trucks or cars.

What are the underlying reasons that push you to create this audience? What are the ins and outs that push you to get started and want to have a community that follows you?

  • Do you just want to become an influencer and develop your visibility and authority on the internet?
  • Do you want to create a mailing list of subscribers to sell your products or services to them?
  • Increase your traffic for your e-commerce site?
  • Train you in social media management and become a Community Manager? Etc.

Define the audience we want to attract

When looking to create an audience, it is important to define the profiles of people we want to attract, that is to say, define his persona: their gender, their socio-professional category, their habits, their fears, their centers of interest, their location on the net.

To do this, you can go to Google and search for the keywords that are typed by people to do a search in your topic. When you enter a query, Google suggests other search terms typed by people. At the bottom of the page, you will also find other expressions that people search for.

Choose your traffic acquisition strategy

After this work of targeting and defining your ideal client, we will have to take action and create content that is specifically aimed at this audience. From there, you have 2 choices:

1) Use advertising to get traffic immediately, but which is precarious since as soon as you stop paying for your campaigns, the traffic immediately dries up.

2) Opt for organic traffic or natural referencing, free, but which will take some time. However, this is the strategy I recommend to you because it is much more effective in the long run.

Crossing the desert

On the internet, many influencers make you believe that it is enough to have a blog with an internet connection to travel and work from where you want. In theory, it is doable, but the reality is very different. There is always a phase at the start which is called “crossing the desert”, where your blog has no comments, no inscriptions on your mailing-list, no sharing of your articles …

In short, this period of crossing the desert is quite demotivating, and you have to hold on not to get discouraged and cross the course. Because you know what? After crossing the last sand dune, you generally end up on a lush valley where milk and honey flows… and there, you are rewarded for all your efforts!

Audience: make guest articles

You should already know that Google will take at least 6 months before referencing your articles and therefore be able to find them by making a request on Google. A good strategy at the start to get around this problem of traffic which is sorely lacking in your blog, is to go and get traffic where it is: at the big bloggers of your theme!

At the start, you will therefore seek to create 2/3 of articles that you will publish on other blogs on your topic, and 1/3 on your own blog. You are going to place some links that redirect to other content on your blog. So if you have paid offers on a sales page, you can link to that page …

Create a capture page with a lead magnet

Another strategy to follow: ensuring that visitors have an interest in subscribing to your mailing list. To do this, you must provide an answer to a problem or a need of the audience you are targeting. For this, you can directly question your readers. This is what I do myself with this reader survey.

You can also observe the questions people ask in your topic on Facebook groups, Quora, etc.

If you are in the field of stress for example, you can offer as lead magnet (magnet to prospect in French) sheets which give relaxation techniques. So, you should have many subscriptions on your mailing-list!

Of course, visitors need to know exactly what to expect when they visit your blog. The message must be explicit. For that, nothing like putting in the header a slogan which summarizes your promise of result. For example: “overcome stress and find inner peace” to return to the theme of stress.

Commitment: organize an inter-blogger event

Inter-blogger events (or “article carnival”) are a powerful tool to make yourself known and create engagement with your audience! This is why I personally like to use them. I discovered this technique in 2011 because blogs like copywritting-pratique.com or virtuose-marketing.com organized at the time. And I encourage you to post them from time to time on your blog, the results may surprise you.

Besides, I’m going to organize a new one soon. If you want to participate, I invite you to read the presentation article here. Everything is explained in detail. 🔥

Offer coaching

One of the most effective ways to build engagement with your community is to offer them “Strategic session” in coaching. Whatever some may say, who criticize the fact that it is not passive income, but that you exchange your time for money, coaching is very effective in hiring your prospects and converting them into customers.

You know, people are a bit fed up with online training, it is not so much that they are tired, but especially that they find themselves left to themselves in front of their computer screen and have no one to whom to ask for help if points of the purchased training seem unclear to them…

Offering coaching allows us to respond to this problem. You can create a formula combining training in video or audio and individual or group coaching session. So the client can resolve their blockages and have an action plan to put the training into practice.

To get started in coaching, it is not necessarily necessary to be a sharp expert, you just need to have more knowledge in a field than 90% of people. Coaching has the advantage of making you earn money immediately. Coaching will also allow you to collect your first customer testimonials and therefore build your authority on the web!

And especially… you will really know your market: your customers’ issues, what blocks them. So you will be able to build from this observation a product tailor-made for them.

To suggest strategic meetings on your blog, I recommend the Calendly tool

Here are some methods you can use to build a loyal following and generate engagement. I hope these tips are helpful and help you get your business off the ground. If you liked it, don’t hesitate to share this article and leave me a comment to tell me about your experience!