▷ How to create an effective call frame in 3 steps! 2020 -

Do you need a call frame, a telephone prospecting method, but you don’t know where to start? Still, you have a good product, but you can’t hang your prospect and stick to your speech? Don’t stress, you are in the right place 🙂 But before going further, you must know that prospecting is a science in its own right …

It’s not about taking your phone and doing it feeling like a lot of people do unfortunately. It gives “boat phrases” from your style prospect “I’m thinking for the moment” or “send me documentation “.

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1 / In the center of your call script YOUR prospect you will put

The most important thing when creating a script is to position yourself from the perspective of your prospect. Yes, that may seem obvious, but 99% of the people I was able to coach and meet were focused on themselves (“Me, me, me … my product is the best in the world because … I can solve your problem … you don’t need to tell me more I know that …” In short, that’s all you shouldn’t do! The first thing to do is to take your prospect’s point of view.

You always have to tell yourself “What’s interesting about what I say to my prospect”. So your prospect must be at the heart of your concerns, that you are interested in his challenges, his issues, that you are benevolent with him, and this, from the first moments. Hence the grip that you must treat!

The grip

hook the prospect quickly

This is the most crucial step. Indeed, according to some scientific studies, everything happens in First 8 seconds. It is in this short interval that the prospect will form an opinion on you and will decide whether or not he wishes to go further with you.

All the experts are unanimous: prospecting and direct sales by telephone are widely recognized as effective and simple methods of contact, but which require:

  • Diplomacy;
  • Practice;
  • The ability to formulate a clear message within a short time;
  • To present oneself as a person capable of seducing, suggesting and above all HELP to solve your prospect’s problem!

Because yes, that’s what he’s waiting for. Prospecting and selling is an art and like any discipline, there are rules to follow to obtain the best results. There is no room for improvisation. This is a real job that requires know how, of training at this prospecting technique, and of the method.

You will therefore take care of this step so that it is as square as possible. How? ‘Or’ What ? Simply by you login with your prospect in a simple and precise way and in stating the reason for your call. This presentation should be short and understood. The role of the teaser is to spark dialogue, the exchange between your prospect and you.

The dialogue

Precisely, once you have hooked your prospect, your goal is that there is a dialogue and not a monologue! Alas, with experience, I could notice that we were going from one extreme to the other: either it was a monologue, or a totally “robotic” discussion. Now, that’s just the wrong thing NOT TO DO, because the discussion must be TOTALLY natural between you and your prospect and lean on a spine (the famous “frame”).

This frame is precisely your common thread and consists of specific questions that will allow the prospect to become aware of his problem, his need, his expectations. Obviously, by your answers, you direct him towards what is interesting for him in your offer!

For example :

»Hello I am Mr… + Brief presentation of your Company (who we are, what we do, how we are different) + subject of your call. “

These elements must be said in a courteous manner, with a correct voice rate and correct words. You have to speak truth, be honest. Your prospect must feel that he has someone on the phone who knows his problems and speaks a language like his.

Be kind 🙂

Once the hook and the dialogue started, we must now be attentive. This is what I call being in psychologist mode 🙂

2 / Theactive listening you will practice!

This step must clearly be an anchor for you. Let’s explain: to start a sympathetic exchange with your prospect, you have to ask him questions so that he can “indulge”. In your script, you must therefore have questions, it goes without saying! But what good is it to ask the right questions if you don’t give your prospect time to answer them.

What your prospect will say is extremely important, so it’s in your best interest to let him speak and sometimes even let silence do its job. Because yes, we all have this bad reflex which pushes us to want to fill the silence on the phone. Human beings abhor a vacuum so naturally we will “furnish”. Now, that’s a big mistake!

You have to use silence for 2 specific occasions:

  • After asking your prospect a question;
  • After an objection from your prospect with a very short break.

A good call pattern is that I call a “Song frame” that is to say that at times, there are choruses, verses, solos, instruments without the voice above, etc. The idea is to bring prospect to speak as much as possible when it’s their turn and you to be good at listen and press the right button after asking a question. It’s that simple. You have to excel in listening rather than being a good “speaker”.

The interest of a prospecting call is to have the opportunity to listen, dialogue, exchange and have a sincere and personalized discussion with your prospect.

The purpose of your call is to establish a concrete link with your prospect and above all involve him, push him into action!

3 / Involve your prospect you will do!

The days of scripting monologically are over, because it causes your prospect to be bored completely. Indeed, if the interview is not a real dialogue, how do you want the prospect to feel concerned by your call and what you have to say to him?

Your first objective is to make your prospect react by pushing him into action. This action can be an appointment to be fixed, a quote that he must send back to you, etc. In short, the goal is to involve your prospect in a process, in a tunnel. And your script will help you, because a good script is a compass that will allow you to guide the prospect to a specific action.

You have 2 very simple ways to involve your prospect:

  • By asking him questions;
  • By rephrasing his responses and asking for his feedback: this is called active listening.

It’s extremely important to start a conversation without reading a script or repeating keywords that come to mind. Indeed, your interview must obviously be conducted so that little by little, over the conversation, your prospect is interested in your product, but it must happen gently.

Little recap…

You will find below the “11 commandments” to apply to make your script alive! They are the result of tests and errors, but which in the end allowed me to find the right angle and to have qualified prospects and therefore sales. Copy them, print them, put them in front of your eyes, short take action 🙂

  1. Have a borderline friendly relationship (Seth Godin who is a great marketer said to transform a prospect into a friend and a friend into a customer) smile, be honest, sincere and authentic;
  2. Ask him the right questions;
  3. Make it feel important and it is! Use humor and work your intonations to have a positive and catchy state of mind (it is scientifically proven thanks to the endorphins that your brain orders);
  4. Be honest, sincere and authentic;
  5. Don’t be critical, but justify your point of view each time;
  6. Be relaxed and smile on the phone, you surely know the adage which says that the smile is heard and puts your interlocutor in good dispositions;
  7. Trust yourself;
  8. Show your prospect how much you care about their life;
  9. Show that you are willing to learn and listen;
  10. Place your attention on the solution and not on the problem;
  11. Put your skills, knowledge and experience at the service of your prospect, because you are the expert.

If what I shared with you today helped you see more clearly, please share this article so that selling becomes second nature 🙂

Thank you !