How to create a profitable online business in 2019? Creating online business is a dream for many entrepreneurs. The fact is, it has never been easier to start an online business than in 2019 …

Why ?

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Several factors of online development and learning are green:

  • The democratization of online payment;
  • The multitude of information available on the internet;
  • Skills and expertise in certain sectors are highly valued;
  • The tools available to create sales tunnels and member areas are very accessible both at the budget and technical level;
  • Access to creative and broadcast advertising on platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads is open to small budgets and can pay off big.

Still need to get started!

For this, there is no ideal profile.

It doesn’t matter if you know anything about design or if you
have developer skills.

What matters is your expertise, your skills and what you will give as an educational objective to meet the needs and problems of your students.

Many consultants, coaches, therapists are embarking on the Web-Entrepreneurial adventure or are also very keen to get started.

Many employees looking for meaning and value also want to take the plunge.

They’re right.

The world changes !

And the world of work even more!

The word work no longer has the same meaning for the future

Before: We spent our entire lives in the same company and we made a career there with a permanent contract.

Now : The CDI no longer provides any guarantee of job stability. The professions are changing, artificial intelligence and robotization are only at the beginning.

Tomorrow: We become responsible for our actions, we create new professions. You become an actor in your life. We train, we learn, we adapt, we use our soft skills.

Quite simply, there is a real social phenomenon:

  • 65% of the jobs that our children will do do not yet exist! Half of the trades present today at Blablacar did not exist 5 years ago. ”According to Frédéric Mazzella CEO of Blablacar;
  • According to a study by Roland Berger, by 2025 robots will replace 3 million employees in England, with an unemployment rate that can rise to 18%! * Sources in order: World Economic Forum 2016 – Interview Usine Digitale 2018 – Journal du Net.

What is the relationship between creating your online business and coming to an in-person event? Regarding WED 2019: everything.

Human relations and meetings are the bases for success even more than technique or good practices.

During this day of transformation, you will be able to understand why the world of the Web must imperatively be linked to the world and to reality.

The present moment is super important.

You need concrete, you need tips, you need to practice, you need to take action the same day!

This is why the Web Entrepreneur Day has become a benchmark and it is a key event in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in England.

Here are the 4 essential steps to make a living from your internet activity:

  • Validate your business idea and get started with solid foundations;
  • Build your brand image and communicate well to develop a successful business;
  • Create videos to captivate your audience and turn them into customers;
  • Master Facebook advertising and use the power of its algorithm to target your ideal clients surgically.

So what will you find on the program of this transformation day to create and optimize your online business?

It’s very simple :

  • Networking time (meeting entrepreneurs, future customers, associates or partners);
  • 4 lectures in practical workshop format of around 50 minutes to genuinely make concrete progress on your project on the four essential steps that we saw above to make a living from your activity on the internet;
  • 4 conferences in WED format of approximately 20 minutes that will inspire and make you think with four web entrepreneurs.

A unique event which will take place on June 3, 2019 and which will allow you to learn, set up and network.

Don’t stay alone at home behind your computer: discover and meet those who look like you! 😉

There are only a few days left to take your place so take advantage.

CWT Advertising & Co’m is a partner of the event and gives you the right to -40% reduction on your place thanks to the promo code: WEBMARKETING40

Registration required at (subject to availability).