If you don’t know what it is an ascension model, then you surely miss a lot of customers. But do not worry ! At the end of this article, you can apply it to your business and explode your sales. Before that, let’s see what it is for and how to use it everywhere …

What is an ascension model?

First, let’s see what an ascension model is. Simply put, an ascension model will capture as many customers as possible with an inexpensive product. Then, this product will redirect to another more expensive product at the end, which will redirect to another even more expensive product, etc. to your most expensive LE product.

Interest? Since it is complicated for someone who does not know you or who does not know your business to buy on a whim a product for 1000 euros, he will be able thanks to this model to test your products using of a cheaper offer. If he wants to continue learning more, he will redirect to the more expensive product afterwards. He will then have left a product at 30 euros saying that it is a good deal and will finally leave with a product at 1000 euros (smart isn’t it?). Now you still have to have a good product and know how to apply the model effectively.

Example of an ascension model

If you are in the training field for example (video training, ebook, coaching), most of the time, entrepreneurs in the field will offer free training, offer videos or an ebook in exchange for an email. The first product offered and generally free: the call product.

They will then offer their paid products by sending emails. The problem is that the person will have to spend quite a bit of money right away to buy the product. We are going to sell an inexpensive product in giving a lot of information in. As a result, the person will have learned a lot for a bite of bread. So imagine what she imagines for a product ten times more expensive. In addition, she will already have bought from you, so it will be more normal to buy an expensive product and trust will already be installed.

Now here is how you can build your ascension model:

  1. 100-200 page ebook that will explain your business, your story, etc. (huge amount of info);
  2. Video training (advantage of video);
  3. Coaching (more expensive, but personalized support).

The call product

There will be two types of calling products. The first is to offer some of your big product so your customers can test and have confidence before buying expensive. Again, offer a lot of content and the best quality possible to convince your customers.

The advantage here is that humans don’t like to start a task without finishing it. If you are selling training and the person has started, they will want to finish, believe me! You can therefore play on this factor.

Now the problem is that when you start a business, the first product is not always exceptional and the sales system is not yet optimized. However, to sell something, the person must at no time be offended, disturbed, disappointed or otherwise. So you might not convince and miss a sale. If you are a beginner, opt for the second solution instead.

The second solution is to create a calling product. You will have to offer as much content as possible in this product and above all change the lives of the people who buy it. Of course, you will have worked hard for only around thirty euros, but it is this product that will bring you real customers who will buy all your products!

One of the best products to attract people is to write a 50-150 page ebook. Present everything in it: your activity, what you do, your history, etc. With a hundred pages to read, I can assure you that your customers will get their knowledge level for their money! Now, nothing prevents you from making a mixture of these two solutions. For example, offer a free ebook and part of your big product at the same time. The more content you offer for a bite of bread, the more you will convince your customers to buy more expensive products.

As you can see, no matter what your end product, creating a “bait” call product is a big plus for your business. If you don’t have a sale yet or your CA isn’t right for you, consider create an ascension model. If you want to opt for the ebook because you are just starting out or it seems like a good idea, I have written a complete guide that teaches you from A to Z how to create an ebook. In addition to that, you can publish it on Amazon, GooglePlayBooks, iBooks, etc. to attract even more customers while earning money!