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Tired of writing articles? This is the easiest and most effective article creation process yet. This process is extreme because it puts aside editorial schedules and comments of all kinds. Make way for content creation routines (reserved for freelance bloggers)…

When you are a blogger, you remain human and the human is a FLEMMARD. In other words, when we create a blog, we have a lot of motivation and we write a lot of articles at the beginning. It only lasts a while becauseafter a few months (if not a few days), we produce fewer blog articles. The reasons that prevent you from creating chain articles: lack of time and writing.

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My name is Théophile Eliet and for a while now, I have not enjoyed writing articles. Even if I loved what I was doing, it had become crippling. But creating articles brings traffic and customers, so I kept writing. After a few hundred euros spent on applications, software, training to find how to create articles quickly, I’m bringing you the solution on a silver platter.

In this article we will see:

  • The organization required for create a lot of articles even in the long term;
  • The method I use for create 68 articles, 60 videos and training per month;
  • An action plan for create quality articles quickly.

How to Create Quality Articles Quickly

Organize the publication of articles without editorial planning.

For those who have a blog and who are the only ones writing, I advise you not to use any more editorial planning. There are simpler methods for producing content. These are what I call “routines”. These content creation routines are made only for those who have no guest item. Because once you work collaboratively, your routines will be completely turned upside down.

  • What is a content creation routine?

A routine is simply a habit of creating content as simply as possible. If you do what puts you off the most in the usual and simple way, you won’t even realize it puts you off.

For the past few months, I’ve been optimizing my content creation routines and I went from 1 hour to 20 minutes a day to create an article of ~ 700 words. Once you have your creation process (detail below in the article), you will only have to follow it to produce an article.

Create more content than your competitors in 30 minutes a day

Complete this action plan watching the video to create content in minimum time (the second video will show you how to create articles without writing do not delegate).

It may seem impossible to create so much content but, having done it for a month, I can confirm that it had a huge impact on my income, my traffic, my notoriety. When I was producing so much content, I worked approximately 6 hours a day.

If you are not a full-time blogger, I will help you create a lot of content but you will have to make crucial decisions. What takes time in article creation is first writingbut above all everything around the creation of an article. Let’s see step by step how to save time to create articles faster.

  1. Permanently delete comments from your blog;
  2. Choose a single very complete image bank;
  3. Use idea generators.

By deleting comments, you don’t give your visitors the ability to add content to your articles, BUT, you have more visible calls to action and you don’t waste time approving, reading and responding to comments. So it saves time and potentially money.

Choosing a single image bank is another time saver that will allow you to stop searching for 10 minutes for the perfect image. For my part I use only one image bank and when I can’t find my happiness, I take a photo myself.

The idea generators allow (as their names suggest), to find a list of ideas very quickly. The goal is to never stay more than a minute without knowing what to write. Say goodbye to blank page syndrome. Since using them, I’ve found around 50 ideas in 15 minutes. The advantage of its generators is that they bring me fresh ideas for articles that are mostly non-existent on French blogs. I will soon share with you how to use these famous idea generators.

Simple article creation process

Rather than delegate (and spend money), I’m going to show you how to almost “automate” your article writing. I say “almost” because you will have to do minimal work. The goal is that you no longer even had to think about what to do. This is what will serve as your content creation routine. Keep this process safe.

This process is a procedure to follow every day at a specific time of the day (if possible in the morning).

Article creation process:

  1. Choose an idea in the idea generator;
  2. Search keywords partners in the Google Adwords keyword planning tool;
  3. Write the structure of your article (titles 2 and 3);
  4. Write the article;
  5. Choose and add a picture to your article;
  6. Improve the SEO of your article (SEO title and meta description).

This process simplifies your article creation as much as possible.

Content creation takes a lot of time, but with these tips, you will definitely have more fun and less time creating your articles.

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