▷ How to create beautiful pins on Pinterest that attract people? 2020 -
If your images are not attractive, you will never
attract a lot of people to your website. This is why we are going to see
how to create beautiful pins on Pinterest.No need to demonstrate the huge benefits in terms of
visibility and traffic that Pinterest can bring to its online business.

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You can put links in your pins (your images) which can directly link to your blog articles for example.

Imagine the value that Pinterest can bring you.

But … if your images are not attractive, nobody will want
click on it to see your article. But how to create beautiful pins
on Pinterest, will you tell me?

This is what we are going to see now.

Use the right

You want your pins to be visible, right?

So use the right format for your publications. think
large, the larger your pins will be the more you will attract the eye.

This is why I advise you to use a 600 * 900 format
for your publications. Because you’re going to stand out, your pins will be
much more visible than the others.

I explain below how to get and put your
pins in this lower format.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter by seeing what it
put on your pins.

essential to create beautiful pins on Pinterest.

Here we are. What will make your pins more
attractive than those of others?

This is what we are going to see now.

The text

It is important to include text in your images.

One day, I was walking on Pinterest and I saw that there were 2 similar pins. They had the same image. Except that one of the 2 images had a text that clearly defined what the image was talking about. So I unconsciously clicked on that pin. However, they were identical.

So you can write a little text on your pin that defines in a few words the content of the pin.

For example, I wrote an article on how to make beautiful photos on Instagram and I created a pin on Pinterest by writing on the image “how to make beautiful photos on Instagram”.

It’s simple, right?

Try to write a text or a title on your pin which
be clear and that defines your pin.

Speaking of text, don’t forget the image. It’s that
which we will see now.

The image

The more you will have a beautiful image, the more we will want to
click on your pin.

So try to take a nice photo, or use a
image on royalty free image banks on the internet.

But it’s not just that.

Your image should match your content. And yes, if in
your pin you put a link to one of your articles that talks about
gardening, don’t put a picture of a chocolate cake. I’m exaggerating, but you
got the idea.

So think about having a nice picture consistent with your link,
and remember to put text on your image.

The link

We mentioned this in the previous point.

On your pins, you can add a link to it. To your website for example.

So above all.

Put a link related to your image, and the description
that you put in your pin. Because if your subscribers and the people who
will see your images, click on them and be redirected
towards something unrelated, there is a lot, a lot of luck
so that the person no longer clicks on your pins.

Especially think of that and put a link related to your pin. 🙂

Now let’s see another part. We will see how to have your own identity and style on your pins.

Find your
identity, your own style

What will make others want to follow you?
How are you getting noticed by other users?

By having a different style and keeping it.

Keep some consistency

If you keep the same pin style, if you add a
personal touch, you will be spotted more easily. We go
recognize you, users will say, “I’ve already seen this kind
pin “,” he is the one who does this …, who does that … ”

So try to have a personal touch, at the level of your
title, the filter you are going to put, etc.

Use your logo

If you have a site, blog, etc., why not put
your logo.

It will be part of your personal touch. It will be your
identity and that will add a professional touch to your pins.

Now let’s see something that you think
maybe obvious, but we don’t always do it.

Get inspired

Getting inspired does not mean copying.

From time to time I advise you to go see what do
others. Look professionally at what’s happening, trends,

Try to find the biggest accounts in your theme
and watch what they do.

It will inspire you.

And now the best for last …

The tools that will help you

We talked about text, image format, but how
do this ?

Can go

You can register for free on Canva to
to use many models, in order to
create beautiful pins on Pinterest. You will be able to create
beautiful designs and add them to your photos.


Thanks to Stencil, you will be able to adapt all your images
in 600/900 in order to have great images, perfect on Pinterest.

You will also be able to create texts and add them
on your images.

Stencil is free, but you can only download 10
images per month. If you want to download more, you will need to
premium version.

to summarize

We come to the end of the article, let’s review the points

  • Use the correct format for your pins;
  • Add text to your pins;
  • Use beautiful photos related to your theme;
  • Add links to your pins related to your image;
  • Keep consistency between your pins;
  • Put your logo;
  • Use Stencil and Canva.

About the Author

Odiot Théo, Community Manager and author of the Social Media Strategies blog