▷ How to create engagement in emailing without using promotion? 2020 -

The report is obvious: you are not selling enough. So you are looking for why. You check the structure of your sales pages. You are doing a survey to find out if your product meets the needs of your audience. You check the opening rates of your automated email sequences. Ah. Well. The numbers are not good…

You push the analysis a little. Vexation. Your eyes follow the lines embellished with small percentages.

Training & Co'm

When suddenly your eyes light up. The ! Finally an open and clicked email worthy of the name. You are aware of the subject of the email:

-30% for 48H: GO!“.

Your hope then turns into bitterness. Without promotion, your emails are neglected by everyone.

You feel a sense of injustice. You spent days creating your email sequences. You spend hours proposing an attractive newsletter. But nobody gives you change for your coin. What am I saying, about your Golden Louis.

I know how you feel. Because I lived it. But I managed to correct it.

See the opening percentages of the first three emails in my email sequence (the first day doesn’t really count, because I offer a download bonus):

email marketing sequence
engagement in emailing
email marketing

Not bad is not it ?

At the end of this article, you will have the keys to boost the engagement in emailing that you have been waiting for without having to do all kinds of promotions.

So, let’s get started.

How to measure engagement in emailing?

I will not go through four paths. I’m also not going to throw you convoluted definitions that sound empty.

There are two essential measures to measure engagement in emailing:

  1. The opening rate of your emails;
  2. And the click through rate in your emails.

If people open your emails, it means they are potentially interested in what you have to say to them. If they click on the link in your email, chances are they will like what you offer.


But in fact, what is the average level of engagement in Europe? In other words, what is the average open and click through rate for email sequences?

  • Average opening rate: 26.91%;
  • Average click rate: 4.61%.

Of course, these figures are to be taken lightly, as they vary by industry.

Now that you’ve located, let’s see how to create even more emailing engagements, by improving these two indicators.

Improve its opening rate to boost emailing engagement

It’s obvious: if your prospects don’t even bother to open your emails, everything else is useless. This is the start of the process, the first step. And here’s how to achieve open rates that will make the European average look like a big joke.

1- Find the hypnotic title

Yes, the subject of your email is important. Even essential. It will make your email read 3 times more than with another title. And the reverse also works.

How to find a good title for your emails? Thanks to A / B tests. Almost all professional autoresponders allow you to test two versions of the same email, but with different titles.

And most importantly, please don’t be fooled. Sometimes a title ” seems to you “Better than any other. But after testing, it’s the opposite. No, the numbers don’t lie. They say the truth.

See the last A / B test I did on an email from my newsletter.

A / B test email

Imagine if I had just sent the second version. My opening rate would have been over 22% lower.

It’s all said: do A / B tests on your objects, again and again.

2- Treat your preheader

What is a preheader? Simply the first line of your email that appears in Preview. Especially on smartphone.

As you can imagine, the impact of the preheader is very real, as the figures from Getresponse show:

email engagement

Just make your first line make the reader want. A bit like the way the meta description influences the click of Internet users during Google searches.

3- Send at specific times

I will kill the suspense right away. There is no ” best time To send your emails.

But if you send out at noon, don’t expect miracles either.

After months of testing, here are the 3 schedules that give me the greatest opening rates:

  • 7 a.m .: yes, it’s early. But the first thing most people do when they wake up is to check their smartphone;
  • 2 p.m .: when the break is already over, and it’s hard to get back to work, people check their personal mailbox;
  • 6 p.m .: at the end of the day, after work or lessons.

Ok. You have three keys in hand to improve your opening rates. It’s up to you to implement them as best you can. And place after.

Force your click through rates as proof of engagement in emailing

You now know how to significantly improve your opening rates. Now let’s see how to increase your clickthrough rates.

When a member of your audience opens your email, it’s almost like saying “ look, you look interesting, let’s see“. When he clicks on the link, it implies ” well, I want to know more, I trust you“.

Morality ?

Your click-through rates are ultra representative of your audience’s confidence in you.

Let’s see how to improve this metrics.

1- Offer Lamborghini, not Peugeot

I have nothing against Peugeot.

But to gain the trust of your readers and get your emails clicked, you have to bet on quality. Not the quantity.

In other words, aim for the Lamborghini tailor-made, not the Peugeot standard.

To put it simply: offer personalized content.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

  • You can collect the first name in addition to the email address on your capture pages, and start your emails with “Hi[[first name]”;
  • By segmenting your lists. I don’t send the same emails to my clients as I send to my prospects. Imagine for a moment.

Sylvie discovered your hiking blog a few days ago, and signed up by email. She then buys your orientation training. Woe: she doesn’t change the list.

The next day, she receives a newsletter on your training ” Learn orientation in 30 days“.

She decides to unsubscribe from your email marketing system, finding your content irrelevant.

And by segmentation then?

Sylvie would have gone from your list ” prospect »To your list« customer orientation“.

The next day, she would have received an email about your training ” how to compose your backpack wonderfully“.

Sylvie says that this training is complementary to the first. So she buys it. And so on.

Yes I know. It’s downright cliché. It’s on purpose.

But with this exaggerated example, you have understood the importance of segmenting your subscriber lists.

2- Talk about yourself

  • This morning I am angry;
  • I am writing to you today because I am happy;
  • I made a discovery. And I’m very excited about it.

Describe your emotions at the very beginning of your emails. So you reach your audience. In the heart.

How do you feel when a friend says ” This morning I took the lead with my brother. So he went outside to get some air“.

Compassion, if you are a good friend. Empathy too.

Now how do you feel if your friend says ” This morning I took the lead with my brother. So he went outside to get some air. It made me sad“.

Even more compassion. Even more empathy. You put yourself in his place. You understand that.

This is the power of emotions.

So, in your next email, don’t forget to describe your emotional state in the first sentence.

The bonus in all this? Your preheader attracted even more curiosity.

3- Optimize your links

What could be more trivial than “to watch the private video, click here. “?

A pop-up offering a free ebook. Maybe (and again).

Make the effort to optimize your links in your emails. You’ll see, your click through rate will only get better.

Make sure the clickable link is for the item you are offering. For example, “here’s a new video on how to make an Indian braid in less than 30 minutes”.

Other tips when you offer videos. Take the thumbnail of your video, go to Canva and insert the YouTube play logo. Then, insert the link on the image in question.

Your prospects will think of opening the video directly in the email, while they will be redirected to a page of your blog (or on YouTube). Example in this email:

emailing engagement

Don’t lose the essential

No matter how hard you try to improve your open and click through rates. You may apply all of the tips developed in this article. If your prospects are not qualified, it is a waste of time.

Just remember this: better few registrants interested in what you offer, than many registrants who don’t give a damn about your work.

Sometimes, engagement in emailing goes through there, before your eyes. In the first step of your conversion tunnel.