▷ How to create more viral content than the flu? 2020 -

It hurts, I know. You who thought you wrote the article of the century. The one who would make the buzz on the net. The one we would still be talking about months after its publication. Difficult to face the evidence. However, the stats don’t lie. You have failed miserably to create viral content. No need to invest in other training or books of successful entrepreneurs. It would be a waste of time. What you need is content that people are wrestling with. Articles read, commented, shared. Here are 10 actions to take to maximize your chances of achieving it …

What is viral content?

Virality (better known as “buzz”) is when content (blog article, photo, YouTube video, podcast) is shared en masse on the net (by that: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). ). The information then spreads very quickly, like a virus.

Virality is the best way to quickly gain visibility and traffic, without having to invest in advertising or be the King of SEO.

So it’s nothing but word of mouth 2.0.

And create viral content is nothing more than the dream of any blogger or business on the net.

What drives a user to share content with their network?

Jonah Berger, in his book Create the trend, explains that we share information on the blogosphere in order to gain some self-satisfaction, a form of prestige.

I admit that I am not 100% convinced.

What if we shared content for more down to earth reasons? As :

  • Make you smile (a girlfriend on a Monday, just to make her forget that she was dumped the day before);
  • Make people think and raise awareness;
  • To convince ;
  • Maintain relationships / network;
  • Feel more involved in the world around us;
  • Provoke;
  • Stoke curiosity …

It doesn’t really matter.

The bottom line is that create viral content obeys specific rules. If you want to make your blog or website a traffic magnet, follow these tips inspired by a study by the American giant BuzzSumo.

The secrets to creating viral content on the internet

# 1: Qualitative content

First of all, you must remember this essential rule: for the planet to remember your article, several weeks after its publication (or even several months, let’s be crazy!), You have no choice but to produce content quality.

No trick, no sleight of hand can ever make your content go viral if it’s not worth it.

Do you want to learn how to write very high quality content using simple tips? Read this article.

# 2: catchy headlines

The title is a click magnet. The starting point for create viral content.

If your title leaves something to be desired, Internet users will never click on it. Even if your article is exceptional, even if you have done Facebook advertising, even if your site is the most beautiful.

Wrong title = 0 reader = 0 traffic = 0 €.

The good news is that you don’t have to get out of the best copywriting schools in the United States to write great titles.

You can simply play on:

  • Fear: How to avoid sinking after 6 months of blogging?
  • Curiosity: Freelance: Do you make these mistakes with your customers?
  • The benefit: How to reach 100,000 € / year with your e-commerce site?
  • The lists: 7 essential WordPress plugins.

According to Buffer, the numbers work wonders in headlines and generate 73% more shares on social media:

create viral content

Finally, according to the Content Marketing Institute, titles with odd numbers have more impact on the brains of Internet users.

The number 7, in particular, seems to be much appreciated.

But hush, didn’t I tell you anything?

# 3: The length of the item

Long, relevant articles (minimum 2,000 words) that help people solve their problems are more likely to go viral.

Why ? Because they prove your credibility and install your expertise on a given subject. You are not a charlatan, you are the expert on your theme.

These BuzzSumo figures illustrate this perfectly: the longer the content, the more it is shared on social networks:

create viral content

The more you stand out from weak content, the more likely you are to be noticed and create viral content.

# 4: The visual

The images enhance engagement on social media.

You only have to look at these two Buzzsumo graphics to realize this:

create viral content

create viral content

Image posts generate 2.5 times more engagement than others on Twitter and Facebook.

So include at least one image in each of your articles. The ideal being to couple text and images (infographics, graphics, photos), as I did in this article.

# 5: Lists and infographics

Internet users love it because it makes information easy to digest.

You know the lists:

  • 10 ways to fill your dog;
  • 7 tips to fight cellulite before summer;
  • The 3 secrets of beauty addicts to stay young and beautiful longer;
  • 19 tips from real estate professionals to become an annuitant before age 40.

Infographics are only starting to arrive in England, while they have been making a splash in the United States for several years already. This kind of content is always extremely shared. The little extra is that you can give it in exchange for an email address.

A great way to grow your list.

Of course, it is not always possible to write “list” articles or to make infographics. For create viral content still, remember to make it pleasant to the eyes of internet users: easy to scan, with bulleted lists, short paragraphs, titles, subtitles, etc.

# 6: Publish at the right time

For create viral content, pay attention to the day of publication. According to this graph, an article published earlier this week (especially Tuesday) is more likely to be published in mass. If you share on Pinterest or LinkedIn, choose Monday.

create viral content

# 7: The emotion

Another way to maximize sharing: the emotional parameter.

So go ahead, create virality by highlighting content that generates surprise, fear, stress, anger, worry, compassion, humor.

Throw away this professor uniform and thrill your readers. Let them laugh, let them take offense, let them cry. It will make your blog different. Pleasant. Unforgettable.

BuzzSumo analyzed the emotions most likely to create viral content. On the podium :

  • Admiration;
  • The laugh ;
  • Fun.

create viral content

# 8: visibility

The more people love you, the more … people love you. The more your article (or video, infographic…) is shared, the more it will generate shares.

This is a trend that we observe in all human beings: we tend to follow what works.

Between an ultra-popular Facebook page and one that shyly displays 300 likes, which one will get your attention?

Which is not to say that the content is better. A lot of big fish produce the content of m…. But they are more visible on the blogosphere.

It’s unfair, but it’s like that.

How To Be A Beginner Blogger For create viral content thanks to visibility?

It’s simple: ask your subscribers, your customers to praise your services or your products and proudly display these testimonials on the home page of your blog. This tip works like a thunderclap.

# 9 Sharing by an influencer

Buzzsumo has looked into the matter.

Here’s what they concluded:

  • 1 influencer shares your content: you have 31.8% more shares on social networks;
  • 3 influencers share your content: the number of shares on social networks is doubled;
  • 5 influencers who share your content is 4 times more.

create viral content

Great all of that.

But how do you convince an influencer of your theme to increase your popularity? You, who are as invisible as an acne pimple on a teen’s face.

It’s simple: link to it before you even publish your content. For it :

  • Cite one of his points of view in your article (“according to stuff …”);
  • Ask them to give their opinion on such controversy that will be the subject of a future content (the interviews are particularly powerful);
  • Insert a link to one of its contents.

Your pet will be more likely to share your article when it comes to them.

# 10 – Recycle old content regularly

The lifespan of a social media post is as important as that of an ephemeral (one of the oldest winged insects on the planet still alive, # boostetaculturegénérale).

An article will be shared the first days after its publication, and then … pouff, oubliettes.

And if he passes the 72 hour mark, you can consider yourself happy.

A good way to counter this trend is to repost your post 1 week later. For your articles which date from Prehistory (on the scale of social networks, that is to say those whose publication goes back more than 3 months approximately), recycle them often according to their popularity.

A good way to create viral content without getting too tired!

# 11 – Telling a story

We love stories. Because they carry information. Because they bring something new. Because they inspire.

Think about the way ideas are conveyed by brands and you will notice that they are often conveyed in the form of stories, what is called the storytelling.

All the big brands have started it: McDonald’s, Tropicana (but yes, Eduardo who likes to pick you good juicy oranges for your breakfast already), Redbull, Oasis, Coca-Cola …

Thanks to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, this type of marketing is entirely possible for your own business. For example, you can go behind the scenes of your business on video, tell your own success story or how you contributed to that of one of your customers.

I advise you to read this excellent article on storytelling written by Sophie Gauthier.

We are not going to lie, create viral content is a real challenge today. But admit that these tips are fairly simple to put into practice. So you know what you have to do. And you, do you have any advice to boost your content on social networks?