▷ How to create your own Instagram Story GIFs? 2020 -

You’ve probably seen or even used them: GIFs in Instagram Stories. But do you know that you can create your own? Thanks to Instagram GIFs to your image or that of your brand, you can accentuate your presence, increase your notoriety or simply bring a personalized touch to your stories. Imagination is your only limit! Below are the 3 steps to create your Instagram GIFs. Don’t panic: it’s very simple and quick!

1. Become a verified brand on Giphy

The Instagram story GIFs come from Giphy, so you need to create your own channel and submit it for verification.

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Giphy’s teams are very responsive and the process is very fast. However, small brands with little awareness are likely to be refused. Once you’ve been verified, you can create your GIFs and upload them to your channel.

To create your brand account, go to Giphy, click on Log In top right then on Join Giphy!

At the bottom right, you should see Are you an artist or brand ?. Click on it.

Then select Artists (Brands) or Brands.

You will then have to enter your information and that of your company. Once it’s done, you just have to click on Apply Now. Giphy will take your application into account and you will receive an email to confirm it.

In the meantime, you can start filling out your profile. Don’t forget to pass it in public so that users can find you.

Thanks to your brand account, you will have access to an analytics table containing all the statistics on the use of your GIFs and their popularity.

2. Create and upload your GIFs

Now that your brand account is verified, it’s time to upload your great GIFs!

However, they must respect a very special format called “sticker”.

Unlike classic GIFs, stickers are animated GIFs with a transparent background.
Giphy offers you some tips for creating a good sticker:

A good sticker is simple, fun and attracts attention. They are usually small, so it is important that they are sharp and recognizable. In addition, thanks to their transparent background, the stickers can “interact” with the elements of the environment in which they are used.

Think about it when you create your own!

Also think about how you want them to be used when you create them: with text or not, images …

For example, you can find GIFs from Gary Vaynerchuk on Instagram in which he uses expressions like his famous “Crush it!”.
From a technical point of view, the stickers must respect the following points:

  • Be uploaded in GIF format;
  • At least 20% of transparent pixels (no black or white background);
  • Dimensions: 500px by 500px;
  • RGB color mode.

Your GIF is now ready to be uploaded.

Important: don’t forget the tags! It is thanks to them that your GIFs will be able to appear for a precise search. Add between 5 and 10 relevant tags, not forgetting your brand name to be sure they are found.

Here are the most used terms according to the Giphy API: love, happy, heart, dance, cat, sad, dog, cry, birthday, kiss, party, lol, and Food. Don’t forget to take them into consideration if your GIF is suitable and you want to appear on the most popular queries.

3. Test your GIFs!

Your stickers should now appear for each search containing your tags, or directly on your Giphy profile.

Try taking an Instagram story from your phone, then clicking on GIF looking for your brand name.

Some ideas for use

You can use GIFs in several ways. For example :

Now it’s your turn. Feel free to comment below on your most fun and creative uses!