▷ How to declare your liberal activity? 2020 -

The liberal profession includes people exercising on a regular basis, independently and under their responsibility, a generally civil activity having for object to provide intellectual, technical or care services, implemented in compliance with professional ethics and ethical principles…

Do you practice a liberal activity and would like more information on the procedure to be followed to declare yourself? Here are the main points of the declaration of your activity according to the form of company you wish to adopt.

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Regulated or unregulated profession?

The regulated liberal professions are the best known. They are subject to specific regulations, in particular on the conditions of access to the profession (diploma, training, certification, etc.) and on compliance with ethical rules. These professions are therefore subject to controls by specialized bodies such as orders, unions and chambers. The consequences of this framework for these liberal professions are essentially the limitation of their establishment and the exercise of a legal monopoly.

Among these regulated liberal professions, one finds in particular doctors, pharmacists, paramedical professions, architects, lawyers, notary, chartered accountants, auditors, etc. There is an exhaustive list of regulated professions which you can consult on the website of the International Center for Educational Studies (CIEP).

Unregulated liberal professions therefore group together all activities which are not mentioned in this list. These are categories engaged in neither commercial, craft, agricultural or industrial activity. Examples include geographer, consulting engineer, detective and many other activities.

Exercise individually or in society?

All of the unregulated liberal activities can be carried out within the framework of a sole proprietorship or a company. The choice of the legal form depends mainly on the dimension of your project, the needs to associate or not, and the responsibility which you want to limit or not.

If you opt for individual business, it is necessary to make a declaration of activity within 8 days of the start of the activity, with the Urssaf (center of formalities for companies dedicated to the liberal professions). If the activity is regulated, you will also be required to register with the order on which you depend. You will thus be affiliated to the social security scheme for the self-employed (RSI) and subject to income tax in the BNC category. It is also possible to opt for the microenterprise scheme if the annual turnover is less than 33,200 euros.

If you choose to practice as part of a company, several legal forms are compatible: the civil society of means (SCM), the civil society professional (SCP), the society of liberal exercise (SEL) and even the society of financial participation of liberal profession (SPFPL). Depending on the characteristics of your liberal activity, you can choose the form that best suits your situation.

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