Online marketers and SEO leaders are often accountable to management, who question the performance of website visibility in search engines. This is a legitimate and inevitable question that you will have to answer …


Measuring your performance in engines is therefore definitely an excellent idea, which requires a good preliminary defining your SEO objectives. The challenge, however, lies in setting realistic goals for an achievable timeframe. Here are some ideas.

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Recover data …
Most online marketers are interested in the traffic generated by their website and the conversion rate to sales, downloads or others. These statistics are available via tools such as Google Analytics or Enquisite.

Understanding these statistics is imperative to grow your performance in natural research. To determine the growth potential generated by natural traffic, analyze the keywords that Internet users enter into search engines to access your site as well as their respective statistics.

Measure keywords …
What are the keywords that attract the most traffic? Which are more or less efficient compared to the global search volume? Keyword research tools will help you answer these questions. Personally, I use the Google Adwords keyword generator to determine the demand for keywords. These are calculated for sponsored links (and not from natural research), which means that the tool is not 100% relevant, but it has the merit of being free.

To find out which keywords generate traffic, proceed in 3 steps:

Define an achievable deadline to reach your objectives…
Knowing when the objectives are to be achieved is a fairly difficult question. Each website is unique and there is no magic formula that determines how search engines will analyze your site. Testing and measuring SEO is probably the best way to estimate keyword growth in search engines. Test several URLs that promote certain keywords, and measure their performance over 30, 60 and 90 days. You will have a rough estimate of how quickly the search engines react to your site.

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