Yandex Direct is a search engine advertising tool most used by Russian speakers. It allows advertisements to be broadcast on Yandex and its partner sites. It can be likened to Google Adwords given their many commonalities. So, if you want to conquer the Russian market, discover this essential tool …

Where are Yandex Direct ads displayed?

There are several places for your advertisements on Yandex. They can in particular be disseminated in research results on the 1time or 2th page. FYI, Yandex broadcasts a maximum of 7 ads per page (unlike Google which presents 12).

In the examples below, you can see the top 3 ads in the “premium” block:

ad placement on Yandex Direct

… and the 4 ads in the bottom block called “guaranteed placement”.

direct yandex ad placement

What is the Yandex partner network?

Yandex Direct ads can appear on the Yandex partner network, relevant sites with quality content and a significant volume of visitors. Among them are,, Live Journal, Odnoklassniki, Avito, etc. Please note that advertisements can be text only or contain both image and text. However, it is strongly recommended that you add an image to it, as these ads are noticed more by internet users and have a higher CTR, unlike text-only ads.

And recently, Yandex Direct started posting ads on the Russian-speaking social network “Vkontakt” ( as you can see in this example.

direct yandex advertising on vkom

What acquisition strategy should be adopted?

To manage and optimize your advertising campaigns, Yandex offers 8 strategies according to your needs and objectives:

  1. Average CPC : maximum clicks for the average CPC you are willing to pay;
  2. Average CPA : the maximum of conversions with the CPA set by the advertiser;
  3. CIA Medium : This strategy is only valid for mobile applications. The goal is to get the most downloads on a weekly budget;
  4. KING : This strategy is only valid for text ads. It achieves the ROI set according to your objectives;
  5. Weekly budget : it allows you to get the maximum number of clicks with a weekly budget;
  6. Weekly budget with maximum conversion rate : this strategy provides the maximum number of clicks on the keywords that generate the most conversions on the site for a weekly budget previously set;
  7. Weekly budget with maximum mobile downloads : this strategy makes it possible to obtain the maximum number of clicks followed by the loadings of the application with a weekly budget;
  8. Weekly click package: This strategy allows you to have the maximum number of clicks on your ads and vCards per week.

How to calculate your budget?

To properly manage advertising campaigns, Yandex offers you a budget forecasting tool:

calculate direct yandex budget
You will need to choose the dissemination area, enter your keywords and click on “calculate” to obtain a forecast budget based on the placement of your ads. But this is only an estimate, as this budget may be slightly different from the actual budget spent. To perform its calculations, the Yandex algorithm takes into account data from the last 30 days. Your actual expenses may thus increase or decrease depending on the competition on the market in real time as well as your dissemination strategy.


Yandex Direct is essential for developing your e-business on the Russian market, but it is not the only tool that exists. Previously, we talked about Yandex Market and its specificities for e-traders. Videos and Display are also increasingly valuable in acquiring customers and transforming visitors.