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Joël explained you very completely how to do market research when you want to start a business in a previous blog post. Ideally, to conduct a market study, it is necessary to carry out a quantitative study (through documentary research, statistics, etc.) and a qualitative study to deepen the results, in particular through a personalized questionnaire …

This market research questionnaire should be distributed in a targeted manner, in order to obtain more relevant answers from your target customers. So I’m going to give you some tips for disseminating your market research in a targeted manner sharing some of the methods I’ve used.

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Disseminate your market research on social networks

To target market research, nothing better than using the strength of social media. And this for one and only good reason: we give a lot of personal information to these platforms !

Consequently, it becomes very simple to disseminate your market research to a panel of people corresponding to your ideal client, to his persona. In fact, to target your market research questionnaire, defining your marketing personas is an essential step. If you haven’t created them yet, I invite you to read Benoît Collet’s article here.

On Facebook

For my part, I used several techniques on Facebook.

The first technique was: join Facebook groups on which my target (auto-entrepreneurs) was going to be. It’s a great way to speak directly to your target.

The method is very simple:

  1. Use the search bar from Facebook by searching with relevant keywords;
  2. Filter the results search by selecting “Groups”;
  3. Join the groups with the most members and the most active;
  4. Share your questionnaire market research in a publication.

Take care of check whether the group’s operating rules in question allow you to share your market research. Also don’t hesitate to contact the administrators of the group in order to ask for their authorization, it’s always better perceived and more pleasant sym

Here is a screenshot that will explain in pictures how to do it:

Post your market research on targeted Facebook groups

I also used another technique, but which can be considered a little too intrusive at times … So use it in moderation!

It consists of contact people directly via a private message. The method is relatively similar: you will simply filter by “People” in the top menu under the search bar.

You can then add the person to your friends, or simply send them a private message directly. See to customize the message a bit, and to explain your approach well. Apologize in advance for this “intrusion,” and ask the person the question to make sure it matches your target.

Here is an example of a message I was able to send:

Hello Marie, I hope you are well?

First of all, I apologize in advance if this message bothers you, but I will need a little help from you. Indeed, it seems to me, unless I am mistaken, that you are a self-entrepreneur in the field of aesthetics. Is this the case?

If yes, know that I plan to create my business in order to simplify the daily life of self-entrepreneurs. Also, I will be very grateful if you could take 2 minutes to answer this market research questionnaire: {questionnaire link}.

This will greatly help me to better understand your problems / difficulties / needs related to your self-business, and therefore to better adapt my offers afterwards. Would you agree ?

In order to thank you, I will offer you a small gift in return (surprise at the end of the questionnaire 🎁)!

Thank you in advance for your help and a very nice day to you 🙂

Finally, in 95% of my cases, my approach was very well received. This method has therefore also proven to be very effective!

To find people interested in your products / services, you can also look in the “likes” and comments of the pages of your different competitors and contact the people who reacted with their posts.

Certainly not very “ethical”, but extremely effective in contacting the right people to disseminate your survey!

On LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

In the same vein, you can apply the same methods on LinkedIn. However, if you are targeting a specific audience, LinkedIn may be less relevant. Personally, I used LinkedIn a lot too. For this, I added the people who indicated that they were self-employed by sending them a message associated with the connection request. It worked fairly well, and also allowed me to expand my LinkedIn network with potential targeted prospects who will then see my posts.

The interest was therefore twofold: to obtain responses from targeted people to my market research and to increase my visibility on LinkedIn with auto-entrepreneurs.

You can also try on the side of Twitter and Instagram, this time using hashtag searches (#yourkeyword). For my part, I did not use these methods on these networks, because Facebook and LinkedIn were effective enough. But depending on your activity, these other networks may also be very relevant and used in the same way.

Disseminate your market research by taking inspiration from Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a marketing technique that naturally attracts qualified prospects to you. And therefore, taking inspiration from Inbound Marketing strategies can be a great way to target your market research!


Here are the steps to target the dissemination of your market research questionnaire by taking inspiration from Inbound Marketing.


To use this method, there will be essential prerequisites:

  • Have a website;
  • Have quality content with added value for your potential customers (blog articles, white papers, guides, checklists, etc.);
  • Use a Marketing Automation system (personally, I use Sendinblue, a very complete and easy-to-use French tool that I highly recommend).

Step 1: Attract people to your website

The first step is to bring people to your website. For that, they will have to find an interest in it. It will therefore be necessary to start by attracting their attention, then interest them, help them in their decision-making and push them to act.

This is called the AIDA method:

  • ATdraw attention: basically, let people know that you exist (social networks will be useful again, but you can also use digital advertising like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords);
  • Iinterest your audience: ok, we know you exist, but you also have to interest your audience … Speak directly to it, arouse interest with a catchy catchphrase or with a question it may ask, for example;
  • Decision: then help your audience make the decision to open your website or blog by making them understand that you are going to help them, that you are going to answer a question they are asking, or that you have THE solution that she is looking for;
  • ATction: strike the finishing blow by proposing an irresistible offer that will encourage your audience to visit your site. For this, you can for example offer a free sample in exchange, or free content such as a white paper or guide, etc.

Once this first step has been taken, you should now have visits to your website. Now is the time to convince them to respond to your market research. I’ll explain how to do it later!

Step 2: “Tease” your audience

No one will leave you an email address for compassion or pleasure … And to answer a questionnaire, which potentially will contain even more personal information than a simple email address, the task will be all the more difficult!

So you will have to convince your website visitors to respond to your market research. For that, it will be necessary to “teaser” your audience. There are several ways to do this.

The first : show your expertise in your field by tackling a subject that will interest your audience and by bringing your point of view, your opinion, your advice. To do this, write a blog article for example.

The second : offer value for free to your audience. This can take many forms: a first free consultation, a free sample, a checklist, a white paper or guide, etc.

You can even combine these 2 methods : write an article where you share some tips in which you also include the possibility of downloading a free guide, booking an advice interview or even receiving a free sample.

In fact, it is necessary once again use the AIDA method on the page to which you will redirect the people who have decided to click on your first link.

Anyway, your visitors must be convinced that you have THE solution to THEIR specific problem (hence the importance of having worked well on your personas beforehand). They will be “white-hot”, ready to go further to get your free offer.

Step 3: Invite your audience to answer your market research questionnaire

Now that your audience is in suspense and just waiting to receive your gift, it is therefore better able to help you. Now is the time to ask him to answer your questionnaire. so that she can receive this famous gift!

You can use Google Forms for example to collect responses from future consumers. The advantage of Google Forms is that it will automatically offer you a analysis of the data collected in the form of graphs and pie charts : very useful if you are not comfortable with the creation of such charts in Excel!

Be sure to suggest a short questionnaire to get as many answers as possible. On the confirmation page once the questionnaire has been completed, explain how you are going to reward them : “You will receive your guide by email”, “I will contact you to set a date for our free interview”, etc.

And of course, THANK your visitor again. You will then begin to create a relationship of trust. It may also be appropriate to leave a way for your referees to contact you.

Step 4: Send the reward to your referees

If you don’t offer a “physical” product, use a Marketing Automation solution to automate this step. Once the answers to the questionnaires have been sent, the Marketing Automation tool will automatically send the email containing the white paper, guide or link so that your respondents can book an appointment for the free interview.

If you offer a free sample, you should not forget to ask for the delivery address to send this sample to your respondents.


To inspire you, you can take a look at what we have put in place.

Indeed, on our website, we offer a free guide on Auto-Entrepreneur status. So I created a Landing Page which clearly explains the content of this guide and how it will help the self-employed who goes to this page.

If they wish to receive the guide, they will leave their email address and be redirected to a very short Google Forms questionnaire. Once he has answered the questionnaire, he will then receive the guide by email thanks to a Marketing Automation scenario that I set up using Sendinblue.

We highlight this guide everywhere on our site (blog articles, popup, site menu, etc.), which allows us to get a lot of answers to our market research.

In addition, I made sure to work the referencing (SEO) of the Landing Page, so that when an auto-entrepreneur searches “Guide auto-entrepreneur” on Google, it will fall on our site (we are in the First 3 natural results on these keywords).

Besides, if you are interested in the question of how to disseminate your market research, it is certainly that you have a business creation project, and therefore our guide will undoubtedly be very useful to you. So don’t hesitate to download it by responding to our market research 😉

Other ways to distribute your market research in a targeted manner

Finally, here are a few more avenues to explore in order to distribute your market research in a targeted manner:

  • Post your market research on forums related to your topic ;
  • Make targeted advertising on social networks to obtain targeted responses;
  • Ask influencers in your industry to distribute your questionnaire to their audiences;
  • Write a guest article for a blog in your topic and insert there the link of your questionnaire;
  • See you in the shows / fairs / events related to your future activity to ask questions live;
  • See you in the places / establishments usually frequented by your target and ask your questions live.

There are certainly still many other methods to target your market research. Defining your personas will certainly help you to know which are the best channels for the dissemination of your survey!


The goal of market research is not to have as many answers as possible, but to have answers from your target customers. It is therefore essential to distribute your questionnaire in a targeted manner.

For this, it will be imperative that you have previously defined your marketing personas. Once this step is completed, you can use social media which allow advanced targeting for the dissemination of your market research.

You can also get inspired by inbound marketing and apply it to your survey dissemination strategy.

Finally, there is other, perhaps more traditional, methods, but which can also work well depending on the area of ​​activity of your future business.

By applying these different methods, you will ensure that respondents will perfectly match your target audience, and therefore the data collected will allow you toanalyze your market specifically, in order to identify trends and power anticipate expectations of your market.

And you, what do you think of these methods? Do you have other effective methods of targeting people to distribute a market research questionnaire to? Feel free to let me know in the comments 😉