Because of the difficulty of making ends meet today, even when working, most people are looking for additional income so they can improve their purchasing power and live more comfortably. In this article, we will review no less than 9 ways to earn on average a few hundred euros thanks to an activity on the internet, even much more for the brightest…

Watch out for mirages

I am not selling you the dream, perlinpinpin powder, as unfortunately do many scams on the internet, which take advantage of people’s gullibility. Yes, it is possible to earn interesting sums with an online activity, but this is not done without work.

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Pay close attention to too good opportunities, common sense should guide you. Know that about 9 out of 10 business proposals on the internet are actually scams. The number is scary, but it is the sad truth. Focus on the proven businesses that you can verify that you can earn money with legally.

The methods that we will see in the rest of this article, they have been proven, your success will depend only on your personal talent, your strategies and your work. Most ask to be disciplined and consistent, because on the internet more than elsewhere, the results are obtained on the duration. Yes, success is never easy!

Business models to experiment

Depending on the niche in which you are launching, and the clientele you are targeting, but also your level of mastery of the subject, your visibility, and your authority on the Net, you will take more or less time to penetrate: between 6 months and 3 years in general.

1. Create an online store and sell physical products

This is a first opportunity that does not require enormous creativity. Here, you exercise the profession of internet merchant. However, this is a relatively complicated business, we are not going to lie to each other. Why is it complicated? Because you do everything yourself, it therefore requires several skills: development, graphics, sales, etc. or else… you have to align the steaks by entrusting all the work to a web agency.

Unless … you use my services (link) to obtain a professional result for a much lighter price! In addition, as you manage a stock, you take the risk that you will remain on your hands, which is dangerous.

2. Sell physical products on E-bay or Amazon

You also have Price minister if you prefer. Here, we don’t use a personal site, but we sell on a market place, with the tools made available. You will have to pay a monthly subscription, in the order of 30 to 50 €, but it’s less complicated and you will have a higher visibility, than if you start with a personal store. The advantage is that your market place will highlight your products in their catalog. Obviously, your margin will depend on the originality of your products compared to what the competition offers.

3. Dropshipping

Another possibility is to do dropshipping. I’ve been hearing about this stuff for years, and in recent years dropshipping has been very fashionable in e-commerce, it has tended to run out of steam since then. What is it about? You have an e-commerce store, similar, except that here, you do not manage stock or shipping of products, it is your supplier (the dropshipper) who takes care of it.

The principle is very ingenious: you sell a product that does not belong to you yet, and once it has found a buyer, you buy it from your supplier who will send it to your customer on your behalf, and under your Mark. So in fact, you buy a product from your white label supplier and they ship it under your brand. Obviously, this is very safe, because it eliminates all risk of unsold goods, so you don’t take the risk of having stocks on your hands.

However, not everything is easy: you have to know which products are selling well, have good strategies and also excellent suppliers. And since the competition is fierce like that of Amazon, Cdiscount, etc. how are you going to fight if you don’t do something different?

4. Selling Freelance Services

Here, we don’t sell physical products, but our skills in providing services. If you are a Coach, consultant, infopreneur, developer, artist, etc. this is the clear path. The risk taking is much less (except perhaps that of falling on a customer who pays badly or who does not pay you at all), but obviously, you must have skills to offer and know how to position yourself in the market so as to stand out.

5. Become a copywriter

It’s a little known profession, although very close to the Web Writer. It consists in selling texts which make sell. In other words, it requires triggering emotions in readers. Obviously, this requires love to write, and to be able to influence by words. The goal is that by reading, readers literally draw their credit card, as if pushed by an invisible force! This is the job of the copywriter.

For example : “What if I offered you to win up to 150 times more than your stake with an investment of only € 30?” These are the kinds of texts a copywriter could write on a sales page. Such a promise makes you want, doesn’t it? After that, the promise has to be kept, but it’s another debate.

6. Sell digital products like Infopreneur

Another business that has been very successful, since it is one of the most widespread businesses on the internet, is to become an Infopreneur. An Infopreneur is nothing but someone who sells digital products, information products on the internet. He often uses the copywriter to promote his products.

So he offers products in digital format (e-books, audio, video training, Podcasts, member areas, etc.) everyone can exercise this profession which is accessible to everyone without special technical skills, except perhaps knowing edit videos if you make training videos…

This requires a certain creativity, and a lot of time to create your products which must correspond to a specific need in your market segment. So it’s a fairly easy business technically, but one that requires tenacity, because the results come with the visibility and authority that you will develop over time.

7. Sell e-books under private label rights

To earn a good income with e-books, it is not enough to sell just one. You have to sell dozens. One of the solutions for this, is to have recourse to the right of private label, because you suspect that writing dozens of books yourself in PDF or e-pub format to put them on sale on Amazon requires a tedious work, if you really want to do something quality that adds value. You can entrust the work to an editor like me (link), but it’s not free.

Another solution is to get books already written, where you are given copyright and property rights, as if you had written them yourself. It’s the private label rights.

But keep in mind that the e-books you buy in this way should serve as the basis for creating a new product by transforming it and combining content from different e-books and with your own resources. Therefore, it would be totally unnecessary to resell them as is. In the end, it still takes you quite a bit of time.

8. Make Affiliation

It’s probably the simplest business on the list. Affiliation is really a business for everyone, with or without technical skills. It consists in promoting the products or services of others through a affiliate link and, if visitors to your link buy the product, you earn a commission on sale.

At Amazon, it is even possible to earn commissions when the visitor visits the product page even if he does not buy. The affiliate link will track the transaction and identify you as THE seller of the product with an i.d and therefore, as soon as someone goes through your link to buy the product, you are paid between 30 and 70% of the sale price. This is the business model I chose for my high-tech product store with Amazon.

Ex .: you keep a blog on fly fishing. You can recommend fishing items sold on Amazon or an X or Y store. Or fly fishing training. With Affiliation, you can recommend all kinds of products: physical, digital… almost everything in fact (except maybe drugs, don’t mess around!) So it’s an excellent business for those who don’t want to get caught up. head to design their own products.

Only downside: to be profitable, you need a certain traffic on your pages for people to visit your links. The more qualified traffic you have, the more sales you will make thanks to your affiliate links, that’s statistical! You must also be transparent with your readers on this subject.

A very interesting strategy to bring traffic to your site, especially if you already have an online store, is to have a hybrid site, with a shop part and a blog part. If you use Amazon, WordPress offers an Amazon plugin to sell their Affiliate products. You will put their products on your shop, and in the blog section, you write articles in which you give your opinion on a particular product, you do tests, you give advice, etc. And of course, inside your articles, you create affiliate links on the products you are talking about that link to the store.

9. Create a YouTube channel

Do you know vlogs? These are the video articles (the word is the contraction of “video” and “blog”). It’s a very common format among Youtubers. The strategy to earn money with vlogs is going to be to insert affiliate or simple links in a tooltip in the description of the video to a product or paid training course.

You can interview other web marketers, for example, in which they talk about their training and products, and you, as an affiliate, promote them.

Well, I think you have something to draw from among these 9 business model ideas, there are dozens of others. So what are you waiting for to get started in your web activity? Note that if you do not have a site to get started, I can create one for you, according to your needs, and for a reasonable price.