Affiliate marketing or performance marketing remains a sure bet for any good digital communication! Previously, I had the opportunity to share with you tips to get started, in this article I suggest you see how to easily manage your affiliate network …

Are you an e-merchant and want to develop your turnover? B2B company looking for qualified leads or web marketing consultant looking for new services to offer to your customers? Affiliate Marketing May Interest YOU!

For a successful affiliate campaign, it is essential to communicate well with its affiliates and without a management tool it can quickly be laborious.

As an affiliate program manager, you will need to:

  • Provide your affiliates with transparent statistics related to their activity (number of clicks, number of validated leads, compensation of leads, etc.);
  • Provide them with all the campaign promotion elements (links, banners, emailing kits, etc.);
  • Communicate regularly with them by providing them with the latest news from the affiliate program, affiliate challenges, all to keep them loyal;
  • And manage all the invoicing and payment aspects.

Suffice to say that if you get started without a suitable tool, you will very quickly find yourself underwater with the multiple tasks to perform to animate your affiliate network.

Your ally: Advibe

Advibe is an all-in-one tool for managing your affiliate program from start to finish. Among the advantages of the service are:

  1. An unlimited number of programs, advertisers and publishers whatever the formula chosen;
  2. A fully personalized interface with your colors;
  3. Many types of compensation offered meet most of the objectives: click, sale, display …
  4. A communication tool with affiliates via an integrated newsletter system;
  5. Your logo hosted on your own domain for 100% personal tracking;
  6. And a billing system. System that has been improved with the new version of Advibe.

A short video to show you the possibilities:

An efficient billing system

The billing system is often the most difficult part to manage when doing affiliate marketing. Here all the tools are served to you on a silver platter! No more headaches with invoice management.

On the advertiser side, the invoice numbering system can be customized to match that of your accounting. Depending on the validation of the campaigns and their statistics, the amounts are updated automatically. You can choose to invoice monthly or over a defined period. Invoices are then available in pdf and sent to customers by email from your dedicated platform.

Affiliation invoice call

Affiliation invoice call

On the publisher side, you can generate calls for payment on validated statistics. This call can be monthly or over a defined period. 3 payment methods are available: check, transfer and Paypal. You can of course, at any time, modify the types of payment offered. And the icing on the cake, the notification of payment calls is automatic and adapted according to the status of the publisher (individual or company). The tool also offers the possibility of selecting the earnings by campaign that one wishes to donate to publishers. It is therefore possible to pay cash or by campaign selection.

Affiliation payment call

In short, what is generally complicated becomes very simple with Advibe 🙂

Practical case: Interview

Finally, we met HKS Media, a company specializing in media consulting and digital marketing using Advibe as part of its services in order to get user feedback!

Hello, can you briefly tell us about your activity? What does affiliation represent for your overall activity?

HKS MEDIA is a generalist network. We are based in Geneva and broadcast to various countries such as: England, Italy, Spain, the USA or LATAM.

We promote different brands through multiple media such as: emailing, display, text link … Our verticals most appreciated by our publishers are: lifestyle, gaming, dating …

How did you choose your affiliate marketing tool? Why Advibe?

HKS MEDIA was looking for a traditional and easy to use platform.

Advibe support is very responsive and in this environment it is a very important point. In addition, they are open to all kinds of technical developments so that their customers are not blocked by an absent or faulty technology or system.

It is therefore quite natural that we turned to this solution.

Would you say the tool made you more productive? What are its main advantages?

Advibe is a complete solution, both in terms of tracking or financial monitoring. This platform has many technical advantages. It allows us to follow our stats in a serene way as well thanks to the installation of traditional pixels as to the implementation of a global pixel.

Thanks to the latter, we have been able to significantly speed up our working methods and the amount of work we ask of our team and our advertisers.

The handling is simple and dynamic. Statistics go up in real time and unlike other platforms, we have very little difference in statistics between our platform and that of our advertisers. The price / quality ratio is very reasonable.

A word for the end?

Thank you for your welcome and thank you to the AdVibe team. Do not hesitate to come and visit us:


If you also want to test Advibe, you can have access to an online demonstration by clicking here.

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Article written in collaboration with Advibe.