▷ How to effectively manage a crisis on social media? 2020 -

Unhappy customers or news, social media have become the starting point for many crises and bad buzz for businesses. However, if this crisis is poorly managed, it can have disastrous consequences on the brand’s reputation!

What if a crisis hits your business tomorrow? Would you be able to face it? Do not panic, solutions exist!

social media crisis

1 / Know how to anticipate a crisis on social media

Anticipation and preparation are success factors when you have to manage a crisis. And to anticipate, you must above all be informed and know how to detect weak signals that can tarnish your e-reputation!

How to detect weak signals?

Start by making a list of potential crisis triggers. Here are some examples :

Your leaders:

Journalists, sometimes even consumers, listen to what business executives are saying (we will remember the crises of Abercrombie and Barilla, caused by the words of their boss). So pay close attention to what they post on their Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook accounts, as well as the scope of their messages and their reception by the public.

Your customers :

In case of criticism, your consumers can take it out on you on social media. Depending on how the complaint is handled or whether an influential person relay the message, the situation can quickly get out of control, as was the case with British Airways, when a disgruntled customer sponsored their complaint on Twitter.

Be sure to be notified and react early. Beyond social networks, think about forums and consumer review sites. Consumer criticism and complaints are too often unanswered!

Your competitors:

Watch as much for your competitors as for your brands, as their crisis could quickly become yours.

Likewise, if a competitor takes it out on you in the public square, you will probably want to be the first to know and respond to it, before the message gets too amplified!

Your market:

Sometimes a crisis can affect you indirectly. By monitoring how your market is perceived and all the events that may have an impact on it (natural disaster, new legislation, etc.), you will be ready to address this problem, as an expert on this market.

Your events and partners:

When you have important events planned, stay up to date on what is said about your speakers, your sponsors, your partners, to avoid that one of their problem does not affect your image.

2 / A webinar to find out more!

You have just identified a weak signal, which could become a huge problem for you if nothing is done! What to do ? How to react and solve the problem?

To tackle this vast subject in its entirety, Louis Bernard, founder of Crisotech, and Meltwater invite you to join us this Tuesday, February 21 at 11:00 am for a free 45-minute web conference. We will show you how to communicate during the crisis, address stakeholders or measure the impact of a bad buzz on your e-reputation!

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social media crisis