▷ How to effectively manage customer reviews? 2021 -

For many years now, the purchasing behavior of consumers has changed significantly, particularly thanks to the boom in online commerce. Indeed, shopping at home, on your sofa and avoiding the crowds of large stores has become a routine for some …

So when we see that shopping online has become commonplace for many consumers, they understand that e-merchants have a bright future ahead of them, but also that competition is increasing.

In a few clicks the prospect can change site and end up buying from another, so e-merchants must put in place a new strategy to stand out. Differentiating yourself from the competition with customer reviews is an excellent way to boost the performance of your site and sometimes at a lower cost.

Customer reviews have multiple interests, in fact, they reassure your prospect and therefore encourage him to buy. They also increase your conversion rate and improve your online reputation. But in addition to the purely commercial aspects, customer reviews also allow the development of your natural referencing.

Today we are going to give you our best advice to make customer reviews a real performance lever for your e-commerce site.

1: Respond to all reviews

Customer reviews aim to reassure your future customers about the quality of your products and services, in fact, reviews influence about 80% in purchasing decisions among consumers (IFOP source). When your customers are satisfied they will be tempted to leave a positive review, but more often it is when you are unhappy that you feel the need to say what you think. Many e-merchants are afraid of negative reviews and do not know how to handle them well when they can be very useful.

It sometimes takes feedback to understand what is not working in your company and the points that it would be necessary to modify. Indeed, in some cases these reflect reality and give you indications on what could be improved to fully satisfy the customer experience.

One of the biggest mistakes with negative reviews is moderating them and / or leaving them unanswered, 30% of consumers say they don’t trust a site that doesn’t have negative reviews (source Econsultancy.com). Do not forget that when you respond to a review, dozens of people will consult it. Responding to a negative review means giving information to future customers and answering potential questions. It is for this reason that the response to a negative opinion will be totally different from a positive opinion, the e-merchant will have to provide elements capable of reassuring the customer but especially the prospect.

Adopting a good attitude towards these comments is also a key element to effectively manage negative opinions, do not be aggressive in your response because you run the risk of losing new customers, adopt an understanding attitude instead.

On the other hand, the response to positive reviews cannot be ruled out, taking these reviews into account shows your customers that you are grateful and that you are listening to them.

2: Collect enough customer reviews

For your customer reviews to have a real impact on optimizing the performance of your business, you still need to have enough. If you have a high overall rating but it only reflects a dozen reviews then this will not be credible.

Soliciting your customers after an act of purchase is the key to having a high harvest rate, indeed, without this solicitation many do not have the reflex to leave a review or do not see the benefit. Sending an email is the best way to solicit them by asking them to answer a few questions. In this request for advice, however, be careful not to ask too much of customers because you run the risk of rushing him and he does not find the time to answer the entire questionnaire. Let the client respond freely using open-ended questions.

3: Use a customer review management solution

Adopting a good customer review strategy is easier when you use a trusted third party. By setting up a customer review management solution like that of the Guaranteed Reviews Company, you make it easier for yourself to manage them on many points, effectively this allows you: automatic solicitation of customers, management of reviews on a single interface directly integrated into your back office, etc.

The solution is available on the main CMS: Prestashop, Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce. For the other CMS an installation is possible to retrieve the orders and request them automatically.

Promote your customer reviews on google with the google shopping feed and reviews on Google My Business. You can also adapt the widget to your graphic charter thanks to many customizable widgets.

In the context where you do not exclusively place online orders, the Société des Avis Garantis offers the import of CSV orders.

The solution also offers the multilingual option, which allows you, if you work abroad, to machine translation and share opinions.

In order to promote the work of e-merchants, the company has set up the “Mention of excellence” rewarding all professionals who have obtained an overall score above 8/10. This mention helps to reassure your prospects about the quality of what you offer but also about the approval of a recognized company.

The Guaranteed Reviews Company stands out from other customer review solutions by its prices, these are among the most advantageous on the market with an initial offer at € 19.90 per month.

4: Monitor your customer reviews

Once the strategy for processing customer reviews has been put in place, it is essential to monitor. Indeed, leaving your opinions pending without processing them is to take the risk of leaving a wave of negative comments impacting your online reputation.

It is therefore important to consult and respond to reviews every day or at least very regularly.

In addition, if your prospects find that there is no response or follow-up, they are likely to think that your site is no longer active or that you are not taking your customers’ opinions into account.

5: Check that all your reviews are genuine

Authentic reviews make it possible to guarantee that the person who left this comment has indeed made an act of purchase on your site, without this the opinion is not really representative of the quality of what you offer.

We find the problem of inauthentic reviews when they have called on free platforms. Indeed, take the example of reviews left on Google, everyone is authorized to leave a review while nothing certifies that they are indeed customers. With this type of platform there is a risk that malicious people or even your own competitors will act with the sole aim of damaging your image.

To avoid this, check that all the people leaving a review are part of your customer file, if this is not the case then moderate these reviews.

Article written in collaboration with Société des avis guaranteed.