Engaging your communities on social networks is sometimes an obstacle course. Competition is strong, and it is difficult in this context to succeed in emerging. This emerges from a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute: 61% of brands say they have trouble creating engaging content to enrich their social networks …

We all know how to improve: working on a consistent and differentiating editorial line, respecting the codes specific to each social network, adding relevant hashtags, posting at the right time …

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But even by respecting all of these precepts, you can’t always get your engagement rate off the ground. So, why not turn to those who master the subject perfectly, I named … influencers!

Why influencers are relevant to boosting your engagement rate

Quite simply, they are proven content professionals. Just look at their social media accounts. They gather around them thousands of very committed followers. Hard to beat…

The key to this success? It is based on several elements:

  • Proven skills in content creation. Videos, gifs, photos, inspirational posts… Influencers master the formats that work, finger in the nose.
  • In-depth knowledge of social media uses. The influencer knows perfectly well the platforms on which he is present, the type of content adapted to them … and the little extra tricks that allow him to stand out.
  • A fine understanding of their targets: influencers gather around them a very responsive community, with whom they have been able to test different types of publications. So they know what their targets like and dislike, and what their expectations are.
  • A unique personality: influencers are valued as much for what they do as they are. Each of them has a unique tone of voice, which resonates particularly with its flagship audience.

So many qualities that it is difficult to gather internally when you are a brand. Relying on influencers for your content creation therefore makes sense: they are qualified experts, who also help to humanize your brand. If the influencer becomes an official brand ambassador, an affect transfer from their community may even take place from them to you. What a bonus, we tell you!

How to work hand in hand with influencers

Are you convinced? So let’s see together what to think about when you want to involve influencers at the heart of your content marketing strategy.

First thing: it is important to give them autonomy for the creation of content, in order to keep that little personal touch that makes them successful. However, it is of course necessary to frame the process. A pro account is not managed in the same way as a personal account, and your brand identity is at stake.

The right process is therefore already to define an editorial line adapted to your DNA and your universe. From these elements, you will be able to select the influencers who correspond to the values ​​you want to convey.

When it comes to choosing influencers, don’t just focus on the size of their community. Mid-range influencers, less known and less followed but with very committed communities, often turn out to be excellent choices.

Then, we must not neglect the legal aspects. The copyright issue arises because the influencer creates content for your brand. He must be signed to authorize the transfer of copyright.

Finally, to optimize your editorial strategy on the fly, consider monitoring the performance of each content created, to see which are the most effective.


With a little organization, collaborating with influencers is a very interesting solution to benefit from quality, attention-grabbing content. Do you need support? Then discover the new offer from Reech. Called “Influencers Content Studio”, it offers content for your social networks, by those who make social networks.