As a general rule, it is convenient for a company to be recognized in its market. In addition to making it easier to attract customers, notoriety also helps to remain competitive, as well as to find partners and investors. However, although digital has marked a real turning point in the world of commerce, there are many other methods of communication that can increase awareness. Here are several online and offline methods to increase awareness of your business.

Website and SEO

Creating a website is a well-known method of marketing for entrepreneurs. A real “showcase” for the company, it will not only allow you to present your company to prospects, but also to integrate blog articles as part of a content marketing strategy.

That said, many are still skipping SEO, a crucial step to gain notoriety. Indeed, the best of corporate sites will not allow any noticeable gain in visibility if it does not even appear on the search engine results pages. So do not forget to take into account the optimization of your referencing when building your site.

Social media

Being active on social networks has become an essential step to gain notoriety. You build a community around your brand, and allow your audience to actively participate in its growth through the various possibilities of interaction (comments, sharing, etc.).

Here too, you can apply a content marketing strategy: informative posts, interviews, etc. Share content on your social networks that is likely to be appreciated and shared by the public. This will help boost your notoriety.


Special events such as trade shows or conferences are unique opportunities for your company to become more recognized in its market, because these events have the distinction of bringing together initiates and enthusiasts. Even if your activity remains within the framework of the web, your physical presence in the midst of these groups of connoisseurs will allow you to promote yourself directly to prospects.

So be well prepared before participating in a professional event. For example, consider equipping your stand with equipment that reflects your business to enhance your professional appearance. For example, you can get personalized brochures, business cards or cheap flyers from service providers such as print24. Although places for such events can sometimes be expensive, the possibility of increasing its visibility among an audience of interested parties makes it an absolutely viable investment.


The free Google My Business service, in addition to improving your SEO strategy, allows you to inform your potential customers of your geographic location and opening hours. Your business will be visible on Google Maps, which will attract prospects looking for a service similar to yours in your area.

In addition, the possibility of being rated by customers will allow you to build a reliable corporate image via the system’s star rating.


Partnering with companies that have already gained notoriety will help you grow yours. Whether it is a joint project or an exchange of services, partnership is a virtuous circle. Being a partner of a renowned company allows you to gain credibility and visibility with the public, but also with other companies. You will therefore be able to access partnerships with increasingly important companies.

Press Releases

Did you know that your site and your social networks are not the only means of publishing your content? You can also send press releases to relevant newspapers and magazines. If your exclusive article is published by a newspaper, you will benefit from its public. There are also whitepapers, ebooks, videos, studies, blog articles and many other media to disseminate content and build expertise.

Press releases are a great tool because they allow you to reach an audience that is often much larger than with a blog article. So be sure to bring interesting, quality content to grab the attention of your readers.