Find ideas for interesting topics, write well optimized texts, play with words to convince customers: content marketing requires time and specific skills. There is a good way to simplify your life: use a web editor. This professional writes your web content while respecting your editorial line. How? ‘Or’ What find a web editor who will make you smile? The answer in this article…


What does a web writer do?

A web editor mainly works as a freelance. He is responsible for producing content intended for publication on the web on behalf of his clients:

  • Blog articles;
  • Website pages;
  • Sales pages;
  • Newsletters;
  • Product Pages ;
  • Press Releases ;
  • Text reformulations;
  • Edition / Correction;
  • Translations;
  • Transcripts;
  • Infographics;
  • Case studies ;
  • Business plans;
  • E-books;
  • Etc.

He must therefore master the
web writing techniques, having an excellent command of the language
French and SEO, being able to write on a wide variety of subjects.

Why is it necessary to find a good web writer?

To increase traffic

The more businesses blog posts each month, the more traffic and leads they get to their website.

Hubspot says that.

Companies that publish more
16 tickets per month generate nearly 3.5 times more traffic than those
publishing between 0 and 4 monthly articles.

In other words, posting at least 4 articles a week is ideal for your growth.

Interesting, isn’t it?

To save time

“Yes, I will write this article. As soon as I do the accounting / After this lunch with my new client / the meeting with the employees … ”

Does that remind you of anything?

If you run a business, you know how little time you have left to write insightful, SEO-friendly and impactful articles. Of course, you are convinced of the crucial importance of content marketing, a market which should moreover weigh $ 300 billion by the end of the year.

But you just don’t
no time.

Find a web writer is a solution to achieve your marketing goals.

Poor quality content can ruin your brand image

Spelling mistakes, grammatical blunders, typographical errors … It must be said, it is a stain on a professional site.

Admit it. Is it never you
happened to leave a site because of an approximate French?

1 minute flat. This is the time you have to convey the image of a company that the prospect can trust.

If you don’t have the fiber
literary, a professional writer will make your site useful and

You get real results

A good professional writer doesn’t just write. He is also a master in the art of persuasion.

It encourages readers to act, it elicits a kind of emotional reaction (excitement, joy, fear of missing something, etc.). Your customers need to be convinced that they need your product.

Copy and paste the description of a
manufacturer is not enough, it is also bad for natural referencing.
You need powerful formulation.

A good web writer doesn’t just write. He also masters SEO.

It has tools and
techniques to bring your pages up in search engines. he
writes for both your prospects and the crawlers. With, at the end,
an explosion in your traffic.

Where to find the rare pearl?

For find a web editor that will help you grow your business, you have
several possibilities. Your choice will be based on your expectations in
productivity and quality.

Freelance web copywriting platforms

They are called Textbroker, Textmaster, Scribeur,… They connect web editors and people who need content. The advantage of the platforms is their operation which may seem reassuring.

You need content from
quality, you don’t know anyone to whom you could entrust this heavy
task, the platforms are there to help you find a web editor quickly.

The main advantage:
price. Indeed, you can have your texts written for a price more than
reasonable if your need remains general.


  • Quality is not always there. Profitability requires;
  • You will mainly find novice web copywriters.

How it works ?

You sign up and submit
your request. The professionals propose their candidacy.

Depending on their responsiveness, their
skills and opinions of other customers, you choose the person
which suits you best.

The final text will have been
previously corrected and scanned by the platform, this to ensure
the absence of duplicate content. You
you can then evaluate the editor in turn.

Generalist freelance platforms

A huge market where you will find freelancers of all types and sizes?

Webmasters, developers,
translators… Hopwork, Malt or Upwork offer profiles,
you make your choice. Some platforms even offer auctions.

Disadvantage: loss of

Freelance web copywriters

They exercise on behalf of
direct customers, very often, even if they can also work for
agencies. Experienced, it’s a bit of the cream of the crop for web copywriters. Some
of them keep blogs on web writing, a good way to check:

  • His mastery of SEO;
  • His expertise (the answers to the problem in the article);
  • His writing style;
  • His mastery of the French language;
  • The opinions of its customers;
  • Comments left by its readers;
  • Etc.

Benefits :

  • Easier communication & speed: even if the editor has a lot of clients, the turnaround time is faster than if you go through an agency. On a platform or an agency, content must often go through different people before validation. Another important point: you can contact your web editor at any time (particularly useful when you remember important details that you forgot to mention initially);
  • More than a writer, a partner: need an urgent text? Your loyal collaborator will often do everything in his power to schedule your text in his schedule, even if it means working evenings or weekends;
  • Quality: a writer who lives from his activity is, in 99% of cases, a good element.

And or find these editors
top of the line ?

  • On social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook & co): take an interest in the web content that you enjoy in your industry. You may be reading exciting articles on LinkedIn, Facebook: who are the authors of the articles? Once identified, do not hesitate to contact them and offer a collaboration;
  • By playing word of mouth: do you frequent networks of entrepreneurs? Do you like their website? Ask your peers who wrote for them.

Digital strategy agencies

By definition, they help companies to set up a paying digital strategy for their customers. For this, they collaborate with freelance web writers, chosen for their editorial quality and their SEO skills.

Advantages: the agency
assign a web editor to your project and take care of everything.


  • The price: this service will cost you more than a freelance platform or web editor;
  • Opting for a digital strategy agency implies a long-term commitment. If you only need a few texts, go your way.

The little things that make the difference: bingo, you’ve found the perfect web writer

Finally, do you think you have found the web editor you need?

Here is a 9-point list of
perfect web editor:

1. Mastering the basics of SEO: a good copywriter must know how to write optimized articles. If not, what is it for?

2. Spelling: it makes no
fault, the spelling is faultless (even in emails, of

3. Mastery of your CMS
(WordPress, Drupal, etc.): saving time and money;

4. Ability to transcribe, by
his words, your brand image;

5. Responsiveness: a good writer
web responds to your emails within 24 hours, great max;

5. References: its customers
are satisfied with his work and say so;

6. Knowledge of your field of activity: a professional writer who knows your sector of activity will write faster and use a suitable vocabulary;

7. Feeling: you are at
comfortable with your editor, the flow is going well.

8. Mastery of copywriting:
Is that the best of the best? ?.

9. Commitment: your
copywriter is involved in the development of your business. There you
listens and advises you on your content strategy.

Find a web writer knowledgeable and trustworthy is no small task. take
time to make your choice because the decision is fraught with consequences:
it’s the image of your business that
is in play !