▷ How to gain new prospects and customers through inbound marketing? 2020 -

Rich content that will be well referenced and disseminated on social networks is the goal of inbound marketing which consists in bringing the customer towards you rather than going to seek it via more traditional marketing techniques. Gabriel had already told you about it in his previous article Inbound marketing in 6 steps, today he is publishing a white paper on this subject …

Gabriel which you can already read for a few months on CWT Advertising & co’m teamed up with Faustine Amoré to write a white paper on inbound marketing. Via the latter, the two authors share their expertise in order to help you set up a marketing strategy and bring prospects and customers to you.

Here is a summary of what you will find in this guide:

Have the customer come to you rather than going to pick him up and interrupt him, in the process, in his activities? Attractive, for you as for him, right? The principle is simple and the methodology formidable to reach new prospects, transform them into customers and, why not, retain them.

This manual of advice and good practices provides educational insights into the ins and outs of this technique, which breaks with traditional approaches.

Some subjects that you can find in the book:

To download the book, go here: free practical guide on Inbound Marketing.