Generating leads is essential in a Internet acquisition strategy. And for many sectors and activities, especially those with fairly long sales cycles, one of the techniques is to collect information from your potential customers using a Lead Magnet, and then create and develop a relationship of trust.

For this, you must set up a form to collect the contact details of your visitors and generate traffic to this form.

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Facebook advertising is very suitable to an acquisition strategy of this kind, because it makes it possible to target people at different stages of their purchasing cycle (information gathering, active search for a solution, comparison of different services and options …).

There are two great options for capturing information with Facebook and this is what we will see in this article.

1. Send your visitors to a Landing Page

This is the most classic option. In this case, you create an advertisement that sends visitors to a dedicated page, most often a Landing Page to get better conversion rates (compared to a classic showcase website that will convert less).

In this case, it’s important to properly configure your Facebook ads by tracking conversions using the Pixel and to create campaigns with the “conversion” objective once Facebook has enough information.

The Designing your Landing Page is going to be essential, because that’s what will determine whether or not a visitor will leave their contact details.

A few things to consider:

  • A correspondence between the message of your advertisement and your Landing Page. The visitor must feel that he continues in the same universe;
  • Only one action to perform on the Landing Page. Studies show that the more options available, the less people choose …;
  • A clear and unique offer: download the ebook, complete this Quizz, watch this video

Once the system is in place, do not hesitate to A / B test your advertisements (audiences, images, texts, etc.) as well as the design of your Landing Page to optimize your conversion rate.

2. Create a form directly in Facebook

The second option is to create a form directly
in Facebook.

This option is generally less used but has its advantages.

How it works ?

First you have to choose the “Generation” goal
Prospects ”when you set your campaign goals.

After that classic: you define your audience,
your investments and your budget.

You also define the creative part and the texts
of your advertising.

What changes is the creation of the form. In the “instant form” section, you must click on new form and follow the instructions.

You can choose between “High Volume” and “High Intent Level”. The second option adds a step and therefore will lower your conversion rate, but can bring you more qualified prospects.

The “Intro” part is used to give a title, an image and a detailed description to your form.

In the Questions section, you can customize the questionnaire. You can thus request contact information (First name, Last name, telephone, address), demographic data (gender, romantic situation, family situation) and professional information. (Position, phone number, company name, email pro). The big advantage of using these integrated Facebook forms is that information is already pre-filled with the user’s profile.

There is also the possibility of adding customizable fields such as a short question or multiple choice answers, which is useful if you want to better qualify and segment your future prospects.

Then you must include the link to your privacy policy and finally configure the final screen with the option to redirect the people who filled out your form to your website or to a link to your Lead Magnet if that is the purpose of your form.

Then how are you collect prospect information ?

The first option is to use the integration possibilities of Facebook. If you have Mailchimp, it’s free otherwise you will have to use Zappier to connect to your favorite email software and to do this subscribe to the Premium paid option ☹ (Facebook you could make an effort and add integrations with other software…) .

Otherwise the second option is to directly collect information from your prospects. To do this, you must go to your campaign manager, click on the advertisement and on “download prospect data”. This allows you to have an Excel file with the information.

What is the best solution to generate Leads with Facebook?

As always, it depends?

Each solution has advantages and disadvantages:

1. Landing Page Option– More advanced customization options for the Landing Page
– People don’t necessarily like Facebook pre-filled fields
– Visitors “leave” Facebook
– One more click in your Funnel
2. Form Option integrated– The fields are already pre-filled which avoids badly filled fields
– No need to leave Facebook: you save a click
– The Facebook form is less sexy
– You have to pay to automate integrations with emailing software and other CRM

I would recommend you to test both options and see which one you get them with lowest costs.