▷ How to get customer testimonials for your website? 2020 -

Customer testimonials have become a must for a website to reassure your prospects, guarantee your level of competence and show examples of concrete cases, achievements or services that you have led as a real pro that you are …

Even if the section “Testimony” has become a classic (some find it too agreed, even a little cheesy), it would be a shame to miss it. Customer satisfaction remains a powerful argument today to convince.

The professionals and business leaders I meet often ask me this question:

  • “I would like to collect testimonials from my clients but I don’t know how to do it? “
  • “I dare not ask them even when they are satisfied”
  • When I think about it, time has passed and I feel a little ridiculous to ask them for a testimony three months after working for them “

This embarrassment is clearly not justified. “Happy customers” are the ambassadors of your brand and your company. From experience, most accept without flinching and many are even happy to give you a boost.

also that a disgruntled customer will let you know while a very dissatisfied customer
satisfied doesn’t necessarily have the reflex to tell you or write it to you.

So put your discomfort in the closet!

Who to ask for a testimony?

It goes from
yourself: request a testimonial from a client REALLY satisfied with you
and with whom you have a cordial and warm relationship. Start
by a regular customer who knows you well and trusts you.
Feel free to aim for the “loyalty” argument in your testimony.

Also try to target customers whose profile varies (man, woman, age, profession …) to get additional testimonials. The point is to get favorable but different reviews to prove what you promise on your website.

Your client is not known to Eve or Adam?

It does not matter: it does not change the importance of his recommendation by shedding light on a service, a specific product or your human qualities. If anyone known: jackpot!

Are you working with a client for the first time?

Take advantage: this is also an opportunity for you to strengthen the commercial relationship with a view to future purchases or contracts. Be smart!

When is the best time to request a testimonial?

You have to beat the iron while it is hot! The most effective: it is to take the reflex at the end of a sale or a service. You are sure not to forget and the customer still has you in mind.

Remember: each sale is an opportunity to collect a rewarding testimony!

How to do it ?

Personally, I have tried several methods to obtain testimonials. Some work better than others. It all depends on your contact and the time he has for you.

1- The simplest: request by phone

In my case, this works best. When I have completed a service, I simply call the client to ask him if he agrees to devote 5 minutes to “debrief” on my service.

“Hello Mr. Content,

Me: “We don’t have
had the opportunity to talk to us since the launch of your new site
internet last Wednesday. Are you satisfied? “

Mr. Content: “Yes
everything works perfectly! “

Me: “I would like
collect your testimony to help me in my activity by putting it online
on my website. Do you agree in principle? “

Mr. Content: “No
problem! “

Me: “If you have 3
minutes, we can do it now! Tell me what you liked about the
performance and I take notes. “

Once your interlocutor has finished speaking, specify that you send him by email the text extracted from the exchange for validation on his part … and voila !

If he’s a little confused or goes into too much detail, remember that the important thing is not to faithfully transcribe his words but to summarize what he meant in a few lines.

Your customer doesn’t have time?

Send him an email immediately to remind him of your request.

2- The most polite: request by email

You do not feel comfortable with your interlocutor to ask him orally, send him an email with a clear subject:

  • Request for testimony ” or
  • “Satisfied with our collaboration? “

At this stage,
there are several possibilities available to you and you can completely combine them
some. The customer will choose the formula that suits him best:

  • Ask him to write 5 to 6 lines of testimony by return email;
  • Ask for availability during the week for a 5-minute telephone conversation on this subject;
  • Refer her to an online questionnaire on Google Forms (Google’s form builder) or Survey Monkey;
  • Send them the link to reviews on your Google My Business page so they can write their recommendation. If he agrees, you can then take his opinion on your website or your social networks.

3- The most spontaneous: demand face to face

Take advantage of a meeting at his office, a professional event or a meeting to start your request in conversation … and record the exchange via the voice recorder of your mobile phone. You will just have to write.

Orient your request

Your customer is satisfied. You already know that!

What interests you is not that he tells you “I am very satisfied with you” but rather “I am extremely satisfied with you BECAUSE …”.

Orient the testimony intelligently by asking 4 or 5 questions about deadlines, quality, responsiveness, relationships, skills, etc.

Too general a testimony is much less impactful.

How to use a testimonial?

Once the
testimony in your pocket, recycle it as much as possible (subject to acceptance by
your client of course):

  • On your website;
  • On social networks;
  • On your paper publications such as your company brochure;
  • To feed your newsletter;
  • On a slide show for a trade show …

How to format your testimony?

The recipe is simple: testimony = photo + text

If the text is rarely a problem, for the photo it is often a different story! It is not mandatory but it gives more strength and credibility to the recommendation.

Before claiming a photo, take a look at the canvas!

Your contact may already be there with a nice professional photo that you can use with their agreement. On Linkedin, professional-quality photos become the rule: claim the original file so as not to be bored with a question of size and format.

No correct photo?

Suggest that your client have their family member’s or colleague’s portrait taken with their mobile phone and send it to them via MMS.

Really no photos?

It’s not dramatic. Replace his face with an avatar or your company logo.

Dare the customer portrait!

If you have a blog, it may be worth using this space to write a long story in the form of questions and answers. It’s all good:

  • FOR YOU: it’s an XXL testimony who will play – icing on the cake – in your favor on your SEO given the length of the text. In addition, a complete article requires more availability on the part of your client, which implies for the reader a strong commitment in your favor;
  • FOR YOUR CUSTOMER ALSO: if you work in B to B and your client is a professional, he gains a dedicated web page, a new gateway to his activity and his website.

Now it’s your turn !