▷ How to get started on Instagram? 2020 Guide -

Today, many entrepreneurs are present on social networks, in particular with a Facebook page and a Linkedin account. Most of them are very active there and give all their energy to develop a strategy. However, they could do much better on other social networks like Instagram taking into account their sector of activity or their target. Using Instagram can be much more beneficial than you think…


Some reasons to use Instagram for your business

If a few years ago there were only personal accounts on Insta, this is no longer the case today. Companies have all rushed to the platform at the sight of its strong marketing potential. Here are a few reasons why companies are getting started on this platform.

Trainer training

Instagram’s great success

Instagram now has several million active Internet users every month and daily, almost 60% of them are connected. Realizing the potential of the platform, companies have also settled there. Today, Instagram has more than eight million businesses.

The network over which commitment reigns

If before, you were struggling to gain the commitment of your community, know that this will no longer be the case with Instagram. It is the network on which Internet users are most active and engaged. It only takes a few tips to get in touch quickly.

A young and female audience

If your activity is mainly aimed at young people and in particular in the female category, hurry to create your Instagram account. The platform has almost 65% women and 76% of those who use it are under 34 years old;

Use images to illustrate

Instagram has gained popularity by making it easy to share photos and videos. Your goal should be to present the story of your company, your products and services, and your teams in pictures. And for that, you have to be creative.

Instagram, influencer marketing

If you want to collaborate with influencers, the Instagram social network may be necessary for your strategy. The fact is that all the big influencers are there, both youtubers and bloggers. Those who have gained popularity through this network are called Instagrammers. Building a partnership with them for communication campaigns can quickly have an impact.

Some steps to get started on Instagram

To successfully boost your Instagram revenue, you need to stand out. Here are the steps to get started on Instagram.

Create a professional account

For your business, whether B2B or B2C, you must use a professional account. This account allows you to advertise Instagram, which is not easy with personal accounts. It is equipped with very effective analysis tools, which will allow you to determine when to publish content in order to reach your audience as much as possible.

Write a unique and interesting biography

Biography is one of the first weapons to impress users and show who you are on Instagram. It must therefore be treated. Your bio must give information about you, describe your activity, contain links to your shop, your blog … To summarize, through your bio, we must know who you are, what you do and what you already have realized. It is also important to indicate your website at this time.

Define your goals

Before you start on a social network, the first thing to do is to set goals. Most of the time, the objectives that companies aim for on Instagram are: Promote their business, develop their community, widen their audience, advertise, present their products and services, build a community … Once the objectives are known, focus you in particular on one or two of them and put in place the resources necessary to carry them out.

Post to your account on a regular basis

To keep your subscribers from forgetting you, you need to post content regularly. On the other hand, you are probably wondering what content you will be able to put there and how often. On Instagram, you can publish beautiful photos, videos, photo collages or even stories. Regarding frequency, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is the quality of what you publish. If you have the option to publish multiple times a day, do so. However, be careful not to annoy your subscribers.

Make stories

Instagram stories are particularly beneficial to businesses. They allow them to make the brand more human, to present an event, to show a demo of a product, to announce a new collaboration …

Analyze your results and collaborate with influencers for more visibility and buzz.

Tips for getting more subscribers

Once installed on Instagram, you need to think about how to get more followers on your account how to engage the community. Here are a few tips:

  • Personalize your profile to captivate your subscribers and make them want to follow you;
  • Add a nice profile photo (avatar) that will catch the eye of your followers;
  • Choose one or two people who master the platform and its features to manage your Instagram account. They can be members of your team;
  • Master shooting and photo editing;
  • Remember to use the hashtag option in your posts. I generally recommend that my clients use between 10 and 15 hashtags per post. This technique will allow you to gain subscribers on your Instagram account (s);
  • Collect the content to publish and write captions that make an impression, to get your subscribers to share your posts. This will save you considerable time;
  • Be in interaction with your subscribers and with other users. Do not hesitate to reply to comments (even if you receive a fake comment), but also to messages that you may receive in your inbox;
  • Make live videos regularly and share Instagram stories. This is a marketing strategy that will allow you to increase your engagement rate but also to gain followers;
  • Make your profile accessible. As a business, you shouldn’t make it private.

Instagram is a social media that will allow you to reach a wider audience. With the publication of visual content and a good SEO strategy, you will have the opportunity to attract new potential customers.