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You have a YouTube channel, still in development, with few subscribers, you publish your videos and you find that the number of views is not increasing enough? Even worse, let your videos go into oblivion only a few days after their publication!

I’ve been there … I’ve posted over 400 videos on my 3 YouTube channels. I created my first YouTube channel in 2008 and I posted videos without understanding how the platform worked. Therefore, my videos weren’t getting a lot of views. A hundred to break everything when I harassed my entourage by sending them messages to go see my latest creation. Facebook also closed my account for 2 weeks following my spam! I hadn’t understood anything about good practices …

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So I did like everyone else by watching tutorials ” How to get views on YouTube“, Mainly in English at the time. The message was clear: publish as often as possible, up to once a day. same Casey Neistat (10 million subscribers) explained in one of his videos that it was by posting one video a day that he blew up his channel.

So I started to publish more often, with an agenda and making my videos in batches (I was shooting 4 videos at once). The result did not follow: little progress, few views. I even considered buying views … No, I’m kidding! I wasn’t so desperate, but I was on the verge of giving up.

At that time, I was undergoing a very complete training to become a blogger and I remember very well a course which explained how important SEO was to give a chance for articles to position themselves in Google results. Olivier Roland, my trainer, explained his concept of avalanche method : find ideas for topics on which there is enough research and not yet too much competition.

I thought there was something to try, because YouTube was bought by Google and it’s the second largest search engine in the world. The big SEO principles for blog posts should work for YouTube videos too.

It makes sense: how many times a day do you search in Google? Many times… Like everyone! You see that YouTube videos appear more and more in the results.

I love reading blogs, but it’s often easier to watch a video to find out “how to make slime” or “how to make pancakes or caramel”Than by reading an article of 2000 words. So I tried this new method and I learned more about SEO. And this is where everything changed.

It was then that I started making views on YouTube while my channel was still in development and had less than 1,000 subscribers. Especially with these 3 videos:

More than 63,000 views on my tutorial to learn the triads on the guitar when I had less than 100 subscribers!
More than 17,000 views on my acoustic recovery of ” At night I lie “By Alain Bashung
More than 20,000 views on my tutorial to learn how to make a video clip when my channel had few subscribers.

You will notice that these are specific subjects each time. These 3 videos are not intended for everyone. Unlike entertaining videos that can be watched by men and women aged 6 to 77 like those published by Norman or Cyprien, these 3 videos are aimed at a specific audience : acoustic guitarists for the first, French song lovers for the second and artists who want to make their own clips for the last. It’s rather targeted!

You’re probably not in these three categories, and that doesn’t stop these videos from finding real interest with a certain audience. And this is the first big lesson from YouTube: the more you target your audience and go deep to help them with their problems, the more likely you are to be found.

YouTube is a very competitive platform. It’s the second biggest site in the world! 400 hours of videos are published every minute on YouTube. There is already a ton of interesting content, well put together, well done by YouTubers who have more subscribers than you and therefore more authority in the eyes of Google. They will therefore pass before you on an identical search.

These YouTubers started before you and the opportunities they knew when they started may no longer exist for you today. But there are still opportunities on YouTube! Yes Yes… By being precisely more specific, by treating subjects that are sought after and that have not yet been covered (or little), by digging deeper than the others, by proposing a truly original angle.

How to get views on YouTube
My YouTube tutorial appears on the first Google page on a search that is typed 170 times a month, followed closely by my blog article. My chain is however modest…

Today the 3 videos mentioned above (as well as many others) continue to be seen days, weeks, months, years after their publication. Which is impossible on other social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Linked’In.

Why? Because YouTube is a search engine and that new searches are done every day in Google which shows my videos at the top in the results. So it’s qualified traffic, interested in my subjects, that is sent to my videos. And not tourists as is often the case on other social networks.

After making every effort imaginable to make, reference and publish my videos, Google is now working for me for free and who sends new prospects every day to my videos. It is then up to you to retain these new spectators. Here you will find 7 relevant tips to retain your audience on YouTube. But then how do you get similar results?

My first advice to have views on YouTube is to work on the SEO of your videos

The first step is to find a video topic that represents a minimum of monthly searches without having too much competition. To do this, you can use the Google semi-automatic input window and start by typing “how” + a term related to the theme of your channel.

Use the Google AutoComplete tab to find your YouTube video ideas

Then use the underscore (underscore). A series of suggestions will appear. You can move the dash to where you want to have other suggestions.

By installing keywords everywhere (free) you will immediately see the monthly search volume. This will give you a clear idea of ​​your prospects’ interest in this subject.

Logically, our choice would tend to focus on the subject that represents the largest volume of research. This would be more potential traffic. But this is precisely the mistake not to make. Because if your YouTube channel is in development and you want to have a chance of appearing on the front page, you will have to choose subjects on which there is not too much competition and therefore less sought after.

Indeed, on a very requested subject, a channel which has more subscribers than you will have more authority in the eyes of Google and will pass in front of you. By choosing subjects that have not yet been much discussed, you are putting the odds on your side.

This is why I made videos on subjects related to my theme and on which few YouTubers had already expressed themselves. These subjects did not always fascinate me, but as there are real opportunities, I go for it! For example :

Several members of my training YouTube strategy discovered me thanks to this video!

I would never have thought about these topics without this avalanche method. This is where its strength lies: talk about topics that interest YOUR audience. And that doesn’t interest you only … And as few YouTubers have expressed themselves on this question, my video is very well positioned in Google and on YouTube:

How to get views on YouTube
My video appears first on a volume of 20 searches per month. Even though it is a small volume of research, it is highly qualified!
How to get views on YouTube
My video is number one in YouTube on almost all searches. Hence my SEO score given by VidIQ of 66.8 / 100! Pretty good…

I invite you to read this article if you want to know how to properly reference your videos to give you the best chance of appearing on the first page. I explain how to optimize the metadata of your files and how to upload your files in the right way on YouTube.

The second pillar to get views on YouTube is to work on your thumbnails

You have made all these SEO efforts to find ideas for topics that interest your prospects. You worked on the internal referencing of your videos. You have filmed everything, posted online, shared with your community. The time comes when YouTube shows your video in the suggestions in the right column and, and, and … Your thumbnail doesn’t really make you want to click … All these efforts to find yourself so close to the goal and not to conclude! AIE Aie Aie…

A beautiful sticker is like a beautiful window in a store. It makes people want to come in. This is an integral part of YouTube Game today and you have to add this string to your bow if you want to have views on YouTube. Because a YouTube channel is like a store on a big shopping street.

You will have a lot of traffic, but also a lot of competition. The stores around you compete in creativity to bring people into their homes. So you have to work on this axis too! And then your thumbnail is the first impression that your viewers will have of your content.

So how do you make a thumbnail that makes you want to click? Your sticker is a little story in itself. It tells what your video is going to talk about. As the thumbnails are small, the design should be simple. Let’s take a few examples of successful thumbnails:

PiewDiePie play on provocation and add a close-up face
Peter MC Kinnon uses emotions and inserts an intriguing image in a contrasting color
Casey Neistat uses the rule of thirds, a very close-up face and saturated colors

The first step is to use a real photo to create your thumbnail. I advise you to think about your thumbnail before your shoot. Try to find an attractive photo idea that represents the subject of your video. Use visual cues or the rule of thirds to energize your image.

Close-ups of faces work great too. Try to use the full spectrum of possible emotions for your facial expressions. I see too many YouTubers using surprise all the time for their thumbnails. They systematically have a sticker with their faces surprised in close-up … How about a photo of you crying, being disgusted or thinking?

The resolution must be good and the problem often is that the photos are not taken in 16: 9 (1280 X 720). You will therefore have to resize your photo. To easily make thumbnails for free you can use Canva. I show you how to create YouTube thumbnail without software easily here.

How do you know if your sticker is effective? You can find his thumbnail very successful without really making you want to click. You will find a first clue by going to the analytical data of the YouTube Creator Studio, tab ” Touch the spectators“.

In the middle of the page on the right you see a funnel which indicates your impressions and your CTR. CTR is your click through rate. It shows the percentage of people who click on your video once they see your thumbnail. For this vignette which illustrates “How to boost a Facebook publication without paying? “I have a click rate of 11.7% which is not bad at all.

How to get views on YouTube
This thumbnail has a CTR (click through rate) of 11.7%, which is pretty good.

You can also do A / B tests. YouTube doesn’t allow you to do that yet, too bad. The alternative is TubeBuddy.

There is a paid function (49 euros per month) which allows you to perform 10 A / B tests at the same time. If you use this feature, don’t test it on your new videos.

Your subscribers will see them first and you have to wait for people who don’t know you to come across your videos to find out if your thumbnail really makes you want to click or not. And to get a real idea of ​​the results, test your videos which make more than 100 views per day and let at least 14 days pass.

The two most important axes to exploit to make views on YouTube when you have a developing channel are SEO and thumbnails. You will have to be patient too.

It’s not uncommon to have to wait a year before a video actually starts to make a view. The algorithm analyzes in depth the behavior of spectators before deciding to put a video forward. Needless to say, your top priority is the quality of your content.

You can have the best SEO and the best thumbnails, if your viewers are disappointed when they watch your videos, the algorithm will detect it and penalize you. The heart of your success is played by the quality of your content as I explained at the beginning of this article: be specific and dig deeper than the others, by inserting your personality, your originality.

Tell me in the comments what helped you get YouTube views with few subscribers. I will be very happy to read you!

I was very happy to write this article for CWT Advertising & co’m. If you want to generate new customers through YouTube even if you have less than 100 subscribers I invite you to go and read my Video Strategy blog. It is full of good advice!