▷ How to get your first “ideal” Clients as a Consultant? 2020 -

Finding consulting or agency clients isn’t always easy, especially when you’re getting started. Subsequently, online advertising, webinars or recommendations will undoubtedly make your life easier …

But before you get there, it’s important to:

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  • Validate your concept / market;
  • Find your first customers;
  • Establish your credibility;
  • Earn your first euros, which can be reinvested in the growth of your business.

And clearly, finding the first 3 customers is often challenging: in addition to the imposter syndrome or lack of budget …
How do you stand out to find your first 3 customers by the end of the month?

In this article, I will share with you the methods that allowed me to get my first 3 clients in 15 days, by launching my consulting business.

But before… What problem are you solving?

What problem are you solving? And for whom are you solving it?
I mean … We love all the conversion tunnels, the webinars, the growth hacking, and you can’t wait to read these famous methods that I just mentioned.

But none of these magic techniques will work if you haven’t clarified these two points:

  • What do you propose ?
  • Who do you suggest it to?

“I have an agency that helps businesses with their marketing.”
Okay, but which companies? To solve what problem?
Who will recognize themselves in your message?

First of all, define your ideal client. Find her problem. Solve it.

This is not the purpose of this article, so we will not go further on the subject.
But before reading on, make sure you are able to complete the magic phrase of the successful entrepreneur: I help __ to do with __“.

The Video Audit Method: catch the eye of the ideal client

This is undoubtedly the method that has brought me the most interesting results. But also the one that requires the most work!
If your market size is relatively small, or if you’re looking to catch the eye of your ideal customer, this is probably the most effective method: personalized videos.

The goal is to create a personalized video for each of the customers you want to reach. Embed it on a personalized landing page. And send it in multichannel (email, messenger, letter) by highlighting a screenshot of your video!

Guaranteed effect. Let’s see it together!

What type of video to send?

According to my tests and experiences, two types of videos work particularly well, depending on your market:

  • The audit video: It is used to point the finger at the “mistakes” of your target, then to present a solution that would allow them to “earn more”. This type of video works particularly well if you are looking to canvass for business oriented companies, risk management, profitability. Ex: Real estate agents, Building companies…
  • The pitch video: It is used to extol the merits of your target, and of what they have already accomplished. Then pitch the service that will help him “expand his vision”, “dream bigger” or “impact more people”. This type of video works particularly well with people or businesses who live by their passion, or have a vision. Ex: Life coaches, art professions, associations …

How to present the video?

My first videos were just filming my screen. On the screen, the company’s website, the Facebook page, the position on Google, and all that there was to analyze. I use ScreenFlow software for Mac. The Windows alternative would be Camtasia.

These simple audits, without even showing my face or other complicated assembly, quickly allowed me to find my first clients, at the time to sell Google Adwords services in the building field.

Subsequently, I tried to make these videos a little more dynamic, by investing on a green background (18 € at Amazon) and 3 lamps. This allows me to embed the website and the rest of the background auditing of the video, like a weather presenter. I still use this method from time to time with ATHL Media.

NB: We notice a small problem of shadows, the light on the right was not strong enough

Even after hundreds of videos, I’m still filming on the iPhone.
My only recommendation: don’t neglect the sound! Consider using an external microphone. For my part, I use a Samson C01U Pro as a desktop microphone, and the Sony ICD-TX 650B as a lavalier microphone. But a simple lapel microphone at 15 € does the trick.

How to structure the video?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you have to imagine a mountain of work to film a video …! Not to mention all the questions about the structure and duration of the video.

But you will see that by cunning a little, we can be really productive!

First, be aware that making videos that are too long is pointless: your prospects will not watch them.
Not that they are not interested in your 25min of video auditing, but because (I have tested) when they see that a video lasts more than 5 minutes, they postpone the viewing until later … And forget.

For a pitch video, 2mn30 to 3mn30 seems ideal to me. For an audit, 5min, or a little more give good results.

Then, I advise you to structure your videos in 3 parts:

  • Personalized introduction or short audit;
  • Stock (pitch of your solution);
  • Personalized conclusion.

You see it coming … The Stock is a “generalist” part, filmed only once, in which you pitch your solution and your services!
Then, you just have to film all your introductions and conclusions in a row … And to edit it all with a few small transitions on your favorite video editor!

This little trick allows me to film a hundred videos in the same day (editing excluded). Profitable!

Tip: Find your list of at least ideal customers before you even start filming. Or delegate research on upwork or fiverr.

How to present the video?

Once your video is ready, all you have to do is upload it to your favorite video platform. To maximize the “Wow” effect, I invite you to create a personalized landing page for each of your targets: on this landing page will be the video, the name and / or logo of your target, a few lines of presentation, and if you already have some customer references.

If you haven’t already done so, invest in software like Clickfunnels or Système.io: creating a new landing page takes 5 clicks and 3 minutes!

NB: Consider installing a retargeting pixel on the landing page, to automatically retarget people who have seen your videos!

How to send the video?

Your video is ready, it’s time to send it!
My best advice: send it via several channels.

Ah! And don’t forget to include a thumbnail of your video in your messages!

  • I usually send the first message via email;
  • If I have not received a response within 24 hours, the second point of contact is an email + messenger message sent simultaneously;
  • The third is a phone call.

Make a minimum of 5 raises.

The Lumpy Mail Method: to be noticed every time

Sometimes the real difficulty is not having a message that stands out … but just getting to the right person! If you have already tried to contact the owner of a company with more than 10 employees or the manager of a restaurant (this niche will speak to SMMA), the number 1 difficulty is not to create a personalized message or video. But to get to the decision maker.

If you are in this case, this lumpy mail method will undoubtedly help you. For my part, this is a method that I take from Sam Ovens, and which has largely proven itself. The advantage of this method? An opening rate that borders on 100%!

What is a lumpy mail?

The lumpy mail is a package, or an envelope containing an object. Lumpy mail stands out for its appearance, form, and content.
Rule number 1: be different. Lumpy mail looks more like an Amazon package than a prospecting mail!

Of course, it is not all about arriving before the decision-maker: the content of this letter / package must also stand out. You can use it to send your personalized video to the decision maker, or a “generalist but convincing” video (use case studies that will speak to your target audience).

The content of Lumpy Mail?

The interest of Lumpy mail is to slip into your mail an object which will make it “Lumpy”. But it is not about sending anything: the power of the method is to send an object related to the problem you are proposing to solve. Accompanied by a small letter explaining your services and linking to the subject.

NB: If you send the link of a video via this letter, remember to include a thumbnail of the video, and a short version of the link (see bitly.com)

Some examples of Lumpy mails?

When I offered Google Adwords services, I used the Magnifier model, inspired by Sam Ovens, with fairly good results.
The object slipped into the envelope was a small magnifying glass, purchased for 20 cents on Aliexpress. The title of the attached letter was ” [Entreprise], A magnifying glass is not enough to find you “, and just below a screenshot of Google search.

The puzzle model also worked well. The object slipped into the envelope is a small metal puzzle, also bought in a batch on Aliexpress, and the title of the attached letter: “Your Marketing should not be a puzzle”.

Be imaginative, to find objects related to your industry or your services!

Tip: The wax seal

A lumpy mail with an extremely high opening rate. But I wanted to share with you this little trick to combine or not with your lumpy mail … I noticed that the envelopes covered with a small seal of wax remained much better in mind than the envelopes or “classic” packages. (Even without an object inside)

As usual the follow up is always extremely important, the “connection” will be much better if you mention the famous “letter with a wax seal” during your next contacts.

An alternative ? Automated emails for large markets

So far, we have talked about these methods allowing you to canvass your ideal customers. They are extremely powerful if you are looking to get specific customers in a small market.

However, if your market is “huge” and your ideal customers are extremely numerous, I would like to offer you a “semi-personalized”, “semi-automated” method.

It’s a method I’ve used for a while, before nestling my market so that it’s not really usable anymore.

Today, there are tools like Quickmail.io or the French Lemlist which allow you to send personalized prospecting emails and follow-ups, automatically, until you receive a response.

How it works ?

This software allows you to import a list of prospects to canvass as well as information on these prospects (email, last name, first name, sector of activity, or other personalized information), then to trigger sequences of sending emails prospecting to these people.

The emails sent are based on templates, in which variables in the format {firstname} or {company_names} are replaced by the imported information.

Lemlist can also automatically generate personalized images, and recently videos with overlays (ex: A screenshot of the website generated automatically).

Even if we are not at the level of a 100% personalized video, these tools allow an excellent compromise between personalization and automation, and will nevertheless allow you to stand out from the crowd!

NB: It is very easy to delegate your prospect searches to sites like upwork! Combined with automation software, 3/4 of your prospecting can be automated!


To finish, I would like to share with you you share my “prospecting equation”. It allows me to put into perspective each of my prospecting actions.

Quality (of the message) x Quantity (of messages) = Results.

The more prospects you approach, the more likely you are to find customers.

What interests us in this article is quality. The better the quality of your message, your pitch, your positioning, and the vehicle to convey it, the greater your chances of attracting a prospect and making them a client.