▷ How to give soul to web content? 2020 -

“Content Marketing” rightly occupies the top of the poster for recommendations for actions to be implemented in web communication in recent months. Indeed, creating relevant content on a specific topic is a great way to get the attention of potential future customers. But beware it is not about creating content at any cost … even if it is quickly done wrong!

be precise

The first step in creating effective content for the web will be to identify the people for whom the content is intended. It’s not about creating traffic just for the numbers: you have to bring the right people to your site or blog and be able to provide them with content that is rich in information, emotion or entertainment. The importance of targeting is therefore crucial.

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web writing precision

Questions to ask: Who am I talking to? What content already exists on the subject? How will I be able to bring my stone to the building?

Be honest and keep the title promise

I don’t know about you, but I am regularly overwhelmed by very promising headlines which in reality are followed by a hollow or 100% self-promotional article. If you promise infallible advice to increase blog traffic, readers expect something other than promoting a miracle tool at € 39.90 / month. A disappointed reader is a reader who will not return.

Be generous

Many articles by pseudo-experts are boring because they put up barriers in the information they give.

web writing Be generous

Editors assume that if they say too much, their clients will no longer have an interest in calling on them. The articles are thus transformed into a simple teasing of a service and boil down to that: I know a lot about this fascinating subject so call me to find out more (and I don’t care about the 99% of readers that I baited then disappointed). Friends writers think collaborative, we all have to gain!

Be sincere

There’s nothing like thrilling your readers than opening up to them about lived experiences. Your article will naturally be more loaded with emotions and your experience richer in lessons than a simple list of points compiled from several sources.

To write this article, for example, I said to myself: what bothers me when I read articles on a specific subject I am researching? And the answer that came to me was: waste time clicking on attractive titles followed by articles with no added value. Haven’t we all had this experience before?

Be creative and original

Basically as in form, an article with a touch of originality is more likely to make an impression.

web writing Be creative

Again, the worst part of taking the time to delve into an article is to get bored and feel like you’ve wasted your time! Even if you take risks in your positions elsewhere: at worst you will be criticized in comments and who knows, maybe you will launch a debate rich in lessons and interesting meetings!

And if we get bored very often it is because certain articles are written with the sole objective of meeting the criteria of search engines in order to create traffic, to the detriment of the reader.

So let’s stop talking to robots and … let’s be human!