▷ How to grow your community on Linkedin? 2020 -

LinkedIn is one of the social networks on the rise. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, but also job seekers find themselves there and develop a whole new vision of social selling. Some tips to understand the codes and get noticed by your peers…

LinkedIn, a network and users looking for authenticity

If Facebook and Instagram are pure Marketing tools, based on the visual and appearance, LinkedIn wants to be more sober and authentic. No frills, the social network emphasizes the content and its relevance. To make room for it, the key words are: regularity and singularity. The professionals who find themselves there are above all human beings, eager to establish a qualitative contact with people who share their centers of interest. Forget the effects of announcements, formulations “Click-bait” and other questionable techniques intended to generate “Likes”. On LinkedIn, the profiles that stand out are those who bet on sincerity, sharing of experience, experience, added value.

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Create new relationships by sharing inspired posts

The trend is towards sharing posts (limited to 1,300 characters) or articles from your own journey. In other words, get started! Show who you are, what you do, and why your profile is like no other. You don’t need to have 25 years of experience in a field to become a reference, LinkedIn is a springboard, an expression platform for talents from diverse and varied backgrounds. Share your vision of your profession, advice for prospects or colleagues, make you dream by detailing your unusual career path, your unexpected ascent … and create interest around your profile!

Take part in the life of the LinkedIn community

Posting regularly on LinkedIn will help you stay active in your relationship newsfeed, generate engagement, and encourage new profiles to connect with you. But to make your community grow even more effectively, you will also have to be interested in others! Subscribe to topics that interest you, and feel free to interact with posts from other professionals. Comment on the articles you liked, express your interest, launch the dialogue! The more your name appears in the “comments” section of articles related to your profession, the more you will gain notoriety.

Send personalized connection requests

Have you been fascinated by an article or a post that answered an issue you had? Let the author know by sending a connection request with a note from you. By creating authentic relationships, based on sincere interest, you are likely to make an impact. And that person will definitely call on you when they need your services!