A website is an effective way to promote your small business, get potential customers, showcase your products or services, launch a new promotion, or build a loyal customer community. Using email automation and marketing automation software (e.g. Activetrail), the data you get from your website can be used to send strategic campaigns.

A tool, very often overlooked, which should however be used more frequently: the landing page. The landing page or landing page in French is a page on which a user arrives after clicking on a link. It has a long list of benefits when used strategically. One of the telling figures about this tool is thatby having more than 40 landing pages, your site generates 12 times more leads. It may sound huge, but the results are worth it. Landing pages are a great way to build a solid mailing list and expand your business network. It is therefore recommended to design as many pages as you have targets or products to highlight.

Landing pages can be used in many ways and it depends on your main goal and the overall strategy of your business or campaign. A long page can generate up to 220% more leads (in a good number of situations, it makes it possible to respond in detail to Internet users and to convince them without necessarily going through customer service). It can provide information on a specific subject or encourage them to carry out specific manipulation (free information, purchase act). It can thus be found on a call to action (call to action button) on your site or on a Facebook campaign for example. As mentioned earlier, there are several advantages to maximizing landing pages. Take the time to read the following list to start mapping your landing pages.

1: Build your subscriber list

It is important that you build a healthy mailing list so that you have a relevant and opt-in group to send your campaigns to. But how can you get these people to join your list? One way to do this is to create a landing page.

List the many benefits of registration is a popular and effective method of attracting people to your site. Be careful that the reader does not get lost either because of excess content.

Landing pages allow you to insert fields that directly capture your subscriber’s essential information when they sign up. It is preferable to limit to four the number of fields that your subscribers will have to fill by removing those which are not decisive, this to avoid discouraging them. To keep subscribers, be sure to send aesthetically pleasing, personalized email campaigns that are in line with your site, all using your newsletter software

2: Generate reliable prospects

The information gathered from people who sign up through the registration forms will give you a good idea of ​​the number of people interested in your business. With their information in hand, you now have solid leads to keep and pamper whenever you want.

Based on the information collected, email campaigns can be adapted to the interests and behavior of your subscribers. By mastering this method, your business will slowly but surely move towards the desired direction.

3: Offer a promotion

When promoting your business, set up a landing page that will maximize the benefits of your offer. An example is the insertion of a countdown to create a sense of urgency for your customers. Using a visual element showing the urgency of your promo can increase sales by up to 300%.

Another strategic landing page tactic is to use the page as a visual guide to answer common questions customers may have about your promotion. The language of the offer must be written in a creative way in order to attract as many subscribers as possible.

4: Highlight a particular product

Are you looking for a way to showcase a specific product? Perhaps your best selling product? A landing page is the answer to your need. Use this page to offer more product information, engaging photos, testimonials and everything available to reach your subscribers.

Landing pages are also beneficial for email campaigns. A call to action button in your campaign will send people to your landing page, where they will hopefully fill out a form or contact your business.

Thanks to a code integrated into your landing page, you can follow its bounce rate from Google Analytics, i.e. the percentage of people who visit your page without generating any request. Also, different models can be used to determine which are the most effective: are the images relevant? Is the content impactful? Is the size of the call to action adapted?

5: Intrigue your customers with a new product

When launching a new product, creating a landing page dedicated to it will arouse the interest of your loyal customers and hopefully will arouse the interest of new customers. Adding new images or videos to your landing page is another way to make the page more dynamic and encourage people to come back. At a glance, the reader must understand all that this product can bring him. This is an opportunity to offer a demonstration, a trial period or to prove its success through customer reviews. You can also convince with storytelling, a communication technique that allows you to tell a story to sell your product and delight your reader.


A landing page helps you significantly boost your activity and it goes perfectly with other practices such as email marketing. Be creative, create as many landing pages as products on your website, and you will certainly achieve your goals more easily.

To quote a quote from the founder of GoDaddy, “Everything that is measured and observed, gets better”, so take the time to test and compare your landing pages!