▷ How to identify your personas and generate more sales 2020 -

Marketing and sales professionals know this very well: you don’t sell anything to anyone anymore. And this is the same thing when you write a blog. You cannot reach everyone despite your best efforts, this is impossible. You have to identify your target, this is the best way to sell as much as possible. How do we do that ? You have to identify your personas

What is a persona or buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a fictitious representation of your potential buyers or readers. You should know:

  • His tastes ;
  • His areas of interest;
  • His work or his socio-professional category;
  • His age, etc.

By speaking directly to this persona and targeting their needs, your sales speeches or articles will have more impact.

How to identify your personas?

I agree, it can be tedious to identify the profile of your leads or prospects. It’s a treasure hunt that you run with them. You will find clues scattered everywhere. Be careful.

In the comments of your articles, on social networks, but also in the way you write or simply the theme of your blog or e-commerce site.

For example, I have a blog about website creation, SEO and marketing. After a first study, I know that a majority of my prospects are entrepreneurs who are at least 30 years old and looking to develop their business on the web. However, this information is not sufficient to adapt his speech. You need one, wait for the rest … method!

This is not a miracle or straight out of my magic hat. It is a method tested and taught in business or marketing schools.

She allows to discover the needs or motivations of your prospects and therefore use it to convert them.

“Are you going to tell us what it is called yes ??? “.

Slowly, I’m getting there …

It is the SONCAS method or typology, cool right?

“Wow awesome, I’m super advanced with that. ”

Okay, for the most impatient, I get to the heart of the matter.

What does SONCAS mean?

These are the initials of the categories of needs of your readers or potential customers.

  • Security ;
  • Pride;
  • Novelty;
  • Comfort;
  • Money ;
  • Sympathy.

Each person is included in one of its categories, including you. You will not touch a proud reader like someone with an interest in novelty.

Let’s take a closer look at each category:


These individuals seek to be reassured by your products. They may be fearful or doubtful of your work. So use reassuring phrases. Reinforce them, for example, in the fact that your products are safe and of good quality.


The proud are, I would say, imbued with their person. They all do better than everyone else and already know everything about everything. (Most of the time, this is not true). But for example, creating tutorials will have no impact on them. You have to flatter them, put them forward and prove to them that with your products they will be the most beautiful, the richest …


I find myself a bit in this category. People in this category are often geeks. They love it as soon as a new thing happens and are already aware of everything before everyone else. With them, use words or expressions such as: the last, fashionable, it just came out, etc..

Comfort: People in the comfort category appreciate the practical side of things. They love the useful, the functional, the simplicity. So you have to chew their work. Unlike the proud, a tutorial is ideal for this category.


Ah money, the nerve of war. We’re all a little bit focused on money, except maybe the hippie who lives in his cabin in the back of the woods, but that’s another subject … Adapt your speech on profitability and price. How much will they earn if they pay for your services? The promotions also work with them.


For these people, you need cute little cats … No, I’m kidding. You have to be buddy-buddy with them and build a relationship of trust. If they are committed to your cause or to your products, they will, unconsciously and voluntarily, promote you to their friends and acquaintances. It is important not to neglect them …


Never make an argument or a boatish and monotonous article. It will never work. Always adapt to your target and refine it with each clue recovered. Do you also want to base yourself on tools? The codeur.com site has written a very good article on the creation of buyers persona.

And you in which category do you place yourself?

Image source: Freepik